Two Plead Guilty to Federal Steroid Distribution Charges in USA

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Two men from Georgia and Florida have admitted selling anabolic steroids as part of a steroid bust than happened last year.

Kyle Clark, 30, and Jason Garcia, 21 have pleased guilty to charges relating to federal indictments for conspiracy to possess and to distribute a controlled substance (anabolic steroids).

Federal prosecutors have struck plea deals for the two, in return for leniency, by pleading guilty as part of a major steroid bust that happened last year in the U.S.

operation cycber juice 1Some may remember ‘Operation Cyber Juice’ which happened in September 2015 and led to 90 arrests and 16 UGL busts in over 20 states. These two are part of that major bust, and crackdown on the importation of raw steroid powder and internet selling underground labs (UGLs).

Court documents released by Judge Thomas McAvoy detail Garcia and Clark were co-conspirators in the steroid selling operation. Both defendants have admitted being in possession of 60,000 steroid dosage units between January 2011 and September 2015, according to the DEA.

As stated in Garcia’s plea agreement: “As part of the conspiracy, the defendant (Garcia) … and other co-conspirators would obtain distribution amounts of anabolic steroids from different sources of supply in China and elsewhere.”

This was a UGL type operation where raw hormone powder was imported via the postal system from China, then manufactured into finished injectable steroids and oral androgen tablets. These UGLs can often pump out unsanitary finished products and poor quality steroids bodybuilders often find themselves buying and using. A typical UGL it seems with no qualified chemists.

Others charged as part of ‘Operaiton Cyber Juice’ are: Endicott residents Paul Boylan, 31, and Derek Strassle, 32; Port Crane resident Richard Progovitz, 37; and Binghamton resident Jeremiah O’Brien, 33.

Other out-of-state conspirators were also charged as part of the same operation these included: Ryan Root, 36, Michael Gisondi, 48, Caleb Doane, 30, of Nevada; and Kent Fletcher, 46.

Root, Gisondi and Fletcher have no yet entered pleas.

Steroid vials, labelling and lab equipment, steroid pills, tablets, empty vials, crimpers, printers and filters were all seized as part of the major federal investigation.

‘Operation Cyber Juice’ follows other major crackdowns in the USA of steroid importation, manufacturing and distribution. Other big busts include: Operation Juicy Fruit, Operation Raw Deal and Operation Gear Grinder.