iPamorelin History and Overview:

iPamorelin is a growth hormone releasing peptide that is known as one of the weaker ones due to its side effects being very friendly to GHRP. Now by “weaker” this does not mean “useless.” It still has very effective results, but it just means that the effect it has on the body is not as intense, resulting in a much more favourable situation for anyone that is planning to use this peptide. It was first made by a company called Novo Nordisk, and it eventually passed two clinical trials via Helsinn Therapeutics. While it did have potential to be a very promising compound, the results in the full trials were never finished and the project was abandoned. It’s not very easy to find in medical circles, but it is very commonly used in a lot of performance-based areas because it has effects and capabilities very similar to that of human growth hormone (HGH).

iPamorelin is very much like GHRP-6 in terms of its ability to cause the body to secrete more ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hormone that secretes when your body detects an empty stomach, and it stimulates the body to eat more. This makes it a very powerful growth agent. Ipamorelin also works to stimulate a very precise pule of growth hormone. However, it is different from GHRP-6 in that there isn’t a real felt effect of increased hunger that is often found with GHRP-6. Also, it should be noted that there is no impact on cortisol and only on plasma GH levels. This makes it different from other peptides like Hexarelin, and there also isn’t much of a strong breach of desensitization. As a result, there is no point where the dosage fails to improve your natural growth hormone production or secretion.

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Aside from having very powerful effects on growth hormone emission in the body, it’s also very powerful and long-lasting. When you take iPamorelin, it doesn’t cause a massive, instantaneous spike of GH, but rather, a long steady and sustained release of it over a long period of time. This means it may be more favoured towards fat loss over week and not suited to muscle growth.

Effects of iPamorelin

The effects of Ipamorelin are relatively basic. It increases your natural production of growth hormone. It is the increase of this growth hormone in your body that will result in a load of positive benefits for an athlete or even the average person. You can expect increased levels of growth hormone to lead to an improved metabolism, which will allow an individual to burn fat or maintain levels of fat while taking on an increase in calories. But most importantly, the improved growth hormone levels will mean much faster recovery, which is absolutely critical for most athletes, especially those that participate in combat sports. Regardless of whether we’re cutting or bulking, it’s the recovery stage where most people will find benefits. Recovery is invaluable in allowing our body to generate new lean tissue and repair and protect tissue that already exists.

Most users of iPamorelin will find that they are going to sleep a lot better and faster. Most users also report anecdotally that they feel better in terms of their mood and stability of emotions. This is most likely directly correlated with the fact they’re getting more sleep, and just like anything that is capable of improving our growth hormone levels, it can also have anti-aging benefits. GH is so powerful that everything from your muscle, to bones, nervous system, skin, and even your hair will see improvements and changes. Growth hormone is often called the fountain of youth hormone, and once you understand its effects, you’ll see why. By the time we hit our 30’s, our natural growth hormone levels tend to go down rapidly, and as we age further, they continue to decline. With elevated levels, we can’t stop ageing permanently, but we can at least slow down his effects to our benefit.

Note: Keep in mind, iPamorelin is not going to be as effective as pure HGH, but real HGH is extremely expensive. With iPamorelin, you’re getting a very powerful substitute that is nowhere near as expensive, this makes it very desirable by reproducing similar effects for a fraction of the cost.

Side Effects of iPamorelin

Like most drugs on the market, there are always side effects, but thankfully, with iPamorelin, the effects are very limited.

In terms of estrogenic side effects, one does not have to worry about gynecomastia or anything similar. It has no effects on those parts of the body. There can be some minor water retention and swelling of the ankles and feet, but that is typically only in the beginning dosages of this compound.

There are no androgenic effects of this drug, so it is safe for use by women and men don’t have to expect any changes to their emotions as most androgens tend to do.

There are no cardiovascular side effects, and in fact, some users might actually report improved cardiovascular markers after using this compound.

There is also no reason to worry about hepatoxicity because it is not toxic to the liver.

Most minor side effects of this compound occur in the very early stages and can include possible light headaches, sore injection sites, and elevated levels of prolactin. However, the elevated prolactin can be dealt with thanks to Cabergoline. In the presence of testosterone based anabolic steroids which aromatase, gynecomastia may be seen indirectly.

Administration of iPamorelin

You can find IPamorelin in freeze-dried powder form, but it has to be reconstituted in bacteriostatic water. Once this is done, it must be refrigerated. Prepare it accordingly and inject it either intramuscularly or via the subcutaneous method. Most will find that SubQ is best because it can be dosed 2-3 times a day. Use a small insulin syringe.

For ranges of dosing, use 200-300mcg 2-3 times per day. If you want, you can combine it with other growth hormone releasing hormones for a greater synergistic effect. 8-12 weeks of dosing is suitable, and it can be used indefinitely.

Availability, Legality, and Prices of iPamorelin

It’s somewhat of a hard compound to find, but you can certainly find it on research chemical websites for $15-$25 per 2mg dose, but remember, it’s illegal for human consumption. Only purchase for research purposes.

Many Chinese sources and HGH suppliers will stock iPamorelin, but their quality may not be as good as United States manufactures and online shops.

Overall, this is a fantastic alternative to most growth hormone releasing peptides/hormones, and it is much more affordable as well. Buying 2mg plus vials will mean multiple injections of 100-300mcg per vial.