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Ephedrine is perhaps just as popular, if not more popular, than Clenbuterol. Both of these are considered the most well-known and widely known fat loss compounds in the world, and those looking to buy Ephedrine will find that Ephedrine is perhaps more widely accessible than Clenbuterol is. Ephedrine is readily available both in North America (United States, Canada, and Mexico) as well as in the majority of countries in the world. While it had previously been available as an over-the-counter (OTC) item in the United States sold in supplement stores as a dietary fat loss supplement, it is now a behind-the-counter (BTC) medication in most states within the US. Increasingly strict controls have been placed upon Ephedrine, but not to the point where it has become completely prohibited. Similar controls, albeit less stringent, have been imposed upon Ephedrine in other western nations such as Canada and the UK. Nevertheless, individuals looking to buy Ephedrine will have very little concerns as to the availability, pricing, and quality of product.

Pharmaceutical Grade Versus Underground Labs

At present, the majority of Ephedrine products are of pharmaceutical grade, which is widely and legally available both in North America as well as around the world. Therefore, as a result, there should be very little underground lab (UGL) grade Ephedrine being manufactured by virtue of the fact that any individual can buy Ephedrine legally in most countries. Therefore, the problems associated with UGL products (such as sterility, purity, proper dosing, etc.) are not generally a non-issue when it comes to commonly (and legally) available compounds such as Ephedrine, Clenbuterol, or many other ancillary compounds.

The difference between pharmaceutical grade products and underground lab products is primarily that of sterility, purity, and dosing which is resultant of the situation surrounding the manufacturing. Pharmaceutical grade products are manufactured by FDA-approved (or any international equivalent) pharmaceutical companies that manufacture products under strict and stringent regulations to meet human consumption standards. Pharmaceutical grade products are therefore properly dosed with guaranteed purity and sterility. Underground labs are illicitly established laboratories that are unregulated and are not overseen by any governing body, and conditions can range from basement home labs to pharmaceutical grade facilities, with the most common conditions being the former. As a result, UGL products are often of questionable quality, sterility, and dosing.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Ephedrine is readily available in most nations under a myriad of company brands and types too numerous to list here in detail. These products range from dietary fat loss supplements that still contain Ephedrine (in countries where it is still legal to sell as a dietary supplement) to prescription preparations as well as over-the-counter products such as oral nasal decongestants.

Counterfeits and Fakes

Ephedrine is nearly completely immune from counterfeit and fake products due to the fact that it is readily and widely available in most nations across the world.



Typical Pricing

Individuals looking to buy Ephedrine will no doubt notice that it is an extremely cheap product and can be purchased over the counter for approximately $0.16 – $0.1 per tablet (8mg tablets). The concentration (mg per tablet) can vary significantly between product types and where it is sold, as various countries such as Canada will only allow the sale of Ephedrine as long as each tablet is dosed no larger than 8mg per tablet. The same is true for many states within the USA, but laws vary between states in regards to sale amounts, and the concentration of product in each tablet. In general, prices rarely fluctuate with Ephedrine due to the wide availability of it.


Those looking to buy Ephedrine should be aware of the various laws in their country as well as across the world in general. Ephedrine, as previously mentioned many times, is widely and legally available for purchase and consumption in most nations in the world, but there do exist various restrictions in regards to how it can be sold, the quantities sold, etc. Only the three major western nations will be touched upon here.

USA: A single description of the laws in regards to Ephedrine in the United States cannot be made due to the large variation in regulations over Ephedrine in each state. Laws will vary between states with some exhibiting no controls what so ever upon it, and others will exert stringent controls. In general, Ephedrine is regulated as a behind-the-counter (BTC) drug in most states, whereby one must request it from the dispensary at the back of a pharmacy. Most states have implemented a system of record-keeping whereby the individual purchasing Ephedrine must fill out a form that records personal information and amounts purchased, and many states will also limit the individual to a particular amount being purchased and no more. There are no legal penalties for possession, use, or trade of Ephedrine as it is not a controlled substance, but each individual should be aware of the laws in his or her state.

Canada: Ephedrine is legally available over the counter in concentrations of no greater than 8mg per tablet sold as an oral nasal decongestant with no other restrictions or limitations to use, possession, or trade.

UK/England: Ephedrine is categorized in the UK as a P medicine, which restricts Ephedrine to be sold only in registered pharmacies by a pharmacist, but it is not a controlled drug.