Operators of Brinkkman Pharma UGL Sentenced to Prison Time for Selling Steroids

For four years, the operators of an underground lab known as Brinkmann Pharma UGL manufactured steroids and then sold them online. The steroids were sold domestically in the USA. Most underground labs don’t stay open for such an extended time period without getting busted. A lot of underground labs are out there and these labs tend to go come and go fairly quickly. They have short life cycles Read more [...]

Nocturnal Munchies: The Truth About Eating Before Bed

By Anthoney J. Andersen – Steroidal.com You might have heard that eating right before bed is not good for your body, and can pack on unwanted fat. But is this really the case, or an age-old myth? Inexperienced dieters commonly believe that anything consumed in the hours right before bed goes directly to body fat storage. Sounds like a nightmare for your physique, right? Wrong. The Read more [...]

Bodybuilder From Italy Busted for Steroids and Other Banned Substances

Giuseppe Ippolito has tested positive for an array of banned substances and steroids. In fact, he tested positive for a whopping fourteen illegal steroids/substances! Usually, people don't test positive for that many things at once, so this bust was definitely newsworthy. The details of the bust were released in early July of this year (2017), via the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders). Read more [...]

Russia refuses to recognize doping report findings

WADA and Russian officials are at war, over a report which was released by WADA, which stipulated that a mass sports doping ring and subsequent cover-up was orchestrated by the Russian government. WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) wants Russia to acknowledge its guilt, but Russian officials have stated that this demand from WADA will never be met.  This Refusal Will Have Ramifications WADA Read more [...]

Ostarine is Being Sold Illegally by Dietary Supplement Suppliers

Recently, the USADA issued a warning regarding supplement suppliers that are selling Ostarine, which is designed to alleviate muscle wasting symptoms. However, one doctor is wondering if President Trump might intervene and make the sale of this selective androgen receptor (which is investigational) modulator legal. At present, athletes aren't allowed to use Ostarine. The USADA (United States Anti-Doping Read more [...]

The illicit steroid business is increasing in Singapore

The black market sale of anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in Singapore is absolutely booming these days, and many industry analysts believe that millions of dollars are being made in this illicit marketplace each and every single year. The sale of performance-enhancing drugs is strictly illegal in the nation of Singapore, and any dealers that are convicted of selling steroids Read more [...]

10 Year prison sentence given to Texas man for illegal steroid trafficking

On July 13 of 2017, a man by the name of Trace Adams was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison by the judges of Victoria County after being found guilty of multiple counts of the intention to distribute controlled substances, in this case illegal and illicit steroids. According to court reports and the case brought forward by the prosecution, Mr. Adams was running any legal steroid trafficking Read more [...]

Federal Judge reduces punishment for otherwise law-abiding men involved in steroid scandal

It should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention to the US War on Drugs that a lot of relatively innocent people get caught up in some rather sticky situation and then end up being punished – rather harshly – for crimes that don’t seem all that serious in retrospect. Unfortunately, for one reason or another (usually political reasons at that), a lot of these individuals find themselves Read more [...]

UK Anti-Doping agencies are pushing to improve public trust

  Sports are a major part of society’s fabric all over the world and one of the most popular forms of entertainment. On top of that, all of the major sporting organizations and events around the world are responsible for literally trillions of dollars moving one way or another on a yearly basis, and sports are so intrinsically tied into our way of life and our way of business that it’s Read more [...]

The Coffee Craze: Pro and Cons of Guzzling Java

By Anthoney J. Andersen – Steroidal.com It’s 6 a.m. The alarm buzzes menacingly in your ear. You groan loudly, rolling onto your back – contemplating hitting the snooze button. “I’ll just hit it once today,” you tell yourself. But you know if you hit snooze, you’ll either be late for work, or quite possibly miss it altogether. This morning scenario probably seems quite familiar Read more [...]

Olympic gold medalist has been completely cleared of PED suspicions

Performance-enhancing drug (PED) testing protocols have gotten more and more stringent and more effective over the last decade or so, and nowhere is the sensitivity of these testing protocols on better display than with the IOC and WADA – the two major governing bodies responsible for making sure that every Olympic athlete is competing in a completely clean and PED free fashion. Sometimes, however, Read more [...]

Professional golf in USA unveils brand-new performance-enhancing drug testing protocols

According to a press release from the PGA Tour, brand-new anti-doping policies are to be implemented before the start of the 2018 season and the PGA is going to be working directly with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to make sure that these protocols are as advanced as any elsewhere around the world. While most don’t think of professional golf – or golf in general, for that matter – Read more [...]

International cycling community rocked by another doping scandal

Anyone that has paid attention to the international cycling community, both pre-and post Lance Armstrong, undoubtably has read all of the trouble that this sport has had in particular with performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). One of the most intensively tested sports on the planet, apparently millions and millions of dollars are spent each year on providing athletes that cycle with the best performance-enhancing Read more [...]

Domestic UGL owner responsible for supplying Army soldiers with steroids pleads guilty

According to reports, the owner and operator of a Domestic Underground Laboratory (UGL) responsible for supplying Joint Base Lewis McCord has admitted to selling and distributing steroids to US Army and other military members throughout the joint base in court documents that were filed in May 2017. Greg Cravatta, the owner and operator of this domestic underground laboratory, reportedly imported Read more [...]

World Anti-Doping Agency imposes partial suspension on US anti-doping laboratory

According to information being released by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), a US laboratory operating out of the University of California at Los Angeles has been temporarily suspended for three months for the mishandling of the analyzation of specific banned substances that may have led to a number of athletes skating on punishments simply because the tests didn’t follow established protocols. The Read more [...]

Top pitching prospect for the San Francisco Giants tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs

Anyone that has been following the MLB (Major League Baseball) for any amount of time understands just how seriously they take performance-enhancing drug abuse and just how diligently they have been working to clean up baseball from the “Wild West” of the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000’s. Performance-enhancing drug use – particularly anabolic steroids – in the MLB was absolutely overwhelming Read more [...]

Houston Astro’s pitcher David Paulino gets caught using performance-enhancing drugs

In what has pretty much become an annual amount, another major league baseball player has been discovered to be abusing performance-enhancing drugs and has received in 80 game suspension without pay because of it. As most people that follow the sport are well aware, major league baseball does not play along when it comes to performance-enhancing drug abuse or those that try to cover performance-enhancing Read more [...]

Four-time Olympic champion cleared after false positive PED charge

According to the International Olympic Committee (the IOC), four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah has finally been cleared of all suspected doping charges after a false positive came up during his routine biological passport check. Mo Farah, by far the most successful British track athlete in the history of the modern Olympics, was caught up in IOC investigations going heavy into the 2012 and Read more [...]

IWF Has Been Given December Deadline to Clean Up Doping Issues

For years and years now, the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has been plagued by doping and performance-enhancing drug issues. Recently, however, things have gotten so bad that the International Olympic Committee has decided to put the IWF on notice and let them know that if they don’t clean up their acts by December 2017 they will not have a seat at the table by the time the summer Read more [...]

Athletic World Records Much Harder To Obtain Under New PED Proposal

According to new reports coming out of Europe, a number of major sports organizations want to eliminate all global world records for their respective sports and reinstate only global world records created by athletes that have conclusively proven not to have taken performance-enhancing drugs at any point in time throughout their career. This radical new proposal is on the fringe of most major sports Read more [...]

Female Hurdling Champion Cleared Of Doping Allegations

  Kaliese Spencer, the winner of the Commonwealth Games 400 m hurdle competition in 2014, has finally been cleared of an anti-doping rule violation that occurred in April 2016. The Jamaican runner was charged with leveraging performance enhancing drugs to increase her speed, athletic ability, and overall endurance after authorities believed her to be evasive when it came time to take Read more [...]

IOC Threatens Exclusion of Weightlifting From 2024 Olympics Due to Steroid Abuse

  The International Olympic Committee has finally had enough with the weightlifting community and its rampant abuse of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. For years and years now, the IOC has watched as the weightlifting community – at the amateur, semi-professional, professional, national, and international levels, no less – has been rocked time after time by allegations Read more [...]

Gym Owner Pleads Guilty To Steroid Distribution

  One of the most influential men in the American fitness community, a contest preparation coach for weightlifters, bodybuilders, and amateur/professional athletes looking to get stronger, and the founder of the Muscle Inc. gym group has pled guilty to the trafficking of steroids but was able to plea his charges down to give him no prison time whatsoever. Robert Cartalemi was the subject Read more [...]

New Anti-Doping Policies Signed By Vladimir Putin

  Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin has just signed brand-new anti-doping policies into affect, outlawing more performance-enhancing drugs, creating more stringent testing protocols, and more aggressively going after those that try to subvert international standards of competition. These new measures will legally go into effect on June 20. While Pres. Putin has been very vocal about keeping Read more [...]

Man Pleads Guilty to Illegal Steroid Distribution In New York City

According to information coming out of the New York City District Court, an associate of a major Dutch motorcycle club – the Satudarah Motorcycle Club, the most violent and ruthless motorcycle club in the Netherlands and on par with the Hells Angels United States – has been convicted of illegal distribution of steroids after pleading guilty to these charges. Sean Dubanovich admitted that Read more [...]