Study: Vitamin C Increases Breast Cancer Survival Odds

A team of Swedish researchers have recently discovered that women already diagnosed with breast cancer are significantly more likely to survive if they “super dose” with Vitamin C on a regular basis.

According to this new groundbreaking report, every 100 mg of Vitamin C these women take reduces their overall chances of their breast cancer becoming fatal by 25%. Considering the fact that breast cancer is one of the most dangerous and deadly types of cancer (especially for women), this news is already being hailed as a game changing breakthrough in modern medicine.

The scientists on the Swedish research team were working out of the Karolinska Institute and have published their research only just recently.

Interestingly enough, this groundbreaking new research flies someone in the face of traditional science and conventional wisdom. Most modern medical experts cautioned cancer patients about taking advantage of what are described as “vitamin preparations”.

The argument from these medical experts is that the same vitamins that help healthy cells thrive are just as likely to feed and fuel cancerous cells as well. A number of independent research programs have begun to examine the impact that vitamin preparations have on cancer cells that were able to survive chemotherapy as well as radiation and hormone therapy solutions.

Most scientists today highlight the research already conducted regarding in vitro studies. Vitamin C analogues were found to protect breast cancer cells against cancer destroying drugs, particularly those that worked to block the overall impact of estradiol.

The women that have a very specific type of breast cancer that requires estradiol for the cancer to grow and survive are regularly recommended drugs specifically designed to attack these kinds of biochemicals. Vitamin C may provide the body with “natural protections” for the actual cancer cells, insulating them from the cancer drugs that have been proven to destroy cancerous cells if they do not have this extra layer of “body armor”.

The Swedish research team approached this problem in a bit of a novel way, however.

Collecting data from 10 different epidemic illogical studies that have been conducted over the last few years, studies that included more than 17,600 women – all of which participated in the studies over multiple years – the researchers looked at how often women consumed Vitamin C (and the amount of Vitamin C they consumed on a daily basis) to see what kind of connection could be inferred.

What they discovered was incredible.

Of all the almost 18,000 participants that had their information studied and analyzed, the overwhelming majority of women that regularly supplemented their daily intake of Vitamin C with even more Vitamin C were found to have much higher rates of survival compared to those that did not.

On top of that, women that were found to have taken Vitamin C on a consistent basis – every single day – also had a much higher survival rate than women that did not.

Obviously, more information is necessary to fully understand exactly what’s happening with the body when it comes to Vitamin C and cancer cells.

Research right now looks as though either of the major theories could be supported with data, and hopefully the Swedish research team is able to continue conducting these kinds of experiments and this kind of analysis to better understand exactly what can be done to improve the overall survivability rates for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

This certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a commonly held belief by modern medicine was later disproved, and it would be great news for the entire cancer community if this was the case.