Increase In Teens Using Anabolic Steroids Illegally In UK


When it comes to young people these days, many of them are subject to a lot of social pressures. Not only do they face pressures from their peers, but young adults and young teens also are bombarded by imagery of hyper-attractive people their age and older on a daily basis. With the advent of social media, more and more young men and women alike are being tantalized into doing whatever it takes to look as good as possible. This is something that we see amongst a lot of men, and without a doubt, they are most at-risk because they tend to be doing some more and more dangerous and risky things to achieve the looks they want.

The BBC South East conducted highly specified research that shows drug dealers aren’t just targeting other shadowy bodybuilders anymore. Instead, many of their new clients are impressionable and insecure young teenagers, this according to undercover research.

Posing as buyers online, reporters were able to easily find those selling the drugs, but aside from that, the dealers were more than happy to give the assumed young man whatever he was willing to pay for. Aside from anecdotal reports, larger statistical analyses show that there has been a 0.1 per cent increase in the number of 16-24 year olds taking illegal drugs to enhance their image. While that seems like a very small number, an approximation of almost 20,000 additional people taking drugs is nothing to scoff at. But interestingly enough, it’s only anabolic steroids; no other drug has seen a similar rise in usage.

One of the reasons a lot of people suspect that there are more drugs being used and sold to these men is because they are the ones seeking them out. They blame the rise of modern advertising and social media stars (many of whom use these drugs without disclosing it to the public) as being part of the catalyst that drives these men into taking the drugs.

Aside from simply posing as reporters, the undercover reporters from the BBC investigation worked directly with authorities to apprehend those looking to send the drugs into the country. Border Force, one of the UK’s premier border security agencies, intercepted the drug packages en route to the reporters, and they noted that the packages were covertly disguised as Christmas presents.

Interestingly enough, many of these drug dealers tantalizing the young men with anabolic drugs weren’t doing so in the deep, dark corners of the web, either. They were primarily doing it out in the open. This is interesting to note because the investigators saw that many of the websites where these sorts of sales were being promulgated included the likes of Facebook and other business websites.

While these drugs are often prescribed by doctors and other licensed medical professionals, the danger comes into play when these drugs are misused or abused by those that have no legitimate medical purpose. It’s also important to note that using these drugs at a young age can lead to major medical complications, and aside from that, they can have permanent effects on the young men that are tricked into using it.

The reporters cited that many drug dealers lull their prospective clients into a false sense of security by ensuring that the drugs they use will not harm them or cause any problems. But aside from that, other drugs are being sold more and more online and on social media.

Recently, Snapchat and Instagram have been pressured by critics to do more to stop the flow of illegal substances via their portals. Regardless, the stats show increases in several categories, indicating that today’s youth are not shy about trying or utilizing illicit substances, wherever they happen to be available.

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