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Whey Protein Explained: Isolate, Concentrate and Hydrolysate

 By Anthoney J. Andersen – If you’re a bodybuilder, or just an exercise enthusiast who finds him or herself at the gym at least three to four times a week, then it’s important to note that you should be consuming an adequate amount of protein. High-protein, low-carbohydrate diets are the hottest thing since Gal Gadot decided to pack on the lean muscle, strap on the Wonder Read more [...]

Brian Cookson Finds New Corticosteroid Comments Surprising

Brian Cookson is the president of UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) and he's been surprised by some recent comments about corticosteroids. The comments were made by David Lappartient, who is the European Cycling Union president. Lappartient has asked for a ban on corticosteroids, as well as the painkiller, Tramadol. Lappartient is vying for Cookson's job. Cookson wants to serve another term as UCI Read more [...]

Bodybuilding Lawyer Erik Moje Receives Nine-month Prison Sentence for Steroid Offenses

A bodybuilding attorney named Eirk Moje has received a nine-month prison sentence for steroid offenses. Moje is an amateur bodybuilder who used to have a license to practice law within California. Now, he must spend nine months in prison and follow it up with a couple of years of supervised release. Moje tried to avoid a prison sentence in favor of home confinement. He wanted home confinement so he Read more [...]