Nucleus Research Owner Sentenced To Prison (UK)


One of the most popular UGL in the world gets nailed and its head and CEO is going down with it. Nucleus Research is a popular steroid lab based out of Wales, UK, and recently, its owner, Richard Spargo, is going to be doing some hard time, about 10 months worth at a minimum.

Before he can be released on his license, those 10 months are mandatory in service, and all of it comes after his company was busted for selling steroids and other supplements that are in violation of dietary and food regulations. He was busted on four counts, two counts related to the direct sale of illegal steroids and the other two related to putting hazardous foods on the market while also violating sales protocols.

While the investigation obviously brought Spargo and his lab to its knees, this was a long term investigation that spanned a period of many months and weeks. The investigation first started after the South Wales Police were tipped off by customs agents that they believed Spargo had been importing raw powder that is used to produce steroids. Because the sourced materials were from China, it was even more of a reason to investigate given that China is the world’s largest exporter of illicit and illegal materials, often used to produce drugs and other synthesized materials wherever they happened to end up.

Upon the suspected report from the customs officials, police had enough probable cause to execute a search on Spargo’s home in Fforestfach, and there they found a massive amount of materials from Nucleus Research. After seizing these products, it only got worse for Spargo from there.

After busting him for the products found on location, they also focused on their digital operations where their products were being advertised. Nucleus Research chose several digital portals online as areas of transfer for their products. Aside from seedy forums, they also chose pretty about and about places to show off their wares. Namely places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a myriad of other mainstream online destinations. But aside from those out and about locations, they also focused on using websites like Muscle Church Forum and websites like These websites were more secure than the other locations, but nevertheless, being this open put them in the crosshairs. Many of the products they had sold on the site including things like SARMs, which are sold as safer alternatives to most anabolic drugs, but most anecdotal evidence and research shows that these compounds are just as dangerous if not more dangerous than most of the mainstream anabolic drugs that are sold and disseminated throughout.

To skirt the laws and regulations set in place, the drug firm sold its wares as “quality research chemicals” or “dietary supplements”, but it turns out that Swansea Council officials challenged these characterizations as untrue or inaccurate. Thereby, it made the products being sold completely under scrutiny and subject to prosecution of the entire outfit, regardless of their characterization or not.

They also found under in-depth lab analysis that many of the products claimed to be in some of the products were either not present whatsoever, or they were completely mislabeled as a way to bypass steroid laws and to overinflate just how much of a given product was actually in the bottle.

The judge in Spargo’s trial lambasted him for his reckless endangerment of the public by putting the unknown quantity of substances inside of the bottles. A cabinet member for environmental services in Swansea also expressed his gratitude that the bodybuilder was being locked up for not only peddling illegal substances but also, for looking to cheat those to whom he was selling.