Study: Royal Jelly & Stress

According to a new report published by a team of Brazilian researchers and biochemists, it appears as though consuming just a few grams of fresh Royal Jelly every single day can significantly reduce the amount of stress hormones your body produce on a regular basis.

This research has been ongoing since 2017, with the team of Brazilian scientists and biochemists looking for ways to better understand the link between Royal Jelly and the ability for the body to produce corticoid hormones (stress hormones). The most recent findings have been published in the Neuroscience Letters medical Journal, highlighting the research that this team of Brazilians have been conducting.

Working with three different groups of laboratory rats, the researchers had a control group that were pretty much left to their own devices for the duration of the testing, a secondary group that received an individual dosage of Royal Jelly every single day for 14 days and about halfway through the trial subjected to a number of different stressors, and a group of laboratory rats that were subjected to stressors but were not given Royal Jelly at all.

Both groups of laboratory rats that were subjected to stressors were given four hours of controlled stress every single day, two hours of confinement in specialty made straitjackets and two hours of exposure to temperatures that were as low as 10°. The laboratory rats in the Royal Jelly group were given a daily dosage about 60 minutes ahead of the daily stress tests start time.

The findings of this experimentation were crystal-clear, with researchers pretty surprised that not only were the differences between the Royal Jelly group and the other two stark and immediately apparent but that they were also so quickly observed when looking at the data.

The Brazilian research team specifically looked at the amount of corticosterone, the major stress hormone released in laboratory rats (though it isn’t all that apparent were expressed in human beings). By the end of the experimentation (a two week trial) the amount of stress hormones in the blood of rats that had been subjected to four hours of stress each day were significantly higher than the control group – at least for the rats that did not have any Royal Jelly supplementation whatsoever.

Most interesting was the fact that the laboratory rats given a daily supplement of Royal Jelly not only had lower stress hormone levels in their blood than the laboratory rats that did not receive supplementation, but that they also had lower stress hormone levels in their blood than the laboratory rats in the control group that were not exposed to any stressors whatsoever.

Yes, that means that the Royal Jelly was able to inhibit the amount of stress hormones produced in laboratory rats so much that they had less stress than the rats that weren’t even stressed to begin with!

Not only that, but when the brains of these laboratory rats were examined it was found that Royal Jelly supplementation was able to block a significant amount of free radical activity that was present in both other groups of lab rats.

Researchers found significantly higher levels of free radicals in the laboratory rats that were exposed to stressors but not given Royal Jelly, but there were higher levels of free radicals in the control group as well – again showing just how much of an armor against stress Royal Jelly appears to be.

A follow-up research test conducted by a separate set of Brazilian researchers was conducted in 2018. Their research dovetailed nicely with the original experimentation, showing that there is a direct correlation between the amount of stress hormones produced (at least in laboratory rats) and regular consumption of Royal Jelly.