Aldactone (Spironolactone)

Aldactone History and Overview:

When it comes to compounds that people use for performance purposes, one of the most popular types of compounds are those that are diuretics. There is no doubt that in the world of aesthetics, bodybuilding, and yes, even in sports, especially combat sports, cutting and making weight is very important. Enter Spironolactone, one of the most popular diuretics in the world since the 1950s and beyond. Most clinical medical practitioners used it for this purpose in a decade after its initial inception, but the most popular form of this compound is the Aldactone compound by Searle’s. It’s still used in a lot of treatment plans, and for the most part, it has a very practical medical usage by being a part of blood pressure reduction regimens. Some of these are comprehensive treatment plans, and it is often used for high blood pressure and dealing with edema, specifically edema that is related to pulmonary damage or issues. It can also be used to help with hypokalemia, and it is related to an electrolyte deficiency. It’s something that is utilized to handle hyperaldosteronism, and this is something that occurs when your body makes too much aldosterone.

Aldactone is a very popular diuretic because it’s very important that many athletes make weight, and in the bodybuilding aesthetics purposes, and far as doing that, it gets the job done. Aside from being effective at drawing water out of the body, it’s also very agreeable in terms of its symptoms. It is by no means the strongest in the world, but it is good enough to get the job done. A lot of athletes that need to make weight can also use it if they need to make weight in a very short time duration, so for a lot of athletes in fight sports, it’s very popular for those reasons especially.

Functions and Properties of Aldactone:

In terms of the precise nomenclature, it’s considered an antagonist of aldosterone and is also considered a diuretic. The way it works is relatively easy. It stops aldosterone from binding to receptor sites, and it inhibits some of the exchanges of electrolytes, primarily sodium and potassium. After that it, it makes the body excrete a lot of water and sodium while retaining potassium, which makes it different from similar compounds like Lasix. It is also considered a potassium-sparing diuretic, but that’s an unofficial title.

That’s about as much as you need to know about how it operates. It’s really that simple.

Effects of Aldactone:

For the most part, it’s really just amazingly good at getting the body to secrete a lot of water and salt from the internal system.There is so much water and salt that’s lost in the beginning phases that it can be a bit overwhelming. Because it’s only purging water and sodium, it’s a lot easier to deal with than other diuretics. Because other competitors tend to purge things like potassium, which are a lot harsher on your body when they are excereted than other substances. When you lose a lot of potassium, this feels very harsh, and because it’s one of the most critical electrolytes, it can be really, really terrible when you lose it in large amounts rather quickly. This sort of electrolyte imbalance typically results in cramps, which not only inhibit performance but are just horrifically uncomfortable to experience. But with Aldactone, you don’t have to worry about that happening because it will protect the potassium from being affected.


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Aldactone is also really good because, with the amount of water that’s retained, these can have a lot of therapeutic benefits. Typically, with high blood pressure or edema, which just means the swelling or infiltration of fluid into an area, this substance can do wonders to really reduce the effects. This is very important to keep in mind because otherwise, you could have a lot of issues that are simply never being affected or dealt with. By simply removing the excess water from the equation, this is usually good enough to fix those issues, but it should be noted that with things like blood pressure, there are other issues that can sometimes affect what an individual is dealing with.

For athletic reasons, this compound is great because if people are trying to lower their weight class, it can do wonders. This is what makes it very unique compared to other compounds. There are also plenty of compounds that people use when they’re trying to lose weight but retain strength. This is very key for a lot of athletes in fight sports because if they’re just shedding water and useless electrolytes, they can retain muscle and “fighting mass” that helps them stay strong and feel good. But also, for bodybuilders or physique competitors, this compound is great at helping them shed those excess bloaty masses and watery looks and really nail down the contest conditioning they’re trying to achieve. With thinner skin and an already chiseled physique, it’s just going to make their conditioning all the more impressive-looking.

Aldactone Side Effects:

When using this compound, as with anything, there are going to be possible side effects. The reason using diuretics is always more dangerous than anabolic steroids is because in a therapeutic setting, we know what doses will garner results without bad side effects. When you’re doing it for non-medical reasons, you’re depriving the body of hydrating liquids and electrolytes for no good reason whatsoever, and this leads to a lot of other complications. That’s why it’s something you have to be aware of. When you’re a performance athlete, using this kind of compound is risky because dehydration becomes a real threat, so you have to be prepared for it. And part of that preparation comes into dosages and managing how soon you taper off from using a compound. If you’re abusive with this compound, death is a legitimate possibility if you’re not careful.

If you’re a bodybuilder or competitor, no more than three days of continuous use should be done. Anymore than that, and you’re severely putting your body into risk, and most importantly unnecessary risk. Also, it’s important to note that if you’re taking this diuretic, you need to avoid a lot of potassium in your diet. Because it spares potassium, your levels will be further elevated, meaning that if you continue to eat anymore than that, you’re going to really make the problems a lot worse for you in the long term. If you’re able to manage these issues, you’re going to find out rather quickly that you’ll be good to go and making great progress with these compounds for the long haul, or at least, the one or two days you’re using it.

Aside from death, the far less serious side effects involve nausea, diarrhea, drowsiness, confusion, virilization for women, and in very rare instances, gynecomastia. Cramps can also happen if the imbalance of electrolytes becomes too great, but if you don’t mess with your electrolytes too much, you should be fine. Remember, taking in too much potassium during this time can be very hamful for your heart, so do not do it by any means.

Aldactone Dosing & Administration:

For the therapeutic use of it, you’ll want no more than 50-100mg. Normally doses will be divided into smaller ones until they add up to the grand total dosage for the day.

For those using it for the performance reasons, never ever go above 100mg. It’s just too dangerous and absolutely not worth it for any reason at all. If you take 50-100mg with the total dosage divided into two separate mini-doses, you’ll have more tha nenough to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Remember, this is for short-term usage. And if you’re not satisfied with the results, then it means that you have a lot more bodyfat on your person than you may realize.

Availability of the Aldactone:

Finding the compound is relatively easy because there are so many pharmaceutical marketplaces around the world that have it for sale. You can also find it in large quantities on the black market but because it’s so readily available in pharmacies and legally, it doesn’t make sense to risk buying bunk or fradulent merchandise. It’s also very cheap and affordable and very rarely is it truly counterfeited, but in rare occasions, it is.

Buying Aldactone Online:

If you want to buy Aldactone online in the United States, it is not a controlled substance. This makes it illegal to posses, manufacturer and buy online. However, to get your hands on Aldactone, you’re going to need a prescription written by a medical professional. In many markets, you can actually buy Aldactone over the counter, but these markets do not exist in the United States of America.


Overall, Aldactone is a tremendously effective diuretic. It works to spare potassium and instead flushes out lots of water and sodium from your body, giving you very lean looking results if you have the right amount of mass. However, as with most diuretics, despite its capability of delivering great results, you need to understand that it can easily do damage to you if you’re not careful with it. Seek medical attention if you run into negative complications and always seek medical guidance when using this powerful compound that can cause sever dehydration and cardiac events.