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About George Touliatos

Dr. George Touliatos is a Biopathologist MD specialising in medical prevention of PED use and HRT in men with ASIH. He is an author of four books in Greek and two in English about bodybuilding. Dr. George is a medical contributor in the Anabolics Book 11th Edition and Muscular Development Magazine (USA). A previous contributor for He participated in numerous seminars across Greece & Cyprus,TV & radio appearances. Dr. George Touliatos was a competitive bodybuilder himself in ten shows and national champion twice in Greece.

What Causes Abdominal Distension in Anabolic Steroid and HGH Users? – Dr. George Touliatos

  It is quite common the  repulsive look  of  the late IFBB pros, showing  protrusion of their abdominal area. There are several mechanisms that cause this phenomenon and its multifactorial. 1)  It is known  that HGH via somatomedin  (IGF-1) causes   hypertrophy/hyperplasia  of   skeletal muscles and  rest of the tissues Read more [...]

The Importance of Estrogen in Bodybuilding – Dr. George Touliatos

The hormonal status of a steroid user is very important and the correct balance between androgens and estrogens plays a  significant role. Aromatization is a biochemical process which takes place in a variety of tissues, such as mammary gland, adipose tissue, liver and brain;induced  by  aromatase enzyme, testosterone is converted to estradiol(E2). The more estrogenic Read more [...]