Effects Of Anadrol


Effects Of Anadrol On Performance And Muscle Building

Anadrol is an orally administered steroid that was initially created for the treatment of conditions such as muscular atrophy and anemia. Its molecular makeup is strikingly similar to that of testosterone, therefore, it presents with similar characteristics of being a potent anabolic steroid with moderately place androgenic side effects.

The primary function of Anadrol is to build muscle tissue and strength. It is also commonly utilized as part of an individuals cutting cycle, but this tends to remain as a secondary use of the hormone. As Anadrol is derived from testosterone, it functions in the same way too. The individual will notice an increase in their appetite, along with protein synthesis.

Protein synthesis is the chemical reaction that takes place within the body that turns amino acids into proteins, which are then laid down as lean muscle mass. This is where the ability for the body to produce more solid muscle stems from. Muscle tissue requires calories to be produced, so the appetite enhancing abilities of Anadrol make for great gains. The individual will also experience an increase in the number of red blood cells that they have. These red blood cells carry oxygenated blood to the muscles and enable the user to work out at an increased level of intensity for longer periods of time.


The steroid carries a short active life, which is approximately 16 hours. However, traces of its metabolites can be found in urine and blood samples for up to 8 weeks after discontinuing use of it. Results with Anadrol can be noticed after 2 – 3 weeks of use when increases of muscle mass and size begin to become apparent. It is not uncommon for 20 – 30lbs of weight to be gained by this point of time, but some of this may be down to water retention.

Anadrol also possesses synergic properties when used with other anabolic steroids, and works in lowering the estrogenic effect that they may have on the body. As Anadrol is so similar to testosterone, common side effects associated with increases in testosterone may also be experienced. Those who are new to steroids and cycles should take a gently-gently approach, as the negative side effects can be severe if you are not used to the hormone.

It is recommended to start with 25mg to 50mg each day and then work your way up to larger doses. Working your way up to a set dose allows your body to become accustomed to the hormone and prevents the risk of serious side effects. When used correctly, Anadrol will lead to impressive gains of muscle tissue, along with marked improvements in strength and physique.

The Effects Of Anadrol On Men

While there is no denying that Anadrol possesses many beneficial effects on the strength and muscle mass of men, it would be foolish to think of it as being side-effect free. In men, the typical effects include rapid increases of muscle mass and size, increases in strength, and an increase in the overall body weight of the individual. As noted above, there are side effects, which in certain cases can be severe. These include the following:

  • Gynecomastia, the development of male breasts and breast tissue.
  • An increase of water retention, blood pressure, and cholesterol.
  • Insomnia and changes in the sleep patterns of the individual.
  • Anxiety and changes in mood and emotion, including aggression and distrust.
  • An increase of the libido and an ongoing and painful erection.
  • Damage to the liver and kidneys, especially at high doses.
  • Hair loss, but only for those predisposed to Male Pattern Baldness (MPB).
  • Acne and an increase in the production of body hair.

While these effects may seem undesirable, typically only those who exceed the recommended dosage guidelines will experience them at an advanced level. When utilizing Anadrol at lower levels, the side effects are greatly reduced. However, Anadrol is one of those steroids that work on the basis of the more you take, the better the results. Starting off at the lowest dose and then building it up will help the individual avoid any unexpected side effects.

For those who are going through a cutting cycle, Anadrol also has the added benefit of working as a fat metaboliser. This means that when on a calorie deficit diet, the hormone helps burn body fat while helping preserve as much lean muscle mass as possible. Its best use is still for bulking, where it truly takes the spotlight.

The Effects Of Anadrol On Women

While there are many anabolic steroids, which will work well for women, Anadrol is not one of them. This mainly lies in the fact that it contains a high anabolic and androgenic rating. Women who opt to use Anadrol are at risk of virilization.This occurs when the individual receives more of the male hormone than is normal. Typical symptoms of virilization in women include the following:

  • An enlargement and swelling of the clitoris.
  • A deepening of the voice, along with acne and hair loss.
  • The development of facial and body hair, especially on the chest, jawline, and face.
  • A reduction of the size of the breasts and breast tissue.

While hair loss is often referred to as male pattern baldness, all women are also predisposed to the genetic condition. This is why most women tend to thin out and lose their hair as they age. However, the lack of DHT prevents total loss of hair. Anadrol increases testosterone in women, thus hair loss can occur. The effects of virilization can become permanent if Anadrol is continued once symptoms arise. If discontinued early enough, the side effects will reverse.

An oral dosage of 25 mg of Anadrol is sufficient for women to experience a marked increase in muscle mass and strength, along with the capabilities of burning body fat. In fact, just 12.5 mg a day will produce the same effects and provide growth and strength to the individual. However, the risk of virilization still exists, so it should be used only with due care.