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U.S. Underground Lab (UGL) Busted

It was through the help of a willing co-operator that the police were able to close down a USA underground steroid laboratory by the name of Savage Pharmaceuticals. Three men were detained and charged this week for the crime of producing and selling anabolic steroids out of home located in the city of Levittown, Pennsylvania. Police and investigators were tipped out to this criminal activity Read more [...]

U.S. Pharmaceutical Company Asks Federal Government To Shut Down UGL

Counterfeit drug manufacturers are getting smarter and smarter about producing the drugs that they pump out, many of them taking advantage of cutting-edge technology and solutions that simply weren’t available to counterfeiters in the past to refine the products they make, to legitimize the products that they make, and to innovate in the world of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, for Read more [...]

Global Athletics World Records Will Be Harder Now

  According to a very controversial new proposal, world records throughout the sport of track and field in Europe will no longer count at all unless the records are established by athletes that meet specific requirements outlined within this new anti-doping proposal. Obviously, the sporting community all over the globe has been completely rocked by the use of performance-enhancing drugs, Read more [...]

Joakim Noah Suspended For Performance Enhancing Drug Use

  On March 25th, 2017 NBA player Joakim Noah was suspended by the NBA for testing positive for PED use. This occurred after Noah was found to have been using SARM’s. SARM’s work similarly to traditional steroids on the androgen receptor (AR). Examples of SARMs are Ostarine and Andarine. They are also known to induce similar side effects that are common with anabolic steroids. Read more [...]

Powerlifter Larry “Wheels” Williams Talks Steroid Stacks

  We are most definitely in the post shadow era of performance-enhancing drug use, that’s for sure. Almost 20 years ago, performance-enhancing drugs probably reached their peak when it comes to professional sports in America. Baseball players in particular looked like the kinds of action figures you’d find in toy stores all over the country, shaped a lot more like professional wrestlers Read more [...]

Brother of Cronulla NRL Captain Banned For Doping

  The sport of rugby has always attracted physical specimens, athletes that aren’t shy about using their brute force in training to mash into one another at top speed all in an effort to win at any cost unimaginable – so it shouldn’t be all that surprising that there are major doping programs being run in all of the top leagues around the world to build bigger, faster, and stronger athletes. At Read more [...]

WADA Says More People Approaching Them With Doping Information

According to the president of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), more people are approaching the global sports anti-doping agency today than ever before with the intention of whistleblowing on major performance-enhancing drug scandals that are wrapping up almost every major professional and amateur sport today. Craig Reedie, the president of this organization, told attendees of a major symposium Read more [...]

UFC Fighter Banned For Two Years After Using Anabolic Steroids

  Have you heard of UFC Welterweight fighter, Viscardi Andrade? Well, he just received a two-year suspension, following a positive drug test result. He tested positive for Winstrol, which is also known as the anabolic steroid, Stanozolol. This two-year suspension was announced by the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) during late March of 2017. The test was administered a Read more [...]

UFC Fighter Tom Lawlor Suspended By USADA For PED Violation

  After being flagged by the United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) for a potential violation in November, Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran "Filthy" Tom Lawlor has received a two year suspension from the UFC's anti doping partner. Retroactive to the date the tainted sample was collected -- October 10, 2016 -- Lawlor's suspension will last until October 11, 2018, a period of inactivity Read more [...]

Three Russian Athletes Banned For Doping

After completing a retest of Summer Olympic 2012 doping samples, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has suspended three Russian track and field athletes. Judgement has been passed on Gulfia Khanafeyeva, Viktoria Valyukevich, and Maria Bespalova, according to the All-Russia Athletics Federation. After both Bespalova and Khanafeeva tested positive, this now means that all 3 Russian female Read more [...]

Jamaican Sprinter Caught In Doping Scandal After Not Giving Sample

  Hurdler from Jamaica Kaliese Spencer, is denying the allegation that she refused to issue a steroid sample. If found guilty of evasion or positive for use of steroids, she could be suspended for up to four years. Her team is prepared to do all that is necessary to protect her reputation, and allow her to continue on as a prized Jamaican athlete.   After both Spencer and co-trainer Read more [...]

Anabolic Steroids Imported From Canada Using Ingenious Method

  In the United States, the use of anabolic steroids is a highly regulated process. In accordance with all policies regarding using anabolic steroids, the importation of these drugs is highly illegal. While many individual users can get around the law when ordering a few injectable steroids or a couple of oral steroids, it is quite easy for steroid dealers to have their imports intercepted. Read more [...]

Portugalov Banned for Life By CAS For Doping Violations

  Sergei Portugalov has ben banned for life by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The CAS chose to ban the Russian doctor in life of allegations that he masterminded a state-sponsored doping initiative in Russia's track and field athletes. Athletic doping and drug use is not a crime the CAS takes lightly, as it has proven with Portugalov's "lifetime period" of ineligibility. This ban Read more [...]

Fighter From UFC Has Been Cleared of Suspected Doping Offense

  Gian Villante fights in the UFC, under the weight class, light heavyweight. He has been exonerated from a suspected doping violation due to the Retroactive Therapeutic Use Exemption (RTUE). This exemption comes from the governing body known as the United States Anti-doping Agency (USADA). Villante was quite upfront about his usage of an inhaler, which contained Breo Ellipta, while being Read more [...]

Iowa Gym Manager Allegedly Sold Anabolic Steroids in Large-Scale Steroid Network

  A gym manager from Iowa has been found to allegedly be behind a large-scale steroid distribution network that spanned across the continental United States. Stan Szeto, 39, of Iowa City (Bigbadasian - online handle), was indicted by a federal grand jury for his place being behind the steroid distribution network, trafficking several different kinds of anabolic steroids across the mainland Read more [...]

Numbers Of Russian Athletes Tested For Doping To Increase

  Russia is going to double the amount of doping samples which it collects from its national athletes. The total number of doping tests is expected to rise to six thousand from the current number, three thousand. At present, the doping test program is run by the UK Anti-Doping governing body, which is known as UKAD for short. Last winter, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency, which is known as RUSADA Read more [...]

Corticosteroids Might Be Banned By WADA After Bradley Wiggins Controversy

  The director general of the world anti-doping agency stated at the “Tackling Doping in Sport” conference held in London that the current level of doping is an “unsatisfactory situation”. The director, Oliver Niggli also stated that a group of experts in the field are looking into whether corticosteroids are being abused in the sports world. He added that a group is to be set Read more [...]

Coaches Caught Legally Doping With L-Carnitine

  Legal doping? Yes, you read that correctly! While the use of illegal and questionable substances such as steroids are more common, there are materials in existence that are legal, while also being questionable in the world of athletics. Many of these legal substances have regulations regarding their use and any use outside of those specific sets of rules can make them illegal. Coaches Read more [...]