Methyltestosterone History and Overview

Methyltestosterone could certainly be considered a classic anabolic steroid. It’s classical not only in terms of the results and impacts it can provide people in terms of mass building and performance capability, but it’s also a truly old school compound. While many people may not refer to it by its full name, the fact is, most people are aware of it unbeknownst to themselves. It is a steroid that really gets the job done, and it is tremendously effective and efficient in terms of the effects it has on the human body. Aside from being one of the oldest steroids ever, it is also one of the most important steroids ever. This is because it was the first synthesized version of testosterone.

This is available in some synthetic forms, but in truth, it was really the first real, raw form of testosterone, the androgenic hormone that is endogenously produced inside of the male body. The first kind of this steroid was just the hormone by itself without an ester attached, in other words, very similar to Testosterone Suspension, commonly known in bodybuilding circles as Test Susp. In 1937, Testosterone Propionate, otherwise known as Test Prop, would go live and enter the free market alongside its aforementioned cousin. Test Prop was unique because it was the first testosterone with an attach ester. For those that don’t know, an ester is essentially a binding of carbon and hydrogen atoms that are attached to a molecule, in this case, a testosterone molecule. The ester works to slow down the absorption of the steroid by making it less water soluble, thereby resulting in a much more potent effect and delayed the release of the steroid on the user.

So Testosterone Propionate became the first ester-attached form of test to be commercially produced, making it a very lucrative and popular item to get a hold of. That said, Methyltestosterone still became a very popular and effective way to inject test, but these days, it is primarily used in medical and hormone replacement areas more than anything else, as far as purposes are concerned.


Methyltestosterone is a steroid that is ingested orally. This means it could be considered an oral testosterone hormone, it is the first oral test formulation, and it also happened to be the first steroid that was made with an alkylated C17-alpha molecule. This made it a unique compound, and it when it first popped up on the market, it has since gone through dozens of different codenames, nicknames, and other aliases. However, the most famous of all formulations for methyl test is Metandren by Ciba. Methyltest made by Ciba was an oral form of methyl test, but they changed the game by formulating it in a sublingual formulation. This means that rather than swallowing the substance whole, the user would take the substance in their mouth, leave it under their tongue, and wait for it to be completely absorbed. This was a game-changing formulation because they noticed that the bioavailability of the test was dramatically higher. As far as a precise increase in absorption, the rate was noted to be over twice as bioavailable, which is tremendously impressive. In comparison to the tablet form of methyl test, it isn’t even close. Comparatively, if you were to take it as a tablet, it could take two or three hours before the peak strength is felt, and aside from the weaker strength, the absorption rate would not even be remotely comparable.

While Metandren by Ciba was successfully formulated, it is no longer available on the market, at least in a genuine sense. If you were to ever come across a formulation of it, it is most likely bunk, a slang term for fraudulent steroids. These days, you’ll have to settle for generic formulations or the composites made by underground labs (UGLs). As of the modern times, there is only one lab that makes pharma grade methyl test like that of Ciba, and it happens to be the Methyltestosterone made by Teston in Greece.

Methyltestosterone is nowhere near as popular as it once was, but in some parts of the planet, it is still a viable steroid. Paradoxically so, in the United States, methyl test is not commonly available for prescription. However, at the same time, there is a ton of it sitting around in supply. It is often used to treat low test in men, and it is also used to deal with a similarly rare condition called andropause, where the body stops producing natural testosterone in men. It also is used to treat cryptorchidism, and it has been used to treat breast cancer, excessive rates of lactation after pregnancy, and even osteoporosis. Methyltestosterone has even been used to deal with women suffering from menopause by enhancing a weakened libido, and in the modern era, it remains a great treatment for those suffering from the effects of menopause. Most women at that point will find themselves being prescribed alternative formulations of testosterone, but remember, Methyltestosterone is still an option. Aside from the oral formulation, there have been popular mixes of test and progesterone creams or transdermal gels that transfer the hormone that way. Aside from that, but subcutaneous tablets like that of Testopel and competitors are also popular ways to take in the hormone.

Because it’s old school most people assume that it has to be the original, best way to take testosterone. Well, in truth, very few people these days intentionally go out of their way to take Methyltestosterone. For one, it is very estrogenic, more so than other forms of the test. This means that the side effects it causes are simply not worth dealing with in a conventional sense. Aside from that, but it’s also very, very hepatoxic. This means that it can put your liver at risk due to the toxicity. This is a side effect that is virtually unseen in other forms of test, but because it is orally taken in and is rather old in its formulation, it has the unique quality of being hepatoxic. Given these side effects and issues, there are simply way more alternatives for athletes or others to consider before settling for Methyltestosterone. These are also reasons why traditional medicine almost never uses Methyltestosterone.

Properties and Qualities of Methyltestosterone

Methyltestosterone is a pure derivative of the hormone testosterone, but what makes it different is the fact that there is an added methyl grouping on top of it to ensure it can be taken in and absorbed via the oral ingestion method. The methyl group that’s added to the molecule is what ensures the testosterone can survive the digestion and mechanical breakdown process inside of the body. The group attaches to the 17th carbon position, and it is this positioning that makes the Methyltestosterone get its name as a C-17-aa androgenic steroid. It is similar to all other forms of testosterone because it carries a very high anabolic and androgenic rating pairing of 100 in each respective category. It should also be noted that because there is that extra alteration of the C17-aa region, there is going to be a lot less pronounced anabolic activity that can be intelligently noticed and understood by both a user that feels the effects first-hand, and also, the medical professional that would theoretically recommend the usage of the compound in the first place.

In terms of function, Methyltest is great for just providing test that the body needs due to in an inability to produce or something similar. It is not bioavailable and it is very estrogenic, so again, it means that it is not a preferred way to supplement testosterone. Despite some of these negative effects that make it poorly recommended for performance or athletic endeavors, there is a unique exception that is found only in Methyltestosterone when compared to other esters and testosterone compounds.

If we were judging it purely on the basis of being a testosterone hormone, Methyltest is great because it is a synthetic model of the original male androgen that we all know and love. However, it is synthetic, and because of this, some might assume that the body would not be able to allow it to bind to the receptor sites. This is false. The truth is, despite it being lab-made, the body can’t tell, and it will successfully bind to the androgen receptors as if it is was your body’s own endogenously produced testosterone. Even though we think of it is as a purely male compound, the truth is, women can be low test as well, and they are often in need of it during very critical hormonal shifts in their lifespans. This is certainly true when menopause hits because normal hormone production tends to wane for almost all women. But when you compare the test requirements of men and women, men need over ten times more testosterone than women need, so the comparison is not even close in terms of individual demand, but of course, as with all things, there are rare exceptions.

Because Methyltestosterone is indeed testosterone in its bare bone form, it will be able to perform as effectively as the original formulation of testosterone. This means that if you’re someone who is very concerned about how you perform sexually or physically, then it could be of great interest to you to have a functioning, high-level of Methyltestosterone supplementation. Aside from the obvious physical demands, it is important to supplement with testosterone purely from a cognitive or mental basis. If you’re low in any of these areas, then you need more of it immediately. While it’s good to know about Methyltestosterone, it’s also a good idea to research other profiles of test like Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate, or even the aforementioned test suspension.

Effects of Methyltestosterone

When it comes to the effects of Methyltestosterone, it’s important to understand that the primary catalyst behind this is the saturation percentage of the androgen in your bloodstream. This is where it starts for most compounds, but with Methyltest, it’s especially potent. Once you sharply increase just how much of it is in your system, you’ll notice very quickly how effective it is. Reasons for using Methyltest could be related to deal with low levels brought about by an outside condition. You might also need to treat a different problem altogether, so the test increase would be much-needed. Regardless of why you would want to use it, the immediate effects you’ll notice will be the increase in sex drive (libido) as well as the feelings of motivation and energy returning back to normal. These things tend to go down with lower test levels, but if you feel them again after starting Methyltest, that’s your answer as to why you should definitely try supplementing with it. These aforementioned effects in particular are why people suffering from menopause or andropause will really enjoy using it, and without a doubt, people that fall into those problem categories should be the main individuals that should think about using it in the first place.

Now aside from the basic medical usage of Methyltest, there really isn’t much reason to use it if you’re concerned about improving your performance capabilities. Why, you might ask? Because as we mentioned before, it’s just too toxic. With most methylated compounds, although they are easily ingested, the methylated add-on means that it is very toxic. This simply a no-go for anyone that is serious about any performance enhancement, so if you think you can get it done this way, you really need to re-think your approach to your enhancement plan. Aside from the toxicity of the product, it is also noticeably more estrogenic, so rather than having to use this compound, a user could easily find a suitable alternative to Methyltest while noticing the same exact benefits, sans the downsides. You would also have to use a very high dose of it for a long period of time, so given the fact it has these problems combined with a relative weakness, it is simply not the preferred kind of test you should think about using.

In terms of sports performance, an athlete would not see much of an improvement, but in terms of pure mass-building, now that’s where an athlete might have a reasonable argument to thinking about using Methyltestosterone. Also, the androgenic effect of Methyltest is especially potent. You would notice immediately just how powerful the increased aggression, focus, and other similar traits are for sports performance, so if you have a timid guy and you give him Methyltest, he’s going to become a “killer” overnight. This is invaluable in a sports performance setting, because a lot of combat sports are tremendously reliant on the mentality and aggressiveness of a competitor. By supplementing with a substance that could tremendously spike aggression or focus, that is a legitimate advantage an athlete would want to have. It’s also great for strength athletes or strongmen, because many of their exercises require focus, aggression, and intensity to perform at the highest of levels. However, it should be noted with a disclaimer that the aforementioned effects by no means make someone into a literal “killer.” When we use the word “killer” we use it in a rhetorical sense to emphasize the colloquial understanding that in competitive environments, execution is critical to success. If you have someone that is unable or incapable (or even unwilling) to execute, it is not going to serve them well in that environment. This does not mean the compound will brainwash a good person into doing something good or will aggravate a bad person from being bad, but it merely means that the personality trait in one area will be heightened or “highlighted” based on the usage of this compound. Rather than saying aggression is bad in a vacuum, the truth is, the important thing is what we do with that new found aggression. If we use it for good, then good for us. But if we use it for nefarious purposes, we have only ourselves to blame and no one else. This is why we really give this compound an A-plus for its mental benefits, and it’s definitely very purposeful for those that are looking to get into a competitive environment and really maximize their total output for the long term. However, because it is so estrogenic, there are much better options if you really wanted to enhance your mind-set in a competitive environment.

It should be again emphasized for extra caution, if you are someone that is prone to aggression or violent outbursts on your own, this is not something you shiould be taking. This will only enhance and really flesh out those negative behaviors. However, if you’re a sane individual that is capable of exercising self-control and can handle the power of increased aggression, then you will definitely benefit by supplementing with this compound.

Side Effects of Methyltestosterone

Even though testosterone is a very low side effect compound for the majority of men that will take it, with this compound in particular, it should be noted that there are some annoying side effects that make it a bit tougher to recommend in comparison to other kinds of testosterone.

Estrogenic Side Effects

In terms of the estrogenic side effects, you can expect to see a high chance of bloating on this form of test. As with most forms of test, it will aromatize, meaning when it binds to the aromatase receptors, it will lead to possible side effects such as gynecomastia (growth of breast tissue) as well as bloating and increased emotional variance. With Methyltestosterone in particular, it converts to methylestradiol because of the methylated form, and this means that the effects of the aromatization are far more pronounced. In other words, use extreme caution with this and ensure you have an aromatase inhibitor or SERM on hand to combat these negative effects. Also beware of your cholesterol levels and should they get out of hand, you’ll need an AI on hand to try and get your system saturated and back to normal levels again. Remember, all forms of test have the same possibility of causing these problems, but they are more likely with Methyltest in particular due to the methylated formation in the molecule.

Androgenic Side Effects

As with most forms of test, the androgenic side effects are also present. This means that when the test converts to DHT, you can see signs of acne or baldness, but remember, if you were already prone to male pattern baldness, it will only accelerate the natural rate at which that should’ve occurred. Just as with the estrogenic side effects, the androgenic side effects mentioned previously will be more pronounced due to the potency of this compound. You can take a 5-alpha reductase inhibiter like Finasteride to stop the baldness, but there is no guarantee it can stop it in its entirety.

Methyltestosterone Side Effects For Women

And these androgenic effects should really scare women from even thinking about using the compound unless it’s in super low doses with the supervision of a medical professional. There is no reason to use this drug (as a woman) for performance purposes because the odds of virilization are simply too high to really recommend. Virilization symptoms like clitoral hypertrophy, deep voice, hair growth, imbalanced estrogen levels, and the rise of male structural features are all signs of virilization and should they pop up, the use of the drug should be immediately stopped.

Cardiovascular Side Effects

In terms of cardiovascular effects, it should be noted as with most test usage, that there might be an increase in bad cholesterol. This is where keep an AI on hand can help. You also have to watch the blood pressure levels because any increase in water retention will undoubtedly mean you will have higher levels of blood pressure to deal with. Your HDL levels can see a mild level of suppression, but it is possible, again, to mitigate those issues by manipulating your estrogen levels via an AI, which can be used to saturate your system with good cholesterol. If you’re someone that maintains a healthy diet and lifestyle in general, you should be fine in terms of reducing the chances of severe cardiovascular issues, but if you don’t, you have less margin for error when it comes to your cardiovascular health.

Testosterone Suppression Side Effects

As far as the impact on your endogenous testosterone, it is possible to encounter shutdown whenever you use a powerful exogenous hormone like methyltestosterone. This means that you should have a PCT protocol on hand. PCT stands for post-cycle therapy, and it requires the use of several items to not only return estrogenic levels back to normal, but it is also part of where you kickstart your endogenous hormone production back online after you experience shutdown via a powerful exogenous compound. If you’re a man with normal test levels adding methyltest to your life, you’re probably going to need a PCT afterwords. For women, no PCT should be needed, and for low testosterone suffering men, they don’t need a PCT either.


Lastly, it is important to keep an eye on the hepatoxic effects of the compound. As we mentioned ad nauseum, this is a much more toxic version of the popular compound. Because of this, you have to be hyper aware that the side effects you experience can really harm your organs, and once they’re in trouble, it is very hard to fix. Those are the slowest regenerating cells in your entire body, so ensure you make the health of liver a major priority. Be sure to monitor your enzyme levels, and as an added precaution keep alcohol consumption to a minimum; this will ensure you’re not putting any more unneeded stress on your liver.

Methyltestosterone Dosage and Administration

When dosing methyltestosterone, it’s very potent. If you’re trying to glean some aggression and sports performance from it, stick to a 40-50 mg dosage for no more than 8 weeks.

In a therapeutic setting, 10-40 mg is perfectly fine to see most of the benefits. Most of the time, the starting doses will be higher, and as time goes on, they will taper down until it’s at the 10mg level.

For females that are using methyltestosterone, the doses should be ultra-low. No more than 2.5 mg, and even that can be pushing it for a lot of women. Oftentimes, if women are prescribed or opt to use methyltest, they are also given estrogen tablets to stack with the testosterone by itself.

Methyltestosterone Availability

Because of its popularity in therapeutic settings, it is commonly found in the pharmaceutical market. Very rarely do you find it sold in the black market or by UGLs, but be warned: a lot of fake steroids sold as Anadrol, Dianabol, or Winstrol are really just Methyltestosterone, but if you’re keen with your steroids, you can spot an impostor batch of Methyltest from a mile away.

Buy Methyltestosterone Online

In order to get it, you’ll have to get a script from a doctor. But if you try to buy it, it is rarely sold by UGLs or black market salesmen. Remember, it is illegal to buy steroids under the Controlled Substances Act and Steroid Act of 1990, and enhanced legislation in the early 2000s.

Be sure to seek out alternative sources if you’re truly interested in this compound.


Overall, this is a very potent compound for its therapeutic benefits as well as the enhanced mental acuity, sharpness, and aggression. However, its estrogenic and hepatoxic effects make methyltestosterone a little further down the list in terms of preferred forms of testosterone. If you want a great form of testosterone, there are plenty more to choose from other than Methyltestosterone.

Methyltestosterone Pictures:

Methyltestosterone Aburaihan Iran

Methyltestosterone GENESIS 25mg Cap

Methyltestosterone Impax 10mg Caps

Methyltestosterone Chemical Information:

  • [17alpha-methyl-4-androstene-3-one,17b-ol]
  • Molecular Weight: 302.4558
  • Formula: C20 H30 O2
  • Melting Point: 162-167
  • Manufacturer: Most Major Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Effective dose: (Men) 25-100mgs/day; (Women) N/A
  • Active Life: 6-8 hours
  • Detection Time: 4-6 weeks
  • Anabolic /Androgenic Ratio (Range): 94-130/115-150