Effects Of Anavar


In the market of anabolic steroids, there are those which work best for cutting cycles (losing body fat) and those which are better suited for the bulking cycle (building muscle mass and size). However, not all steroids can cross over quite so easily, whereas others can do so with ease. When looking at Anavar, we discover a steroid which works in 2 different ways between the sexes. On men, Anavar has a cutting effect, which leads to increased body fat losses, whereas with women it has a more muscle building effects. As it is so mild, it is one of the few steroids available that most women can use with little to zero side effects. This makes Anavar a highly popular steroid, and unfortunately, one that is quite often counterfeited due to its high demand.

Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone is an oral supplementation of DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone and is an anabolic steroid that works exceedingly fast after being consumed. As this happens, it means that Oxandrolone has a short-lived half-life of roughly Nine hours, which means that males need to use it multiple times throughout the day to receive any true benefits. This can make using Anavar an expensive choice over the long term for most men, and thus renders it an unviable choice.

Taking a closer look at the Oxandrolone hormone allows us to see how the therapeutic effects of Anavar work in favor of the performance athlete. The steroid has the ability to help the body hold on to its lean muscle mass, especially for those with muscle wasting conditions. In fact, the healing and repairing qualities of the Oxandrolone hormone make it a first-line treatment option for those who are suffering from severe burns. It should be noted that Anavar is one of the few steroids on the market that does not lead to great increases of weight from tissue growth, so even though the individual will experience certain amounts of growth, it will be limited but solid and pure muscle mass.

Anavar Effects On The Body

The primary effects of Anavar and Oxandrolone are of regeneration and preservation, however, another major effect that the steroid has is on the metabolism. Oxandrolone works on the fat in the body and encourages lipolysis, which produces an increase in how much fat is burned. The more lean muscle mass a person has, the greater the amount of body fat that will be burned for fuel and energy production. When we have more lean muscle mass, the metabolism is revved up to the next level, unfortunately, this can mean that when going on a calorie-deficit diet, the body will begin to metabolize the lean muscle mass for fuel.


This is where Oxandrolone comes in to play, as it not only improves metabolic functions but also helps the body hold on to its lean muscle mass during times of diet and cutting. Anavar will create a pleasing and toned look to the male physique and can lead to the carved appearance so many men try to attain. Men need to use around 80mg each day, which is expensive when you consider that 10mg cost around $2.00. This, therefore makes it a bad choice for most men.

Anavar Effects On Women

For many athletes and bodybuilders, Anavar is commonly called the ‘girl’ steroid. It has gained this nickname because of the benefits that Oxandrolone has on the female figure and form. With men, the effects are typically mild and aimed more at cutting. For women, Anavar will lead to an improved physique and the ability to pack on pounds of solid and lean muscle tissue. In fact, women need roughly 10mg of Anavar to reap maximum benefits from it, which makes it an affordable and beneficial steroid for them.

Anavar is one of the most utilized steroids in female fitness circles, and you can bet your bottom dollar that your favorite sporting star gracing the magazine covers has used Anavar to obtain the physique she has today. Anavar is great for helping men cut body fat and get a more toned and ripped look to them, while women will benefit from its ability to help them build lean and solid muscle mass.