Buy Toremifene

Toremifene is fast becoming one of the most popular anti-Estrogens in use by anabolic steroid using bodybuilders and athletes. Its appeal comes from the fact that it is a very new product on the market (approximately 16 years old) and that much of the clinical data demonstrates solid effectiveness as an anti-Estrogen as well as for the restoration of natural endogenous Testosterone production. It also has demonstrated a couple of advantages over Nolvadex, although Nolvadex still remains the most popular and most widely used anti-Estrogen and SERM.

It is very easy to buy Toremifene because it lands under the same legal classification and reserves the same status on the open market in the world as other similar compounds, such as Nolvadex and Clomid. Any individual can easily buy Toremifene without too much hassle, because it is not classified as an anabolic steroid, and is therefore not a scheduled drug in most countries in the world. It is also not a substance that is actively prohibited, and is available over the counter in many international countries, regions, and markets. There are very few laws in regards to the use, possession, and trade of ancillary drugs like Toremifene, which presents little to no problems when it comes to the legality of use or penalties in most countries, even in the United States.

Those looking to buy Toremifene will be pleased to know that because it holds such wide and free availability, it can easily be bought and sold, and therefore easily diverted into the anabolic steroid black market. As previously mentioned, Toremifene is freely available as an over the counter medication in many countries (although for the most part, one must go to the back of the pharmacy dispensary to request it). Although Toremifene is considered to be a very cheap drug to begin with, it is still regarded as being more expensive than its close sibling Nolvadex, which is very cheap (and more potent) in comparison.

Pharmaceutical Grade Versus Underground Labs

Individuals shopping around looking to buy Toremifene will more than likely end up confronting the typical three primary grades (or categories) of product type. They are the following: pharmaceutical grade products, underground lab (UGL) products, and research grade products.

1. Pharmaceutical grade: Pharmaceutical grade (also commonly abbreviated as pharm grade or referred to as ‘human grade’) products are drugs and medication that are manufactured and marketed by any pharmaceutical company or corporation that has gone through oversight and approval by the FDA (or any equivalent organization). These products are known to be of the highest quality, accurately dosed, and properly sterile and pure. This is because organizations such as the FDA maintain oversight and strict quality control over these companies. The negative downside to these products are only the price, as the higher manufacturing costs and the costs to cover R&D of many drugs tend to drive the price of pharmaceutical products up.

2. Underground lab (UGL) grade: Underground labs are illicitly or illegally established laboratories that are set up for almost the exclusive purpose of manufacturing anabolic steroids and related drugs and compounds meant for use by anabolic steroid users. These are products meant for circulation on the black market, and these laboratories obviously have no oversight over their manufacturing processes. The conditions of these laboratories can range from (very rarely) pharmaceutical grade facilities to home-run laboratories run in a house basement or kitchen. This obviously creates wild variations in the quality of the products. The benefit of these products are always lower prices and lower costs in comparison to pharmaceutical grade products for obvious reason.

3. Research grade: Research grade products are products manufactured by companies that are known as research chemical companies. These are legally established companies that manufacture and sell different chemicals, peptides, and ancillary drugs and compounds that do not have any legal controls placed upon them if they are marketed for research purposes, and stated explicitly not for human consumption. Those looking to buy Toremifene from research chemical companies often ignore these warnings and consume the products for personal use. Toremifene and many other ancillary compounds can be legally bought and sold from these companies with no hassles. The quality of research grade products might not be pharmaceutical grade, but the majority of the time they can be quite close to it. For the most part, there are no governing organizations or bodies that oversee the manufacture of these research chemicals, and so there is either little or no quality control established. Therefore, when in doubt, research grade Toremifene should be regarded as the same quality as underground lab products.

The good thing about Toremifene is that the majority of individuals that are shopping to buy Toremifene will encounter an abundance of pharmaceutical grade product, be it brand name or generic. Pharmaceutical grade Toremifene is abundant on both the open market as well as the black market due to the fact that the majority of countries, as previously mentioned, have lax laws established in regards to the buying, selling, and use. Underground lab grade Toremifene can indeed be found, but because of the massive amount of underground labs and underground lab products throughout the world, they cannot be effectively covered here.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Toremifene (Fareston) is available in great abundance in the world under the Fareston brand name, and is sold under dozens upon dozens of generic names and manufacturers that are too numerous to list here.  For example, Orion Pharma Finland is a common and popular brand of Toremifene that is marketed under the trade name Fareston and comes available in blister pack strips of 10 tablets per strip. Each tablet contains 60mg of Toremifene, and boxes can contain different amounts, anywhere from 100 tablets to 300 tablets. Toremifene is most commonly manufactured and supplied in units of 60mg tablets, while a few generic pharmaceutical companies manufacture 30mg tablets as well.

Research Grade

Research grade products are almost always liquid products, and are as such due to various laws and restrictions on what makes research chemicals valid for ‘research purposes’. However, some research chemical companies can and do manufacture tablets or capsules. Liquid products are normally supplied with a dropper, an oral syringe, or a spray pump in order to accurately dispense the product at proper doses. Spray pumps are commonly measured to dispense a particular dose per spray, but many can be somewhat inaccurate. Concentrations of Toremifene solutions in these liquid research products are commonly found in the range of 60mg/ml contained in a 60ml bottle (some companies also manufacture 30ml bottles). The price normally ranges from $50 – $70 per bottle, depending on the company it is purchased from and the quality of said product. The ease of legal purchase and the lower prices that individuals can pay when looking to buy Toremifene as research grade is what allows these research chemical companies to be established as popular sources and brands on the market.

Counterfeits and Fakes

Those looking to buy Fareston will be pleased to know that Toremifene is not a highly counterfeited item, and fakes are not known to be an issue. The availability of legitimate Toremifene is so great that it is both impossible to successfully counterfeit and not worth the time or effort for many counterfeit operations. It should still be understood that some very small amounts of counterfeit Toremifene is bound to circulate on the black market.

Typical Pricing

Aside from research chemical companies, which have already been covered above, there are some typical source types that Toremifene can be purchased from that will have a large impact on the final pricing. These include the three primary types of sources/vendors:

– ‘In-person’, ‘personally known’, ‘gym dealer’, or ‘gym floor’ sources
– Internet website sources that place minimum order limits on buyers
– Internet website sources that do not impose minimum order limits on buyers

‘In-person’ or ‘gym dealer’ sources can frequently have the same prices and policies as internet website sources that impose minimum order limits on buyers, but individuals should always be aware of many gym dealers that will attempt to take advantage of ignorant buyers and charge very inflated prices. Websites and online sources that do not impose their buyers to minimum order limits will allow shoppers to buy Toremifene in smaller quantities per order (single bottle or single box orders), and because the source or vendor tends to make small sales rather than larger quantity ones, prices are often inflated in order to make up for the logistical costs of small orders as well as the slower movement of product. Sources that limit buyers to placing a minimum order amount before making the purchase normally impose a limit of $200 – $400 worth of an order before allowing the purchase to be made. This allows ‘minimum order limit’ sources to move more product quicker, make profit faster, and justify lowering their products being sold to a lower price-per-item than those sources that allow small orders.

Typical pricing of Toremifene from sources that do not impose minimum order limits can be seen in the range of $2.00 – $2.50 per tablet containing 60mg/tablet (pharmaceutical grade). Underground Toremifene can be found for as low as $1.50 – $2.00 per tablet containing 60mg/tablet from the same source type.

Sources that impose minimum order limit restrictions on buyers (as well as some in-person sources) can be seen selling pharmaceutical Toremifene in the range of $1.50 – $1.75 per tablet containing 60mg/tablet. Underground grade Toremifene from the same source type can be bought in the range of $1.25 – $1.50 per tablet containing 60mg/tablet.


Lastly, every person looking to buy Toremifene must be keenly aware of the laws concerning the use and possession of ancillary drugs such as Toremifene in the countries in which they reside. The three major Western countries where anabolic steroid use is most prevalent will be covered here.

Toremifene is a non-controlled substance in Canada as well as the United States. Many ancillary compounds fall under this classification, such as anti-estrogens, sympathomimetics, and many other prescription drugs that are not classified as controlled substances under the CSA (Controlled Substances Act) or the Canadian CDSA (Controlled Drugs and Substances Act). Although Toremifene cannot be bought over the counter in these countries and is only available through prescription, there are no penalties in regards to its personal use, possession, or trade.  Under an FDA 1988 ruling, it is permissible to import a 3 month supply for personal use both in the United States as well as Canada.

In the UK, the same general laws are present where there are no penalties for personal use and possession, and individuals may import a personal supply.