Monthly Archives: November 2019

Study: Taurine Protects Testes When Using Anabolic Steroids

Long-term exposure to anabolic steroids and other testosterone boosting compounds will have an almost unavoidable impact on your body’s ability to produce testosterone when you stop taking those substances. On top of that, long-term users of anabolic steroids will also see a number of hormonal shifts and biochemical changes having to do with testosterone production, estrogen, and more – but Read more [...]

Study: Grape Seed Extract Speeds Recovery After Exercise

Recovery is a huge piece of the puzzle for athletes, amateurs, and professionals alike. Anyone that has spent any amount of time working out intensely knows that their body is going to feel fatigued, worn out, and sore for at least 24 hours after a really solid training session. That’s just the nature of the beast. At the same time, it is possible to dramatically speed up your overall recovery Read more [...]

Study: Watermelon Helps Sore Muscles

A Spanish university research team is now suggesting that it’s possible to dramatically reduce the amount of muscle soreness you feel after an intense workout if only you eat a couple of big pieces of watermelon before you hit the gym. That’s right, nutritionists and researchers working out of a university in Spain are arguing that watermelon (and the fact that it is loaded with L-Citrulline) Read more [...]

Study: L-Theanine & Stress

A team of researchers out of Japan have recently published a new report in the Nutrients Journal that speaks about how stress is one of the most dangerous invisible health risks the global population is contending with today. Going on to show that even the healthiest individuals on the planet are also dealing with unprecedented amounts of stress and pressure during their day to day lives, in Read more [...]

Study: Anabolic Effects of Garlic

A research team operating out of the Kobe University in Japan, working in partnership with global pharmaceuticals organization Riken, recently unveiled a new paper they had been working on to better understand the impact garlic has on our own biochemistry – particularly when it comes to anabolic impacts. Interestingly enough, this research team has come to the conclusion (and proved it through Read more [...]