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Synthetic Human Growth Hormone has become very popular within the last 1 – 2 decades, and due to its allure and the myths surrounding it, it is a highly sought after item on the market. The problem with Human Growth Hormone is the fact that the technology required to manufacture it is very expensive and complex. Being that this is a very new technology as well (approximately 25 years old), this presents a problem for individuals looking to buy GH. The first issue here is that because of the manufacturing requirements, Human Growth Hormone is quite literally the most expensive performance enhancing drug currently on the market. There is no other compound that comes close to the cost of Human Growth Hormone.

HGH is normally provided in what is known as kits. Each kit of Human Growth Hormone, depending on the product and brand, typically contains 100IU of Somatropin (synthetic Human Growth Hormone). Each 100IU kit normally contains 10 vials containing 10IU of Somatropin per vial. Some kits may or may not come provided with a separate vial of sterile or bacteriostatic water. 100IU Somatropin kits is known to be the standard, but many other variations in kit sizes do exist. For example, those looking to buy Human Growth Hormone will often find 100IU kits, 200IU kits, and 150IU kits as well as other amounts, although those are the three primary types most commonly encountered. Within these kits, the total IU per kit can also vary in terms of its distribution among vials. For example, there exists an underground Human Growth Hormone product on the market that manufactures 200IU kits that provides 25 vials that contain 8IU in each vial in one box. This is quite obviously a marked deviation from the standard 10IU kits that are most common on the market.


Big Problems Concerning Fake and Counterfeit Human Growth Hormone

As mentioned above, HGH is the most expensive performance enhancing substance available to athletes today. Followed by its expensive manufacturing process as well as the fact that the results and feelings provided by Human Growth Hormone are not as immediate or as distinct as anabolic steroids, as opened up the flood gates to immensely vast counterfeiting operations.

Because of this, Human Growth Hormone is quite possibly the most counterfeited and faked substance on the market today, and there are no signs as to its slowdown. In fact, the markets have become plagued so bad with counterfeit and fake Human Growth Hormone that even legitimate vendors and sources for Human Growth Hormone have distributed counterfeit kits unknowingly. Counterfeit Human Growth Hormone has become a massive issue and this must be made clear before any further discussion of availability and pricing is covered.

The vast majority of fake HGH products originate from China, where the laws concerning the manufacture of raw chemical substances required for the synthesis of many products is very open and lax. Chinese counterfeit Human Growth Hormone has in fact become so sophisticated that many counterfeit operations are manufacturing fake Human Growth Hormone that contains instead some unknown chemicals that mimic various side effects that real Human Growth Hormone exhibits. Therefore, the idea of utilizing Human Growth Hormone and observing any apparent side effects as a measure of testing to determine whether or not the Human Growth Hormone in question is real or not is quite plainly: ineffective.

One of the most effective counterfeiting methods that used to be used extensively is the bottling of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) powder into vials mislabeled as Growth Hormone, and then sold as such. The use of HCG as fake Human Growth Hormone is indeed an effective practice, as the lyophilized (freeze-dried) HCG powder is almost 100% identical in resemblance to the lyophilized Growth Hormone powder. One such method of testing as to whether or not any Human Growth Hormone in question is HCG or not is by way of a home pregnancy test (this can be purchased at any drug store). In such a test, reconstituted HCG is placed on the pregnancy test and the result should be that it changes to a blue (positive) color, testing positive for HCG. The same test can be utilized by urinating on it after utilizing the Human Growth Hormone for at least a day or two, as the HCG should pass through the urine and test positive. Although this practice used to be quite common, it still occurs today as well, although the previously mentioned techniques of filling vials with chemicals that mimic Human Growth Hormone’s side effects seems to have taken the forefront of counterfeit Human Growth Hormone tactics. Unfortunately, the previously mentioned pregnancy test will not work if the powder is not HCG – then the individual is left to the conclusion that the possibility of the powder being HCG can be eliminated, but it is still unknown as to whether or not the powder is indeed legitimate Human Growth Hormone.

Lyophilized HCG powder is also characteristic of a loose type of powder, while Human Growth Hormone’s lyophilized powder state is more characteristic of a hardened solid ‘puck’ or ‘disk’ of powder seated at the bottom of the vial. Potential users looking to buy GH should be aware at all times of the immense problem of counterfeits and fakes when Human Growth Hormone is concerned.

Human Growth Hormone Products

Any brands that are not of pharmaceutical grade, not popularly known, or of Chinese origin should be viewed upon with suspicion. As the cost and equipment required for the rDNA technology to manufacture Human Growth Hormone is very sophisticated and expensive, it is impossible that any underground labs would be able to produce any sort of quality Somatropin synthetic Human Growth Hormone product.

Therefore, the following brands are the most reliable should any individual looking to buy Growth Hormone be able to locate them: Serostim (manufactured by Serono), Saizen (also manufactured by Serono), Humatrope (manufactured by ELI Lilly), Norditropin (manufactured by Novo Nodisk), Omnitrope (manufactured by Sandoz), and Genotropin (manufactured by Pharmacia).

Typical Pricing

Prices should also be a strong indication as to whether or not the Growth Hormone product in question is legitimate or not. Brands frequently selling kits for under $400 per kit will never be pharmaceutical grade product, and even worse, will never be real Human Growth Hormone (or at the very least be extremely under dosed) unless it is stolen. Real pharmaceutical grade Human Growth Hormoneranges anywhere in between at least $800 per kit to as high as $1,700 and even $2,000 for a high quality human grade kit of 100IU.

When looking to buy HGH, all individuals should seek purchasing it in bulk quantity. This is due to the fact that Human Growth Hormone requires long cycles (4 – 6 months of use at the very least) in order to garner any benefits or gains from it. It is therefore very cost ineffective to purchase individual kits as a Human Growth Hormone cycle progresses. Every potential user should ensure to be prepared financially prior to making the decision to engage in a Human Growth Hormone cycles, and expect to spend upwards of several thousand dollars at the very least on enough Human Growth Hormone to last a full 4 – 6 month cycle length (and often longer cycles are recommended).

Because Growth Hormone kit prices are very expensive as it stands, there is very little variation between the source types in pricing with the exception of bulk quantity orders, which will generally offer discounts of the price per kit when multiple kits are ordered at once. For example, one vendor may sell kits individually in the price range of $600 – $700 per kit, but when ordered in bulk (minimum 5 kits or more ordered), prices may be reduced to $500 per kit in a $2,500 total value order (5 kits, for example).

Legality of Human Growth Hormone

HGH is, for the most part, an uncontrolled hormone in the 3 major Western nations (UK/England, Canada, and the United States) but is limited to prescription-only and cannot be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

United States: GH is only legally available through prescription and from pharmacies in America. Human Growth Hormone enjoys a grey-area of legislation here. Even in a medical setting, there is vast leeway as to what the hormone may be prescribed for. This is in contrast with anabolic steroids, which are not only controlled substances where mere possession is a criminal offense, but the listed approved medical uses are extremely limited and strictly enforced. Human Growth Hormone is legal for personal possession and use, although it is frowned upon by law enforcement, and recent concerns over its use in baseball over the previous decade as well as other sports have brought more attention to this hormone. As a result, laws have recently become tighter surrounding Human Growth Hormone in the United States, but it is not a scheduled substance (at this point in time).

Canada: GH enjoys an even larger grey area here, where medical prescription guidelines are far more open than in the United States, and is generally up to the doctor’s discretion. Once again, Human Growth Hormone in Canada is only available via prescription from a doctor and obtained at a pharmacy. There is no legislation concerning this hormone, and it is not a controlled substance. Personal use and possession is legal with no consequences.

UK/England: In England, GH is likewise an unscheduled substance where personal use and possession is legal. However, the allowed legal limit is that of a 6 month supply. Laws in England do seem to be subject to individual interpretation, and some individuals are known to have been charged even with possession of smaller amounts than a 6 month supply.