History and Overview of Hexarelin:

Hexarelin is a growth hormone, or HGH, which is also commonly referred as Examorelin. The type of growth hormone that Hexarelin is a secretagogue receptor or GHSR of a hexapeptide classification. It has functions similar to that of GHRP-6 but is noted as being a much more potent variant, thus producing a much larger increase in the amount of naturally occurring growth hormone. In fact, there are various forms of data which note it as being the strongest synthetic GHRH available on the market.

Hexarelin Properties and Actions:

Hexarelin is composed of a chain of amino acids which when administered to the user, helps to stimulate the pituitary gland in producing a steady and increased release of GH into the system. At the time of writing, the actual way in which Hexarelin works is still not understood when compared to GHRP-6. However, the evidence clearly states that there is a stronger effect from its use.

Other data has shown that using Hexarelin produces an increase in cortisol and prolactin levels throughout the body, and in far greater quantities than any other GH medications. The increase in prolactin should not be as significant as it may be with other certain anabolic steroids but can be significant in certain cases nonetheless. Unlike GHRP-6, the Ghrelin levels in the body will not become increased regardless of the fact that their chemical makeup is much the same.

Hexarelin is noted as being one of the fastest acting GH available on the market, however, it also stops working on the body after a certain amount of time has passed. The levels of GH in the body should increase quickly over a period of around 4 weeks and prove to be beneficial. Regardless of that fact, studies have shown that use beyond 16 weeks offers little to no benefit. Typically, Hexarelin is used for around 8 – 12 weeks before stopping use for a minimum of 6 weeks. Unlike those who supplement with testosterone, the pituitary will not stop producing naturally occurring GH, but it does, unfortunately, have a short-lived life when it comes to using it.

Effects Of Hexarelin:

Much as is common with all growth hormone products, Hexarelin can provide plenty of benefits to the individual using it. It is oftentimes popular with athletes due to its abilities to help with an increase in lean body mass and strength. It is also popular for its ability to help the individual maintain low levels of body fat and increase the rate of recovery. The final results will depend largely on the diet and exercise regime of the individual using it and it works best when combined with anabolic steroids. In terms of anabolic effects, little to none will be experienced when used alone.

Hexarelin is also great for those who are off-season or performing a cutting cycle as it offers an improved metabolism and enhanced fat loss. There is also evidence that Hexarelin helps aid recovery during periods of restricted calorific intake as is common during a cutting period. It is important to note that while when used alone it does not provide an anabolic effect, it can certainly increase the amount and rate that fat is burned at.

Hexarelin 5mg Research Only

The best effects of Hexarelin can be found in its healing and recovery properties of which data shows it to be the best GH for this purpose. Obviously, it is not an ideal longterm soloution due to its short period of actionable use, but the recovery benefits it offers are not easy to overlook. These benefits are as follows:

  • Healing of the joints – Not in terms of pain relief, but in terms of actual healing.
  • Neural system strengthening and improvement.
  • Repair of muscle fibers and tissue.
  • An increase in the density of bone.
  • Protection of the heart, including scar tissue healing and pressure relief of the left ventricle.

Side Effects From Hexarelin Use:

Again, as with all hormones, the risk of side effects is a very real thing. Hexarelin does pose an increased risk of possible negative side effects, and more so than other growth hormones. However, the majority of them will be infrequent and minimal at most. Below are the most commonly occurring side effect associated with Hexarelin use.

Estrogenic Side Effects: The most common estrogenic side effect experienced with Hexarelin use is water retention.However, this is not created by an elevation of estradiol levels and is typically easily combated with the use of diet and exercise. While the GH does not aromatize, there is a possibility of developing breast tissue, known as gynecomastia. That said, this is normally only a cause for concern for those who already suffer from the condition. It must be said that those who are using

Androgenic Side Effects: Hexarelin does not lead to androgenic side effects and hair loss, acne, and virilization in women will not occur from the use of this peptide.

Cardiovascular Side effects: Hexarelin use will not lead to any adverse side effects on the cholesterol levels or blood pressure of the individual and has, in fact, been shown promising in improving heart health and its general functioning.

Hepatoxicity Risks: The use of Hexarelin has shown to be nontoxic to the liver and presents no risks to the individual when using it.

Testosterone Side Effects: Again, there are no known side effects relating to Hexareli and the suppression of testosterone or its natural production.

Cortisol risks: Hexarelin may lead to an increase in the levels of cortisol in the body. The amount produced and any risks associated with it largely depends on the individual. It can also be influenced by other hormones that the individual may be taking. Those who are affected by an elevation of cortisol levels may suffer from symptoms such as difficulty falling or staying asleep an increase in fat gain, and a lowering of the functioning of the immune system. Other symptoms may include mood disorders such as depression, a decrease in libido or sexual desire, and anxiety.

Administration and Uses of Hexarelin:

The way Hexarelin is delivered is via a subcutaneous injection. The peptide comes as a powder, which is then added to bacteriostatic water. Typically, a dosage of around 200mg each day works best for therapeutic benefits but can be as much as 400mg each day. Data shows that there are no added benefits of using more than 200mg a day.

Buy Hexarelin Online:

Hexarelin is most often purchased from online research chemical supply companies and is about the only place you will be able to get it from. In fact, it is almost impossible to find it outside of these suppliers. It is important to note that the price for Hexarelin is high and while not sold by lots of outlets, is still easily available in sufficient quantities. Buying Hexarelin online in the U.S is legal for research purposes only and buying it for personal use is illegal. Know the laws of your country before putting yourself at risk of prosecution.


In the world of growth hormones, Hexarelin appears to hold lots of potential. Its costs tend to be much lower than that of HGH and is definitely more beneficial regarding the instant benefits it provides when compared to other similar products. Regardless of that, it is still a newcomer to the world of GH secretagogue, therefore, much of the data is still lacking for it so it is not easy to give an accurate assumption of its effectiveness and safety.