DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol)

DNP History and Overview

When people think of steroids, most people assume that every single one you take will turn you into an IBFF Pro overnight. For better or for worse, most steroids will not do this, even the most potent kinds. But sometimes, steroids aren’t necessarily cherished for their anabolic and mass-building properties, but rather, they earn their reputations due to their powerful ability to shred fat and create lean mass. In other words, if you’re afraid you’re going to blow up and become bloated from taking a certain drug, you don’t need to worry about that depending on what you intend to take. For one, when it comes to something like DNP, it’s a drug that allows you to really take things to the next level, but as the old adage goes, with great power comes great responsibility.

It is indeed true that there is no other drug on planet earth that burn fat as fast as DNP can, but it’s also true that no other drug with the same fat-burning properties is remotely as dangerous. This is precisely why DNP is something that should be carefully looked at in terms of being a solution to burning bodyfat, and while it can be used, it is extremely dangerous to consider it as the primary means of burning fat. Despite the fact it’s tremendously dangerous, it does work tremendously well. That said, it’s important to understand why it works so well and why it is so dangerous.

Starting in the early 20th century, the 1930s to be precise, DNP first emerged on the market as a prescribed fat loss product. Even back then, the laymen and experts alike realized rather quickly that this was a product with tremendous capability of burning fat. There were plenty of people that also realized just how dangerous it could be as a marketable product. As a result, it was swiftly removed from prescription status in 1938 and rendered completely illegal to use. However, that wouldn’t stop people from trying to burn fat with it.

Many people in the bodybuilding and physique community still use DNP because it flat out works, and many of those individuals in those communities might say that there is no reason to fear DNP, but the truth is, anyone that is remotely fearful of the drug or its capabilities has more than enough reason to be afraid of it.

DNP is known by its official name, 2,4-Dinitrophenol, and is considered an industrial chemical. DNP is used in developing photography, killing fungi, and as an industrial pesticide. So while it goes work well at burning fat, you’re ingesting an industrial poison to do so, and that is no hyperbole. What’s incredible about how effective it lies in its simplicity. While many fat burning substances do so in an indirect way, it’s very hard to directly burn fat, the truth is, DNP is able to do the unthinkable: it is able to burn body fat directly.


Chemically, DNP interacts with the body to raise the core temperature to extremely high temperatures. So in effect, DNP is cooking your insides to such a high degree, it is directly burning bodyfat and inducing lipolysis, the process in which fat cells are used and expended. It induces a process called oxidative phosphorylation which means your body breaks down lipids so it can be converted into chemical energy, but it executes this process is a drastic way. So rather than it naturally occurring, the DNP expedites the process and forces it to start. Akin to forcefully making a computer or hardware device boot up, even if it didn’t want to.

Given that it’s such a simple and effective drug, it would make sense that its simplicity is equally dangerous.

Effects of DNP

What makes DNP amazing is the fact that it delivers what millions of other products proclaim to do: eliminate pure body fat fast. This makes DNP very desirable for the simple reason that most other drugs can nowhere near replicate the rate or effectiveness in which body fat is eliminated. With DNP, you can literally lose a pound of body fat each day, not just water weight or bloat, this is a pure fat shredder to the highest degree.

As far as anabolism and those properties are concerned, DNP doesn’t really excel in those areas. But it is amazing at eliminating body fat, and that is absolutely the best part about DNP. Other than burning body fat, DNP doesn’t do anything else of merit. In fact, if you’re an athlete or have a physically strenuous occupation or lifestyle, this drug is going to really hinder your effectiveness. Because your core body temperatures are raised to such a high degree, it will make you dehydrated and lethargic.

The most obvious question from those asking about DNP is what are the alternatives to something so dangerous and possibly fatal? Well, the two best replacements for DNP in a weight loss stack are substances like Clenbuterol and Cytomel, most commonly known as T3. Both of these compounds have similar properties, but the simple truth is that DNP blows them both completely out of the water in terms of actually generating fat loss effects.

However, as much as we’ve been scaring you about DNP and rightfully so, it is definitely possible to use it without killing yourself or harming yourself. You just have to be extremely careful that you are not harming yourself, but in truth, that is almost impossible to do when taking DNP.

Without exaggerating or engaging in fear-mongering, the absolute truth is that DNP is absolutely pure poison, 100-percent.

Side Effects of DNP

The most potent side effect of DNP is death. That is no joke and is not an exaggeration. If you decide to take this compound, the worst thing that could happen to you is your heart stopping. Aside from death, there are other unfavorable side effects. Most commonly, terrible insomnia. Because you’re almost cooking your insides alive with DNP, it is very hard to sleep due to the sweats and inability to relax that you’ll dramatically notice from this drug. You will sweat so much on DNP that it’s been reported that some people have actually ruined their mattresses from the amount of excessive sweating. The sweat is large because of the extreme internal body temperature that DNP elevates your body too. Remember, when you increase your rate of metabolic activity, that is going to result in much more sweating and increased internal energy expenditure. The possibility of eyesight damage is also a reality because DNP use can increase the presence of cataracts, which commonly form when using this substance.

DNP Administration and Uses

DNP is very popular due to the fact that a lot of bodybuilders use it for extreme weight loss before a show. When it comes to the doses that are commonly used by bodybuilders, the most common dose is a 2mg dose, but this is only for the most muscular of individuals. So remember, it should be noted that while 2mg is sufficient for these individuals, most people do not need anything remotely close to that since they will not possess the necessary mass loss that can withstand such a high dosage.

The truth is, however, there is no hard data available on dosing DNP because it’s been banned for almost a hundred years. There is no legitimate testing available so most dosage recommendations are the consequence of trial and error in addition to hearsay or firsthand knowledge. It should be noted that if you weigh 200 pounds and possess a lot of body fat, you can accomplish significant results by using a very, very small dose. it’s simply too dangerous to use more than say 1 mg if you’ve ever used it, but even still, any dosage will bring with it significant risks just because it’s DNP. Based on actual usage from firsthand sources, DNP use in muscular people is very risky, considerably riskier than those that are not as muscular. Also, it should be noted that if you possess less muscle, it “safer” for you to take DNP, but remember, because of how toxic it is for your body, that doesn’t mean all that much for DNP to be safer to take.

Availability of DNP

To find DNP, it’s almost impossible. For one, it’s been banned for legal consumption or sale for almost a century. As a result of that, it’s only really found on the black market, but in truth, that isn’t really accurate. yes, there are people that sell “DNP,” but the truth is, that DNP is more than likely to be fake. This is because a lot of people sell DNP under the guise of other fat loss products or stimulants, and because of those effects, they simply give it the generic label of being “DNP” even though it’s not the actual compound. While there are certain substances that can cause similar effects, unless you can verify that it is DNP, then it isn’t DNP. It also makes it hard to properly dose the substance because real DNP being very toxic means you’ll have otb every careful with just how much you decide to use of the lab bought “DNP.” So even if you do find it, it’s more than likely to be fake, UGL quality DNP that is mixed or stepped down with other substances to mimic the actual effects of DNP.

DNP Fat Burning Drug

Buy DNP Online

When you buy DNP online, you have to be very, very careful. Remember, because it’s so potent and dangerous in terms of the dosage, you have to understand that assuming you were actually able to get real, genuine DNP, it’s going to have to be dosed at an extremely low level. Now, with this understand, you have to realize that the fact that it’s almost impossible ot find real DNP means that whatever you just bought online, it more than likely isn’t DNP, and if it does have any DNP inside of it, it’s going to have mostly other substances inside of it as well. This means that you have to use extreme caution when actually taking it, because whatever you think you have, it’s more than likely going to have other side effects. However, because there are so many other alternatives to achieve the same goals, you don’t have to risk taking DNP to lose bodyfat.

Aside from simply counting calories and doing more cardiovascular exercise, there are a number of other ways you can achieve great results without resorting to DNP.


Overall, DNP is an amazing compound that truly works. Despite the fact it’s so effective, it is tremendously dangerous and has killed many before, and because people are stubborn, it will continue to kill more into the future. Most modern availability of DNP is really just DNP mixed with other substances since it’s truly hard to find actual DNP unless you’re a top-level competitor. Because those in the upper echelons of competitive bodybuilding have the connections and resources to get real DNP, they might be able to get some, but if you’re Joe Schmo, you’re more than likely out of luck. You could try your hand at getting it online, but remember, this is not going to be pure DNP, and if it is, you’d never be able to tell without getting the bottle tested. Aside from that, but DNP is also something that has to be dosed properly. Remember that if you’re more muscular, you’re likely to not have as good of a time taking DNP than someone who is just your average person without an impressive body or physique. This means that if you’re the average person, you’re probably better of seeking an alternative method to losing fat and building muscle and believe us, there are so much better choices than just taking DNP.

At the end of the day, despite its miraculous ability to get people shredded, DNP is literally a poison. There is no other way to say it. Even if you decide to take every precaution possible, you could still die.