United States drug official discovered to have been the director for a supplement company that produced Superdrol illegally


The Deputy Chief of Staff for the USDC (US Drug Czar), a Mr. Taylor Weyeneth is currently being quizzed with regards to his limited qualifications relating to his post of Deputy Chief of Staff. This quizzing surrounds the manufacturer and distribution of certain designer anabolics, along with the importation of illegal substances at a supplement company that he had previously worked at. The Washington Post has recently written an article which questions his qualifications for the position that he currently holds.

Taylor Weyeneth was involved in the distribution of Superdrol

Mr. Weyeneth has been found to have been the director of production for the supplement company Nature’s chemistry. Nature’s chemistry was known to produce various products and supplements, some of which contained the super food chia seeds. However, other supplements manufactured and sold by the company were found to contain illegal synthetic anabolic steroids disguised as health food dietary supplements. Nature’s chemistry is known to have previously manufactured a product which was based on Superdrol for another leading Health supplementation company Competitive Edge labs back in the year 2011.

In August of 2011, Nature’s chemistry was taken on by a well-known broker in the world of dietary supplements to manufacture D supplement known as M-drol. This product was subsequently sold as a product with nutritional benefits. The main active component listed on the ingredients list of M-drol why does the synthetic steroid Methasterone, which is also commonly known as Superdrol.

Competitive Edge labs owner a Mr. S Woods place an order 450 kg of D supplementation, which was then shipped to Nature’s chemistry HQ directly from China. As part of the agreement to provide the supplement to CEL, Nature’s chemistry was contracted to manufacture a little over 44,900 of M-drol. This equates to almost 4,100,000 capsules containing the illegal synthetic anabolic steroid. For this order, Nature’s chemistry received funds of $55,000, which in received as cash payments in four equal instalments which was provided by an intermediary.

In September of 2011, Competitive Edge Labs face trades as part of the operation known as Grasshopper. During the raid, federal agents took hold of hundreds of pounds of steroid powder in its raw form, along with many of the product which already had been encapsulated. Competitive Edge Labs owner, Mr. Wood was also arrested at the time. At the time of his arrest, Mr. Wood failed to notify Nature’s chemistry of the rate that had taken place. This led on to Nature’s chemistry fulfilling their commitments to Competitive Edge Laboratories and dispatching just under 45,000 containers Competitive Edge Labs M-drol. Unaware of the investigation that was taking place, the order that they had shipped out directly led federal agents back to the company.

As the chemistry director of production at Nature’s chemistry, Mr. Weyeneth it would have been easy to see him as being the obvious individual involved in the production after synthetic steroid supplementation. However, his stepfather a Mr. M. Greacen, who was the owner and president of Nature’s chemistry, along with the VP, Mr. J Mills put their hands up and took the blame. At the time of all of this happening, Weyeneth was still a student at High School. His mother took to his defence and stated that the supplementation plant was so huge, that he could never have known that that section of the factory dedicated to the manufacture of synthetic steroids existed.

On one of his resumes, it stated that he worked at Nature’s chemistry from 2008 and finished in September of 2011. It was at this point of time that Nature’s chemistry faced the start of its legal troubles. His stepfather pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud the US FDA, of what she was given two years probation and 4 months of home arrest. He what’s also known to agree to pay back the $55,000 that he had received from the manufacturer and production of M-drol.

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