Monthly Archives: December 2017

Two Arrested In Axio Labs Founder Murder

  When it comes to international criminals, most people don't think of them to be clean-cut gentlemen that look more at home at a local bank rather than running international criminal enterprises, but that's exactly what Brian Wainstein did. He is the brainchild behind one of the world's most prominent steroid labs, Axio Labs. During his time as the head of Axio, he was actually being heavily Read more [...]

ONXY Pharma Chemist Pleads Guilty To Steroids Charges

  One of the leading chemists for a major underground laboratory has pleaded guilty and prosecutors in the case are recommending a sentence of approximately 15 years in prison, a crime that could cost both men at least a decade behind bars. Philip Goodwin is the name of the chemist who was in charge of a major anabolic steroid manufacturing ring, these are commonly known as UGLs. He worked Read more [...]