(Nandrolone Undecanoate)

Dynabolon History and Overview:

In the past, Dynabolon was one of the most popular anabolic steroids available in the supplementation and health & fitness markets. It consisted of the Nandrolone hormone, which was affixed to an incredibly large ester from the Undecanoate compound. It was exceedingly similar to the anabolic steroid, Deca-Durabolin, which consists of Nandrolone Decanoate. While strikingly similar, the ester attached to Dynabolon is a little bit larger than the one attached to Durabolin, thus it provides a slightly longer dDuration when it comes to its therapeutic benefits. It used to be one of the most utilized and in demand steroids in times gone by, especially when used as a performance enhancing compound amongst athletes. However, Dynabolon is now no longer manufactured and is not available in the pharma market, and it is becoming more and more difficult to obtain even on the black markets and from underground laboratories.

It made its first appearance toward the start of the 1960’s, and it was one of the most used steroids of the time, especially across large parts of Europe. Its popularity was no mistake, though, as it offered up some of the most powerful and potent therapeutic benefits of all the anabolic steroids on the market at that time. It was the first line of treatment for those who were malnourished, suffering from osteoporosis, and other conditions which were deemed as catabolic. However, while Dynabolon was proven to be a safe and effective steroid, it slowly began to vanish from the markets in the early 90’s, along with all versions of anabolic steroid which were composed of Nandrolone Undecanoate.

Dynabolon was particularly popular due to its ability to help improve performance o the athlete using it, and it did so for more than 30 years during its reign in the anabolic world. Unfortunately, it failed to gain the same recognition and popularity as Deca Durabolin as the latter was much easier to obtain and was more readily available in both big pharma markets and the black markets. While it is now no longer available, those who would like to experience the same benefits that it used to offer its users can try the closely related Nandrolone variations. These will provide all of the same therapeutic benefits and are easy to come by when you know where to look.

Dynabolon Properties and Actions:

As is the case with all Nandrolone based anabolic steroids, Dynabolon was a 19 nor hormone. This translates as the hormone having the carbon atom in the nineteenth position omitted. When this happens, the hormone becomes different in structure to that of testosterone. As touched upon earlier, Dynabolon is affixed to an extremely large ester, which provides a much longer lasting duration of effect on the body when taken.

The scoring of Dynabolon is at 125 for its anabolic effect and 37 for its androgenic effect on the body. It may have only a slight difference between the anabolic score that testosterone holds, but its low androgenic score makes it a welcome addition for those males who are predisposed top sensitivities to these androgenic properties. While the hormone does possess some mild estrogenic properties, these are comparatively low when compared to that of testosterone. In fact, it is just 20% of the noted test aromatization and estrogenic effects.


Below are some of the common therapeutic traits and functionalities that Dynabolon offers to the user. These have been broken down into easy to understand segments so that you get a clearer idea of what it is able to do when used.

An Enhanced Rate Of The Synthesis Of Collagen:

Collagen is vital for the body and plays a vital role in maintaining and repairing many of the ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the body. It also helps assist with the production of cartilage and bone. One of its most noted used is for the development and strengthening of certain body tissues, especially the muscle tissues and connective tissues. It is a protein which is organically produced by the human body. When we talk about synthesis, we are talking about the speed that the body is able to produce collagen and make it available for the body. This is especially vital for those who work out often or who perform athletic activities and are looking at an increased rate of recovery and repair. It was for these very reasons as to why Dynabolon was so highly regarded amongst those athletes who used it.

An Enhancement Of The Mineral Content Of Bone:

The more bone mineral content you have, the stronger your overall strength will be, especially when it comes to skeletal health. People who suffer from a low content of bone minerals are more likely to experience fractures and bone-related diseases, such as osteoporosis. Dynabolon and other Nandrolone compounds are great at helping to improve bone density, and when combined with collagen synthesis, this only helps to increase all over strength.

Increased Amount Of Production of IGF1:

IGF1 is very anabolic in its functions and is a well-known hormone that is organically produced in the body. While it is known as an anabolic on the extreme end of the scale, it also plays a vital function in helping promote recovery. The higher your levels of Nandrolone are in the body, the more IGF1 will be produced and be available to help build a stronger and leaner physique.

An Increase In The Red Blood Cell Count:

Red blood cells are vital when it comes to transporting oxygen throughout the body. As the name suggests, the way in which they oxygenate the body is via the blood. The more red blood cells an in the body directly translates as more oxygen for the individual. This is great for the muscles tissues as an increase of oxygen will correlate to an increase of endurance and power.

A Decrease In The Production Of Glucocorticoid:

Glucocorticoids are what are commonly known as stress hormones, and are very much seen as being a mirror opposite to anabolic steroids and the way in which they function. Glucocorticoids will induce the storing of body fat and also the destruction of muscular tissue. This makes for a less than perfect environment inside the body. While they do play a role in general health and well being, this needs to be in moderation, High quantities of it in the blood can be damaging to performance and recovery.

An Enhancement of Protein Synthesis:

All protein consists and is made up of amino acids, which are the main building blocks and components of the muscular tissue. As noted above, synthesis directly refers to the rate at which the cells in the body can build these protein strands. The higher the output of the protein synthesis is, the more of an anabolic effect it will have on the body. This means that you can grow your muscles, and the more muscle that you gain, the better your body will be at preserving muscle mass while increasing the speed of recovery.

An Enhancement Of Nitrogen Retention:

All of the lean tissue which makes up the human body is comprised of around sixteen percent nitrogen. If the levels of nitrogen available in these tissues should drop to lower levels, then, the introduction of a catabolic state will occur. Therefore, it is seen as a positive to actively enhance nitrogen storage and retention as this will increase the environment and anabolic nature. When nitrogen levels have been increased in the lean, muscular tissue, the same will happen with the body’s ability to build and preserve muscle.

Dynabolon Effects:

Dynabolon was typically seen as the ideal anabolic steroid for those who were looking to bulk up and increase their size and mass quickly and with ease. In fact, it was one of the very finest steroids for helping with bulking and muscle increases and was commonly rated as one of the very best the world has ever seen. However, it went much further than just being good for helping increase size and mass, it also helped improve performance beyond what would have been seen as standard. All Nandrolone steroids prove to be popular with athletes, even with those who do not want to see an increase in their muscle mass or weight. The main reason as to what makes them a popular choice is because of their powerful abilities to help improve performance, endurance, and recovery rates. The aspect that it is possible most valued lies in its ability to promote some of the best recovery possible.

Dynabolon will help you work out for longer and harder and will not lead to burning out or exhaustion, even when you are pushing yourself to your maximum capabilities. This is great for helping those who find it hard to work through the aches and stresses that the muscles go through when pushing yourself. You will also find it hard to discover a steroid which can help the body to heal and recover at such a speedy rate as Dynabolon can. The quicker and more efficient healing of the muscle tissues leads to an overall increase in the levels as to which you can push yourself. This will help lead to dramatic increases in both size and strength.

Dynabolon Pharmaceutical Grade Amp

Many people assume that their size and strength comes from their sessions in the gym or when working out, and while it is true that these do contribute to growth and strength, the true magic happens during recovery. When working out, you cause the muscle fibers to break and stretch, and it is during recovery that these are repaired and replaced, thus growth occurs at this point in time. No matter whether you are looking for growth, increase in strength, or an improved rate of recovery, Dynabolon is almost unmatched in its abilities in these areas.

Although Dynabolon is seen as fantastic for helping improve general performance and recovery, it is hard to deny the fact that it will also lead to massive gains of muscle mass, more than most people would actually believe to even be possible. Using it will not cause the user to put on lots of weight or body fat, but consuming more calories will see lots of lean and solid muscle mass being put on. While it is possible that some of this additional weight may be down to water retention, the amount of water retained can be easily controlled by using the steroid properly and by not abusing it. We will touch on this again in a little while when we take a look at the side effects that may be experienced when using Dynabolon. Dynabolon is one of the best steroids for helping develop solid and lean gains, and these gains are easy to retain when the user stops the use of the hormone. It is also important to note that there will be far fewer lbs of fat gained as the steroid actively works on speeding up the metabolic rate. Of course, you will need to increase the number of calories you eat and drink to be able to grow your muscle mass, so some weight gain due to body fat accumulation should be expected, although this will be minimal, to say the least.

Many people have also noted about how the hormone is an amazing addition, especially when performing a period of cutting. This can be a bit confusing and maybe slightly difficult for some to comprehend, especially as it is most commonly known to be used for huge gains. Its strength lies in its power of helping the user hold on to their lean muscle mass, even when eating a reduced amount of calories during this phase. Another thing that should be noted is that it allows the user to be able to push themselves just as hard, even though they are consuming less so have less energy readily available. Lastly, the power it has on rapid and efficient healing will allow for fat to be lost with ease, while still working on building and developing solid and strong muscle mass.

Dynabolon Side Effects:

As is to quite common with all different types of anabolic steroids, side effects can and are a possibility. Generally, it is known that Nandrolone is one of the better-tolerated anabolics, which can safely be used by the majority of people. It presents minimal risk, especially among those healthy adult males who are considering using it. While some men will experience effects in different variations, these are easily avoided by taking the correct dosage. However, certain men will find that they are more likely to experience side effects than others, and regardless of how well they keep to dosing recommendations or take precautions, side effects will still occur.

Below, all of the most common potential effects that Dynabolonl may or may not have on the individual have been listed. These are just general effects to be aware of, and not everyone user will experience all or any of these effects. Those users who do experience them will find them to be tolerable.

Dynabolin Estrogenic Side Effects:

It is not uncommon for men to encounter side effects that are estrogenic type when using Dynabolin. This is down to the steroids process of going through aromatization. However, this is on the mild end of the scale. Most users find that the most common estrogenic side effects with Dynabolon use will include water retention and the growth of male breast tissue. In extreme cases of water retention, the risk of increased blood pressure can become problematic. The main cause of the growth of breast tissue primarily lies in the progestin formulation of the hormone. This can lend itself to swelling and enlargement of the nipples, tenderness and pain, and breast tissue growth.

While these effects may seem problematic for some, making use of either a SERM or an AI can help limit and reverse any issues. These are both anti-estrogens, and both can help to reduce the amount of estrogenic hormone circulating in the body. Generally, SERMs are the best choice to go with as they do not have any adverse effects on the amount of good cholesterol found in the body. They do however help with the reduction of the bad cholesterol levels. SERMs also have the added benefit of not only reducing bad cholesterol but increasing the levels of good cholesterol too.

Dynabolin Androgenic Side Effects:

As Dynabolin is known to be androgenic, it can present itself with various associated steroids side effects. However, as the steroid is classified as having a low androgenic effect, many men will find that these are not an issue. Those who do experience side effects may find that correct dosing can limit the severity and onset of the following issues. It is also important to note that many of these effects will not occur in men who are not predisposed to such occurrences.

The first side effect and the one which most men are concerned about is the potential for hair loss and extreme thinning. Now, this will only present in those men who are prone to male pattern hair loss and it will not affect those whose genetics do not feature it. Other common side effects include acne across the face, back, and upper arms, and an increase in the amount and rate of body hair growth.


In women, these effects can cause virilization symptoms, which range from a deepening of the voice, excessive body hair and facial hair growth, and an enlargement of the clitoris. These effects can be reversed if the use of Dynabolon is ceased. However, those who choose to continue with its use may discover that these can become permanent and irreversible. In the short term, it should not present too many issues, but it is not recommended for female use due to a strong likelihood of these side effects taking hold.

Dynabolon Cardiovascular Side Effects:

Some of the earlier mentioned side effects that can occur when using Dynabolon can consist of high blood pressure and distorted cholesterol levels. The cause of high blood pressure is typically a result of severe water retention. While it shouldn’t have too much of an effect on the levels of LDL cholesterol, it does have the power to negatively reduce the levels of HDL cholesterol. Most of these effects can be limited by taking care of your diet and performing the regular cardio exercise. When people take care in these areas, then cholesterol levels can be managed and maintained quite easily.

Dynabolon Testosterone Suppression:

As is the case with all Nandrolone anabolics, the testosterone, which the body produces organically will be suppressed, sometimes completely. It is because of this that all men need to make use of exogenous testosterone. The type used holds no importance, but the use of it is vital. Without supplementing with it, the user can expect to experience detrimental effects associated with low testosterone condition. As soon as the individual finishes the course of Dynabolon, their body will once again begin to produce its own testosterone. However, this will take time and will not happen overnight.

Dynabolon Hepatotoxicity Side Effects:

There are no known or studied links between Dynabolon and hepatoxic effects on the liver.

Administration of Dynabolon:

The steroid is no longer available, so dosing is irrelevant. However, the typical dosing of the steroid was at 80mg once every week to a fortnight. For those looking for more extreme results, the dose was typically treble and quadruple that amount.

Dynabolon Availability:

This steroid is no longer manufactured nor available to find in any of the markets, be they legitimate or underground ones. While some labs may be able to make it for you, this is not recommended for its quality will be unknown.

Buy Dynabolon Online:

While it is possible to be able to find Dynabolon online, the cases will be few and far between. Due to many laws and regulations governing the sale, purchase and possession of anabolic steroids, obtaining them can be tricky and potentially dangerous. For those who want to experience the therapeutic effects that Dynabolon can have on the body, any of the other Nandrolone steroids will offer the same kind of results.

Dynabolon Conclusion:

Unfortunately, Dynabolon is now no longer manufactured, so it will be hard to be able to source and purchase. Those who want to experience the same results can use Deca-Durabolin, which is almost identical except for its smaller ester. Dynabolon was once the forerunner in power-steroids, but now it has been resigned to the realms of the past.

Just like using any other anabolic steroid, seek medical guidance and get regular blood testing done to see where your body is before using, during and after administration of any anabolic steroid. Remember, anabolic steroids can have temporary and permanent side effects on the user and compromise your health. Serious side effects such as cardiovascular damage and heart attacks are becoming more common.