Buy Clenbuterol Online


Individuals seeking to buy Clen will inevitably notice that it is a very common and highly available compound on the market. Clenbuterol exists in almost every region and country in the world, as it is perhaps one of the most popular fat loss agents ever to be used. It is a substance that attracts not just famous athletes and celebrities, but even the average individual that does not engage in physical exercise who wishes to use an aid for fat loss. The result is in Clenbuterol holding status as quite possibly the most popular fat loss drug ever used, second only to Ephedrine. There exist plenty of regions and counties where Clenbuterol can easily be obtained (which there are an overabundance of in the world), which is where many who are involved in the sale and distribution of Clenbuterol and similar substances can easily obtain it for the purposes of resale with minimal effort. Those who wish to buy Clenbuterol will find plenty of options to go about doing so, and when it comes to Clenbuterol, this is perhaps easier to do than with other types of performance enhancing drugs. Various methods include: sources that sell pharmaceutical human grade Clenbuterol, underground lab (UGL) Clenbuterol, and then there are research chemical companies that produce research grade Clenbuterol. As far as pricing is concerned, Clenbuterol is considered one of the much cheaper compounds available with very little risk of counterfeiting and fake products due to the commonality of the substance.



Where To Buy Clenbuterol On The Market

Before listing the different types of sources users frequently utilize to buy Clenbuterol, the actual major types and grades of Clenbuterol products must be covered. It has been previously mentioned above that Clenbuterol is generally a very cheap drug compared to other performance enhancing substances available. However, price ranges can and do vary especially between the different grades (pharmaceutical, underground, and research grade). In such a situation, the most major differences are that of quantity of product for the price paid. Even among the three different grades, the price differences are not as dramatic as compared to other types of performance enhancing drugs.

The most frequent marketplace for users attempting to buy Clenbuterol is through online sources (websites and sources on the internet). Most Clenbuterol located online is legitimate, but although counterfeit operations and scams are rare where Clenbuterol is concerned, they do still exist and caution must be taken on part of the individual. Websites that sell Clenbuterol will often also sell other performance enhancing drugs, such as anabolic steroids. It is important to remember that these websites are not ‘research chemical’ websites. These will be discussed shortly. Individuals who wish to buy Clenbuterol will most likely not find research grade Clen in these websites, but will instead be confronted with pharmaceutical and underground grade Clenbuterol.

Second most commonly sourced vendors of Clenbuterol are personally known sources (also known as ‘gym floor’ sources, ‘in-gym’ sources, ‘in-person’ sources, etc.). There normally exists no significant price differences between these sources and internet sources, especially where a drug as cheap and as common as Clenbuterol is concerned.

Finally, there are sources for Clen that are known as ‘research chemical’ companies that provide ‘research grade’ Clenbuterol (and other various compounds). These are actually completely legal and legitimate companies which engage in the production and sale of products meant specifically for research use in laboratories. Individuals looking to buy Clenbuterol from research chemical companies will typically ignore the warnings that the products are for ‘research use only’ and instead consume the product for their own body. Clenbuterol is legally sold and bought from these companies with no issues, and although quality of product is not at the pharmaceutical grade level, the majority of the time it can come pretty close to it. However, one must remember that the FDA does not oversee the manufacturing operations of these companies, and there is little to no quality control involved. It is for this reason that research chemical grade Clenbuterol should usually be considered on the same level as underground lab products.

Differences Between Price and Quality Of Different Grades

The three different grades of Clenbuterol have been previously listed: pharmaceutical grade, underground lab (UGL) grade, and research chemical grade. Pharmaceutical grade products are products manufactured by an FDA-approved (or any equivalent) pharmaceutical corporation, while underground labs are anabolic steroids manufactured by illegally run (for the most part, depending on which country in which it is set up) laboratories that almost exclusively produce anabolic steroids. Pharmaceutical grade products are also known as human-grade products, which are of course designed for human use, and as one would expect, provide guaranteed purity, dosing, concentration, and sterility due to quality control. With these guarantees are also higher prices in comparison to UGL products. UGL-manufactured products could be produced in a laboratory which ranges in quality anywhere from pharmaceutical level facilities to basement labs set up in a person’s home. Lastly, there is research grade which is essentially product manufactured and sold by a legal company with no quality control, but is designed for laboratory research use. Therefore, quality, dosing, purity, and sterility are often unconfirmed and there are no guarantees due to virtually completely lack of quality control. The decision as to which grade of Clenbuterol to purchase rests solely upon the individual and where their priorities and preferences lie.

Pharmaceutical grade product is very abundant in the world, but individuals looking to buy Clen (specifically pharmaceutical grade) must understand that this drug is actually not manufactured or used in the United States. Thus, if any individual were to encounter pharmaceutical grade Clenbuterol that claims to be of origin in the United States, it should be completely avoided. Pharmaceutical grade Clenbuterol originating from outside of the United States is far more frequent, however. Mexico is the country of origin for Clenbuterol products such as Spiropent, Novegam, and Oxyflux. Going outside the realm of North America, Clenbuterol can be located in Europe where these are the most common pharmaceutical grade products: Spiropent, Broncoterol, Clenasma, Monores, Contraspasmin, and Ventolase. Pharmaceutical grade Clenbuterol can range from $0.4 – $1 per tablet which is dependant on which pharmaceutical company’s products are purchased. Nearly all Clenbuterol tablets that are pharmaceutical grade are supplied in 20mcg tablets.

There exists countless underground labs exist in the world (perhaps thousands), and many of them start up and shut down faster than the winds change. It would be a futile and pointless effort to list all known underground lab products here for this reason alone. In any case, the majority of UGL products are known for being cheaper and are available at higher concentrations per tablet compared to pharmaceutical grade products (for ease of administration as well as value per dollar paid). It is not uncommon to see underground products dosed at 40mcg, 50mcg, and even 100mcg tablets with prices ranging from $0.4 – $2 per tablet.

Research grade products manufactured by research chemical companies are almost always liquid products supplied with a dropper, or an oral syringe, or spray pump (where each spray is commonly measured to be approximately 20mcg per spray). Concentrations of Clen solutions in these liquid products are commonly 200mcg per ml in a 30ml bottle, with the price ranging from $40 – $80 per bottle (and dependent on which company it is purchased from). The relatively low prices and the amounts an individual would buy Clenbuterol in research grade, alongside the fact that these are a legal means to buying Clen, allow these to be very popular sources and brands on the market.