Toremifene Side Effects

Toremifene is a compound that is well tolerated by most individuals, especially by males. The most severe Toremifene side effects tend to be reported by females, especially female breast cancer patients, for whom this drug was originally intended and designated for. The reason as to why Toremifene side effects might be considered harsher or worse for females is due to the fact that Toremifene’s Estrogen agonist/antagonist properties affects women in a very different manner than males due to the simple difference in the endocrine system’s dynamics between men and women. Due simply to the fact that females possess higher Estrogen levels than males (and their bodies are more physiologically dependent on it by nature), the ramifications of Toremifene and its side effects are farther reaching and more impacting on females than in males. This is the reason why Toremifene side effects for women include things such as: abdominal or stomach pain, anxiety, change in vaginal discharge, confusion, dizziness or light headedness, hot flashes, vaginal bleeding, extreme fatigue, and other female-centric side effects. The majority of these Toremifene side effects are not experienced by males due to the hormonal differences between genders.

Clinical trials on female breast cancer patients listed the following Toremifene side effects (in order of occurrence and frequency from most experienced to least experienced): dizziness, hot flashes, sweating, elevated liver enzymes, nausea, vaginal discharge, edema, vomiting, and vaginal bleeding. Far rarer Toremifene side effects found in clinical trials using female breast cancer patients as test subjects include: stiff muscles, jaundice, breathing difficulty (shortness of breath), constipation, itching, anorexia, loss of muscle strength, depression, tremor, and visual disturbances. Note that once again, these Toremifene side effects are almost exclusively associated with females, and almost never occur in men.

For anabolic steroid using bodybuilders and athletes (who tend to be almost all males), very few negative or adverse side effects are reported. This is what makes Toremifene highly valued and sought after among anabolic steroid users, as many users have reported almost no incidence of side effects. Some users might report changes in mood (as a result of its Estrogen agonist/antagonistic activity in the body), and a positive impact in libido (likely due to its positive impact on Testosterone production). Some users have also reported a loss of libido with Toremifene, which can possibly be attributed to its SHBG increasing properties, causing less active free Testosterone to circulate in the body. Mood alteration has been anecdotally reported by many users to last only through the first several days of use before returning to normal.

There tends to be a significant lack of clinical data in regards to Toremifene side effects in males and anabolic steroid users in particular. This is because Toremifene is only about 16 years old, and the majority of its time in use has only been in a clinical setting for female breast cancer therapy. Therefore, the only current data concerning Toremifene side effects in male anabolic steroid users is in the form of anecdotal data and different experiences of users.