Our Editorial Process

Trust is earned, so we want to explain and share how Steroidal.com creates its content that’s accurate, to the point, relevant, current and actionable.

Finding anabolic steroid, performance-enhancing drug (PED) and health information is easy. It’s all over the Internet. But finding trusted, authoritative, useable information written by experts on anabolic steroids isn’t. Steroidal.com is changing all that. We’re making this information understandable and accessible so you can make educated decisions on which drugs and compounds you want to learn about and possibly administer.

We’re here for our readers and want to make complex topics easy to understand and avoid unnecessary jargon. Perhaps its fact and evidence-based information, or questions on where to obtain specific drugs? We always look at things from our reader’s perspective.

Our Mission

We want to be your most trusted website on anabolic steroids and ancillary drug information.

Our Content Creation Process

We’re committed to providing honest, accurate, comprehensive and quality content. That’s why our editorial and medical teams uphold the highest standards actioning unbiased content.

The Most Essential Rule: Accuracy

Our 6 Step Editorial Process

  1. Research
  2. Write and Evidence Based
  3. Edit
  4. Medical Review and Fact Check
  5. Publish
  6. Update and Review

Our Team Of Experts

Steroidal.com content is written, evidence based, fact-checked, edited and reviewed by qualified editors, experts and other contributors. Our team includes a range of high-qualified professionals. From endocrinology, biomedical science, pharmaceutical chemistry and exercise physiology, our team has it all.

Our Review Process

Steroidal.com’s medical and drug content is reviewed by a team of experts and qualified clinicians. Our professional team review content for factual and medical accuracy. Our medical specialists add another perspective thanks to their experience and research in given fields.

Our Writers

We research and review all writers and contributors. We want to make sure our content is unquestionable quality, so provide regular feedback to enhance the quality of our articles.

Our References, Source, Citations & Links

Our content accuracy is paramount, so we have very strict sourcing guidelines. We will only rely on peer-reviewed, unbiased, medical journals when referencing

Our sources that include fact and evidence-based information are linked at the base of each article under References or Sources. We only link to reputable institutions and resources.

Staying Up-to-date

Steroidal.com experts continually monitor anabolic steroid and PED drug information. We will only update articles when new information becomes available.

Updated articles will state clearly they have been updated and reviewed by our editorial and medical teams at the top of the article.

Please Give Us Feedback

We want to give you the reader the best experience we can. So please tell us how we’re doing. We want to hear from you if you feel we could do something better.

If you believe our content is not accurate, out of date, or not correct you can easily contact us. Please visit this page to leave your feedback. Thank you.