Former Aussie Olympian Comes Clean About Steroid Use and Selling Banned Substances

Oliver Dziubak was a javelin thrower in the 2003 Olympic Games, which were held in Athens, Greece. He an Australian and he’s now confessed to utilizing and selling banned substances (anabolic steroids). He admitted to his crimes while attending court on the 7th of September, 2017. While speaking to the judge at the Kalgoorie District Court, he didn’t confess to using steroids during participation in elite athletic competitions. However, he did admit to using them after he retired from elite competitions. He said that he did so in order to regain the physique that he had in his prime.

Dziubak Was Busted in March of 2016

This former Aussie Olympian retired from sports and became a pharmacist. After he switched lanes in his career, he was busted for selling or supplying anabolic steroids. This happened in March of 2016. His troubled relationship with his wife led to his arrest. They couple are estranged and his wife, Brooke, told the police that Oliver stole anabolic steroids from one of the group of pharmacies (four in all) that the couple own together. These pharmacies are situated in the Kalgoorie-Boulder region of Australia. Brooke stated that he took the steroids and sold them to a male who didn’t have a prescription for steroids.

The marital difficulties between Oliver and Brooke have led to a divorce which is filled with drama and trouble. Both sides called law enforcement to complain about one another. However, it was Brooke’s call about the alleged steroid theft which set the stage for Oliver’s steroid use (or steroid selling) charge.

Dziubak’s lawyer argued that the version of events that Brooke shared with police wasn’t one hundred percent accurate. His attorney, Linda Black, said that Dziubak got the steroids in question (testosterone) from the drugstore for personal usage. Afterwards, according to Black, he experienced negative side effects from injecting the steroids and then made the decision to stop taking them. At this point, Black stated that his estranged wife, Brooke, encouraged him to get rid of the testosterone and proceeded to find a buyer for the steroids on her own. Also, the lawyer said that Brooke set up the sale. The steroids were allegedly sold for five hundred dollars.

Law enforcement accessed texts between Brooke and Oliver. After reading them, they made the decision to arrest both people. Brooke and Oliver were each charged with a single count of selling or supplying a drug which is prohibited. Later on, Brooke’s charge was dropped, but it’s uncertain why this happened. Dziubak avoided jail time for his offense. The judge, Anthony Derrick, fined him instead, to the tune of twenty-five hundred bucks. As well, the governing body for pharmacies in Australia (The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) has prohibited him from doling out steroids to customers at his pharmacies. He is no longer permitted to dispense them.

Judge Derrick felt that Dziubak should have gotten rid of the steroids or returned the unused anabolic steroids to the pharmacy after opting out of using them. However, the judge did feel that Dziubak was taking responsibility for what he had done. Dziubak’s lawyer said that the dropping of charges against Brooke wasn’t fair. In the judge’s eyes, Dziubak has a lot of ill will towards his ex wife because she called the police about the situation.

Dziubak Never Won Olympic Gold

While competing in the elite tier as a javelin thrower, Dziubak didn’t manage to score an Olympic medal (gold or otherwise). However, he did earn a bronze medal at Melbourne’s Commonwealth Games in 2006. He decided to retire in 2008.