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About Khash Farzam

Dr. Khash Farzam is a medical doctor and resident in full-spectrum family medicine. He publishes in peer-reviewed journals on an ongoing basis. Athletically, Khash is a drug-free athlete and has a silver medal from the IPF World Powerlifting championships plus 14 years of experience in Powerlifting & Track and Field. Dr. Khash’s goal is to educate on the dangers and risks of steroid use and he does not endorse their use. His academic interests are focused on sudden death and cardiac health in athletes as well as men’s health.

What Supplements Can I Take For Liver Health? – Dr. Khash Farzam

The liver is a resilient organ that is capable of recovering from damage, until it doesn’t. Liver damage progresses through several stages and the final destination is cirrhosis/complete liver failure. There are well established clinical risk factors which lead to liver damage. Most of the public is well aware that alcohol can lead to liver failure in the long term. Viral etiologies are another big Read more [...]

What Supplements Can I Take To Improve Cholesterol? – Dr. Khash Farzam

Poor cardiovascular health has almost become a highlight of society in 2019. For many reasons, anabolic steroid users also suffer from poor markers of cardiac health. A common theme is a poor lipid profile, which looks at low density cholesterol (LDL), high density cholesterol (HDL), triglycerides and total cholesterol. Of course, there are many other factors that contribute to cardiac health outcomes Read more [...]