Study: Green Tea Burns Fat

Dutch scientists recently published a report stating that it’s possible to burn upwards of five extra grams of fat with every glass of green tea that you consume.

This report is being published in Obesity Reviews and it certainly looks like it is only strengthening the case for green tea being a major ally in the war against body fat. Green tea has been promoted as a fat burning supplement ever since the early 1990s in the Western world, but primarily in the form of green tea extract that was added to other ingredients in fat burners.

The Dutch scientists conducting this experiment are conclusively proving that it’s not just the caffeine in the green tea that helps to speed up our metabolisms, which in turn helps us to melt fat at a more efficient pace. 200 mL cups of green tea contain 30 mg of caffeine on average, and that’s more than enough caffeine to release pep hormones throughout the body that melt fat more expeditiously.

According to details shared within this paper, green tea also contains substances called catechins. These substances work with other biochemicals to further support the fat melting benefits of caffeine while at the same time work to inhibit the enzyme COMT – and enzyme in our bodies that naturally breaks down the pep hormones we are relying on to do the heavy lifting when it comes to weight loss.

The same substances are able to also activate the hormone sensitive lipase in our individual body cells. Lipase is a biochemical and enzyme that occurs naturally throughout our bodies, and enzyme that works to slice and dice fat cells wherever they are found and help to shuttle them out of our body as waste.

Dutch researchers compiled information from 39 different studies that illustrated the many benefits catechins and caffeine promised, diving deep into whether or not these conclusions were legitimate and how they might be able to contribute further to our understanding of what it takes to increase the natural rate of weight loss.

Using the data that they had available, the Dutch research team was able to better understand exactly how much extra fat it is possible to burn when consuming green tea. They concluded that every single milligram that included a mixture of caffeine and catechins was able to increase the amount of daily fat burning by 0.02 g. This was double what just a single milligram of caffeine was able to melt at just 0.01 g per day.

At the end of the day, the Dutch research team wasn’t only just able to conclusively prove that green tea and green tea extract is a powerful ally in the war against body fat but that there are a number of biochemicals working together to help melt more fat as quickly as possible when you consume green tea on a regular basis.

Every single cup of green tea that you consume on a daily basis will help you improve your overall weight of fat burning by 5.36 g per day. That means that if you drink nothing more than 3 cups of green tea every single day for a full year you’d have been able to lose 6 kg of fat – and that’s with no other changes to your daily diet, no changes to your daily exercise routine, and no leveraging of other fat melting supplements.

The verdict is in. Green tea is the “real deal” when it comes to melting fat faster than you’d have been able to otherwise and it is a powerfully important part of a weight loss journey.