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Biomedical Science major. Dan is currently studying at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in a pre-med biomedical sciences program. He is working towards medical school and hopes to eventuallu achieve his MD and specialize in endocrinology and human performance enhancement. Dan’s educational emphasis and specialty is in performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), endocrinology, nutritional supplements and strategies for health, fat reduction, anti-ageing, muscle growth, disease control and vaccinations. Dan has had an interest in learning and writing about steroid use for over 15 years.

Study: Low Protein Diet? Consume L-Citrulline

Athletes all over the world – professionals and amateurs alike – for the most part fully understand the importance and value in consuming just as much protein as they can basically stomach on a day to day basis. Protein is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to overall athletic performance, when it comes to building new lean muscle mass, repairing injured lean muscle mass, fueling athletic Read more [...]

Study: Red Ginseng and Muscle Growth

New research coming out of Korea has the bodybuilding world very excited, and these researchers believe that a specific type of ginseng – red ginseng, in fact – may have steroid like performance enhancing effects when it comes to building lean muscle mass, increasing strength, and boosting your overall athletic abilities. This new study was published in the spring of 2020 and represents Read more [...]

Which Whey Protein Is Better? Hydrolysate or Concentrate.

If you are serious about putting on as much lean muscle mass as possible, as quickly as possible, the odds are pretty good that you’ve been taking advantage of everything protein powder has to offer. Providing a consistent amount of highly digestible and bioavailable protein that you can whip up into a shake with no trouble whatsoever, the only trouble with protein powder today is finding the Read more [...]

Study: Walking Protects Against Dementia

Dementia is a horrific neurological disorder and disease that impacts more than 46.8 million people worldwide, with experts believing that this number will double every 20 years. This would mean that the number would hit 75 million people living with dementia in 2030 (just 10 years away) and 131.5 million people living with dementia by the time 2050 rolls around. Worse, while dementia affects older Read more [...]

Study: Royal Jelly & Stress

According to a new report published by a team of Brazilian researchers and biochemists, it appears as though consuming just a few grams of fresh Royal Jelly every single day can significantly reduce the amount of stress hormones your body produce on a regular basis. This research has been ongoing since 2017, with the team of Brazilian scientists and biochemists looking for ways to better understand Read more [...]

Study: Low Fruit & Vegetables Means Low Testosterone

A number of experts in a variety of different fields (including nutrition, biochemistry, and the medical field in general) have been noticing a trend linking the lack of fruit and vegetables in the traditional Western daily diet with a significant downturn in overall male testosterone levels. At the same time, however, it wasn’t until just recently that researchers in Spain dove deeper into this Read more [...]

Study: Cumin, Lime & Weight Loss

Interestingly enough, a new research report published by scientists operating out of Iran says that it’s possible to significantly increase the rate of weight loss in human beings by consuming a combination of cumin oil and lime oils over an eight week block of time. The research report highlights an experiment that has been ongoing since 2015 in Iran, showing that it’s possible to lose Read more [...]

Study: Tomato Juice & Fat Loss

The weight loss industry is a multibillion dollar a year business that’s only getting bigger and bigger with absolutely no downturn insight. There are hundreds of millions of people worldwide (billions, maybe) that would love nothing more than a quick fix to help them lose a couple of extra pounds – or a lot more than that – faster than they would be able to just eating right and exercising Read more [...]

Study: Taurine Protects Testes When Using Anabolic Steroids

Long-term exposure to anabolic steroids and other testosterone boosting compounds will have an almost unavoidable impact on your body’s ability to produce testosterone when you stop taking those substances. On top of that, long-term users of anabolic steroids will also see a number of hormonal shifts and biochemical changes having to do with testosterone production, estrogen, and more – but Read more [...]

Study: Grape Seed Extract Speeds Recovery After Exercise

Recovery is a huge piece of the puzzle for athletes, amateurs, and professionals alike. Anyone that has spent any amount of time working out intensely knows that their body is going to feel fatigued, worn out, and sore for at least 24 hours after a really solid training session. That’s just the nature of the beast. At the same time, it is possible to dramatically speed up your overall recovery Read more [...]

Study: Watermelon Helps Sore Muscles

A Spanish university research team is now suggesting that it’s possible to dramatically reduce the amount of muscle soreness you feel after an intense workout if only you eat a couple of big pieces of watermelon before you hit the gym. That’s right, nutritionists and researchers working out of a university in Spain are arguing that watermelon (and the fact that it is loaded with L-Citrulline) Read more [...]

Study: L-Theanine & Stress

A team of researchers out of Japan have recently published a new report in the Nutrients Journal that speaks about how stress is one of the most dangerous invisible health risks the global population is contending with today. Going on to show that even the healthiest individuals on the planet are also dealing with unprecedented amounts of stress and pressure during their day to day lives, in Read more [...]

Study: Anabolic Effects of Garlic

A research team operating out of the Kobe University in Japan, working in partnership with global pharmaceuticals organization Riken, recently unveiled a new paper they had been working on to better understand the impact garlic has on our own biochemistry – particularly when it comes to anabolic impacts. Interestingly enough, this research team has come to the conclusion (and proved it through Read more [...]

Study: Ginger Helps Burn Fat

Ginger has been used in alternative and all natural medicine and healing solutions for literally thousands of years, but researchers at Columbia University have recently begun to look into whether or not ginger has the ability to help you melt fat faster than you would have been able to otherwise. A group of nutritionists working at Columbia University have recently published a study in which they Read more [...]

What Is The Difference Between Whey Protein Isolate And Others Protein Types?

Even though the overwhelming majority of whey protein options on the market today get lumped into the “protein powder” category, the truth of the matter is there are major differences between each individual type of whey protein available – differences that will have a dramatic impact on how they help you build lean muscle mass, improve your strength and endurance, and achieve the fitness and Read more [...]

Study: Vitamin C Increases Breast Cancer Survival Odds

A team of Swedish researchers have recently discovered that women already diagnosed with breast cancer are significantly more likely to survive if they “super dose” with Vitamin C on a regular basis. According to this new groundbreaking report, every 100 mg of Vitamin C these women take reduces their overall chances of their breast cancer becoming fatal by 25%. Considering the fact that breast Read more [...]

Study: Walnuts Lower LDL Cholesterol (Bad)

Scientists and researchers operating out of the Loma Linda University in the United States have come across what could be a major breakthrough in how we understand cholesterol (particularly LDL-cholesterol), its impact on the human body, and how we might more effectively fight back against the “bad cholesterol” that can wreak havoc on our health and well-being. Publishing new research in Read more [...]

Study: More Testosterone and Less Estradiol in Coffee Drinkers

  Harvard university researchers have recently published a new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition highlighting a connection between individuals that drink a couple of cups of coffee every day and elevated testosterone levels. These epidemiologists also discovered that those consuming at least a couple of cups of coffee every day also had lower levels of estradiol in Read more [...]

Take L-Citrulline When Dieting To Maintain Muscle

According to new research conducted by scientists at a French University, those looking to build pounds of lean muscle mass while working out are going to want to add a significant amount of L-citrulline amino acids to their daily diet (just before they go to sleep) – especially if they are on a low-calorie diet and want to lose weight at the same time as they bulk up. This new research report Read more [...]

Study: Blueberries Protect Against Heart Attack

Researchers out of the United Kingdom have been studying the impact blueberries may have on our overall health and well-being. They recently came across an interesting discovery that may have long-term health impacts worldwide. According to the paper that they have just recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, individuals between the ages of 50 and 75 that consume a Read more [...]

Study: Garlic and Longevity

A team of American and Chinese epidemiologists recently came to the conclusion that eating even just a little bit of garlic every single day will help a human live years longer than they might have otherwise, according to a paper that has just been published in Nutrients. The study was conducted over a number of years, between 1998 and 2011, with more than 2700 people participating. The average Read more [...]

Study: Green Tea Burns Fat

Dutch scientists recently published a report stating that it’s possible to burn upwards of five extra grams of fat with every glass of green tea that you consume. This report is being published in Obesity Reviews and it certainly looks like it is only strengthening the case for green tea being a major ally in the war against body fat. Green tea has been promoted as a fat burning supplement ever Read more [...]

Steroid Testing: ARL Primobolan Result

Anabolic Research Labs (ARL) Primobolan was presented in a 10ml multi dosage sealed sterile vial and contained 100mg/ml of Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan) as stated on the label and packaging.  The sample was collected via an internet based anabolic steroid source and forwarded to Janoshik in Slovenia.  The 1.5ml sample were forwarded and received by the analytical laboratory Janoshik Read more [...]

Study: How Effective is Whey Protein For Increasing Muscle Mass?

It’s long been understood that athletes and anyone else undergoing intense physical training should do themselves a favor by loading up on as much protein as possible both before and after they work out. At the same time, this point we just kind of take this advice as gospel and never really consider how much of an impact supplement like whey protein make – and what our results might look like Read more [...]

Study: Decline Bench The Best For Chest Muscle Growth

Looking to Build a Monster Chest? Stick with the Decline Bench. Anyone searching for tips and tricks to build a bigger chest is going to be overwhelmed with the flood of information out there. Everyone – and we mean EVERYONE – that’s ever lifted a weight as an idea about how to build a monster chest, how to blast your pectorals, and how to build this “beach muscle” group as quickly Read more [...]