Jared Wheat Faces Third Jail Term

Date: November, 28, 2017

Published By: Adam Arrowsmith

CEO Of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Jared Wheat Could Face Potential Third Prison Term If Found Guilty Of Selling Steroid Spiked Supplements.

The Chief Executive Officer and founder of health and dietary supplement outlet Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has had accusations thrown at him stating that he has been spiking his supplements with anabolic steroids. The supplements that had been laced with undeclared anabolics could land Wheat a third stint in a federal prison. Previously, he had been jailed for drug trafficking and another time for anabolic steroid issues.

Wheat doesn’t face the allegations alone, as the Vice President of Hi-Tech, John Schopp also faces prosecution after being charged at the same time as Wheat on Sep, 28th, 2017. The official charges were for manufacturing and distributing Schedule Three controlled substances, selling of drugs which had been misbranded, fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering. An investigation is underway as to whether supplements manufactured by Hi-Tech contained anabolic steroids, including Testosterone, Equibolin, Androdoil, and 1AD. Wheat is still standing strong and states that the only additives in Hi-Techs supplements were DHEA and its Isomers.

Jared Wheat Charged Again

It is alleged by federal prosecutors that 5 of Hi-Techs supplements are thought to include a mix of a minimum of 2 Schedule 3 controlled anabolics, including, Boldione, Androstenediol, and Androstenidoil 4 & 5. In the past, each of the above steroid compounds was perfectly legal to purchase as dietary supplements as part of the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act. In 2004 and 2014 respectively, Congress changed the status of prohormones to be in line with steroids and classified them as a controlled substance.

Wheat is still adamant that the allegations that were thrown against him and Schopp are inaccurate & bogus. It is fair to say that the names used in Hi-Techs supplements, such as Superdrol, 1AD, 1Testosterone, and Androdoil link to the illegal Prohormone and steroid ingredients, he stated that the supplements had undergone reformulation and did not contain any of the illegal compounds as claimed.

Wheat could face a potentially lengthy custodial sentence if found guilty of any of the convictions, especially when taking his past drug-related prison sentences into account. He has previously spent 32 months in incarceration after being found guilty of operating an ecstasy ring at a high school. Wheat stated that all was not as it seemed and he was simply trying to score some pills to impress teenage girls.

Wheat was also sentenced to a 50-month jail term in 2004 after being found guilty of conspiring the violation of the federal prohibition against postal & wire fraud. He was also found guilty of importing mislabeled and unapproved drugs from Belize based pharma company, Planet Pharmacy. Planet Pharmacy manufactured and produced cheap generics, including Dianabol, Anadrol, Xanax, Viagra, and Clomid. Wheat avoided marketing or selling the drugs to those resident in the U.S so as to be complying with American laws, However, he was convicted of knowingly importing illegal drugs into America with the use of his Mexican distributors.

Wheat is now currently out on bond and has been forced to sign an agreement that Hi-Tech will stop manufacturing and retailing DMAA. The company had previously been selling products containing 1.3-dimethylamylamine in supplements called White Lightening, Black Widow, & Yellow Scorpion. DMAA is one of the substances the U.S government is trying to remove from the market.

Hi-Tech and Wheat are now involved in a civil suit against the government. He is seeking the right to continue selling supplements containing DMAA. His arrest and indictment wasn’t the only bad news for wheat, as Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals was made to pay $40 Million USD to the FTC, or Federal Trade Commission on the grounds of false advertising.

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