Study: Cumin, Lime & Weight Loss

Interestingly enough, a new research report published by scientists operating out of Iran says that it’s possible to significantly increase the rate of weight loss in human beings by consuming a combination of cumin oil and lime oils over an eight week block of time.

The research report highlights an experiment that has been ongoing since 2015 in Iran, showing that it’s possible to lose upwards of two kilograms of body weight in eight weeks with this combination of 100% all-natural oils.

The scientists leading this research have been trying to find a way to combat an obesity epidemic that is sweeping the nation (and really becoming a global problem, to be fair). They’ve been looking into the positive benefits of cumin oil for some time, looking to take advantage of it as an orlistat.

In the paper that they have published, the Iranian research team provided individuals participating in the test three individual capsules of 100 mg of cumin oil every single day for an eight week block of time. A separate group of individuals were given three individual capsules containing 120 mg of orlistat every single day for that same eight week block of time.

It turns out that the weight loss results from both of these test groups was nearly identical, showing that cumin oil really does work as well orlistat when it comes to melting fat and losing body weight – especially in a shorter amount of time.

In a separate research project (also conducted by the Iranian scientists) 72 different individuals between the ages of 18 and 50 that were clinically obese or split into three individual groups.

The first group were provided with placebo capsules that contained absolutely zero active substances whatsoever for an eight week block of time, though they were not made aware of the fact that they were given placebos to begin with.

The second group was provided with two individual capsules every day that contained 25 mg of cumin oil and 25 mg of lime oil. The third and final group were provided with two capsules containing 75 mg of cumin oil and 75 mg of lime oil.

Over the next eight weeks all three groups were required to report for weighing and individual body part measurements, with the placebo group found to have maintained their weight pretty consistently across the two month experiment.

Individuals in the first experimental group (the lower amount of cumin and lime oil daily supplements) were found to have lost 1.2 kg of body weight over that stretch of time. The individuals that took the higher dosage of cumin and lime oil on a day-to-day basis lost 2.1 kg of body weight during the testing protocol.

The research has since been duplicated by other scientists around the world, showing many of the same results with a lot of consistency. Researchers in Iran as well as throughout the globe believe that these weight loss benefits at thanks to the ability for cumin and lime oil to improve overall insulin sensitivity throughout the body.

It’s also likely that some of the more bioactive substances in both of these oils can positively impact the amount of serotonin produced in the brain. This could lower overall appetites and feelings of hunger while at the same time work to destroy the amount of fat cells found throughout the body as well.

Researchers the world over agree that the early results of these kinds of testing protocols are very promising though more research is necessary to really figure out how cumin and lime oils are able to work so well as body weight reducers.