Bisping Accuses George St.Pierre of Using Steroids

Michael Bisping, prominent UFC fighter and professional martial artist is accusing Georges St-Pierre is of utilizing a compound in advance of their upcoming MMA bout. Despite taking a several year hiatus from the sport, GSP is returning to the octagon against Bisping, but Bisping, a veteran fighter himself, is saying that there’s no way GSP will be clean.

Bisping vs. George St.Pierre

According to an associate of Bisping, GSP is using a steroids that gets inside of your system, and within 24 hours, it’s out. This is an important distinction to make because while Bisping’s accusation doesn’t necessarily have any backing, there have been instances of MMA fighters being caught using illegal substances in post-fight testing results.

However, it is important to note that such accusations from the likes of Bisping no means new. But in a recent appearance on the Believe You Me podcast, he shed light on new developments. On the podcast, Bisping not only admitted he didn’t know much at all about performance-enhancing drugs, but he also admitted that he has trained with known steroid users personally. However, he does emphasize that the gentleman that he trains with is an avid steroid user. It’s not so much what he’s saying in terms of pre-fight banter, but rather, it’s the sentiment that Bisping is expressing so openly.

According to Bisping, he’s discovered a fast-acting steroid that “all those motherf*ckers” are on to avoid detection from the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

So based on erroneous and largely baseless anecdotes from unnamed and anonymous training partners, Bisping claims that this is probable cause to intensively probe whether or not St-Pierre is using illegal performance enhancers.

In previous instances, there are times when fighters have been accused of using drugs without any proof, but for the most part, Bisping stated on his podcast that essentially, these are individuals that are using the drugs without any proof. In one quotation, Bisping essentially further doubles down on his ignorance on the issue, but he goes an extra step, and he claims that they should go out and test him, going as far as to hide out in his apartment block.

Despite the fact he has mentioned all of these things, it’s important to note that despite the popularity of performance enhancers, most of the accurate testing has yet to be objectively proven, and if it ever is proven, it’s not due to anonymous hearsay.

While people aren’t necessarily taking what Bisping is saying seriously, his accusations are corrosive to the community at large. For a professional athlete, they speak to the ignorance and unawareness that is sadly so pervasive in the sporting community at large. Regardless of him protesting and make a commotion, there is no sign of USADA reacting whatsoever to any of his statements. Rather than taking his word for it, assuming USADA were to actually take any of his claims seriously, they would be more apt to talk to Bisping’s training partner rather than give his claim of a magical, fast-acting steroids any merit.