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 Published By: Dan Chaiet (Biomedical Science)

Last Updated: December 10, 2017

Finaject History and Overview:

When it comes to the best known anabolic steroids, Finaject is there toward the top of the list. In fact, Finaject has been said to be one of the most purchased brands of Trenbolone Acetate ever to have hit the market. Originally, Finaject was created to help push up the weight of cows before they were taken to the slaughterhouse by Hoechst – Roussel during the early 50’s. Throughout the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s Finaject became one of the most sought-after anabolic steroids among athletes and bodybuilders of the time. With that said, the active compound found in Finaject is still a very much sought after drug to this day, regardless of the fact that Finaject is now no longer manufactured and hasn’t been since the late eighties.

While Finaject is very much a discontinued product it is still possible to find it from an under-ground laboratory. Many of the Trenbolone Acetate supplements that you will find from said outlets will carry their own branding and brand names, while others continue to use the Finaject name in order to push up the price of the product by leading potential buyers to believe it is a vet grade drug. It is important to note that regardless of whether the outlet states that what they sell is Finaject, unless its original medication from nearly 40 years ago – in which case you definitely don’t want it, it won’t be.

Note – It is commonplace for many athletes and bodybuilders to continue using the Finajet brand name when talking about Trenbolone, mainly down to the fact that the brand name has stuck due to its tremendous popularity in the past. The pellet version will contain nothing but unadulterated Trenbolone Acetate and on occasion can have estrogen thrown into the mix.

Finaject Properties and Actions:

Finaject is classified as an anabolic steroid with androgenic traits. Inside the drug, a small acetate ester can be found attached to the Trenbolone hormone. It is one of the faster-acting steroids and the individual will be required to take several shots each week to help keep the levels high in the blood. As with all Trenbolone products, it is what is known as a 19 Nortestosterone anabolic steroid. While it has this classification, it is, in fact, an altered version of the Nandrolone hormone, which is created by extracting the carbon atom out of the testosterone hormone. After that two bonds are added on to positions Nine & Eleven of the carbon atom.


It is because of the two bonds that have been added that Trenbolone becomes much more androgenic than Nandrolone is. It is also because of this reason that it is not Aromatized in the body, or in simpler terms, converted into estrogen. The traits of Trenbolone Acetate make it a very attractive option for athletes and bodybuilders due to its powers of being a performance enhancer. While Trenbolone Acetate is classified as a veterinary grade drug it has found huge popularity in the human market for anabolic steroids.

The beneficial effects of Trenbolone Acetate range from mild to powerful and it can help with many body beneficial results, including but not limited to:

  • A rise in the number of red blood cells found in the body.
  • Higher levels of nitrogen found and stored in the muscle tissues.
  • Improvement in the rate of protein synthesis.
  • Increases in Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Production
  • Increases in the Nutrient Efficiency stakes.
  • A reduction of the number of glucocorticoid hormones found in the system.

Finaject Effects:

Trenbolone Acetate has plenty of powerful effects when it comes to cycles of cutting or bulking. It also possesses a profound impact on athletic performance and is seen as one of the most flexible anabolics’s ever to hit the market. It needs to be noted though, that some individuals using Trenbolone Acetate have stated that the endurance of their cardiovascular system is depreciated. This fact, however, is not true for all individuals and its roots seem to be placed in the genetic predisposition of the individual. It is for this reason that Trenbolone Acetate is probably least effective at athletic enhancement as diminished cardiovascular endurance could prove to be destructive for the professional athlete at the best of times.

While it may pose negative effects on cardiovascular endurance, its best effects lay in its powerful abilities to help enhance the cutting cycle of an individual. It is able to promote increases in muscular gains and strength and also works fantastically with helping the individual retain the lean muscle mass when on a calorie restricted diet. It has been said by many that Trenbolone Acetate will have the physique looking and feeling its very best and more so than any other anabolic steroid can provide.

Note – Since Trenbolone Acetate does not aromatize in the body, all weight gained during a bulking cycle will be lean muscle mass. This can lead to some users thinking that it does not pack on the lbs as much as other steroids. However, other steroids can lead to water retention and fat deposits whereas Trenbolone Acetate produces solid lean muscle mass alone. It is also important to note that Trenbolone Acetate improves metabolic function which will improve fat loss when on a calorie restricted diet. To get the most out of it you need to put in some hard work, but this is true for any anabolic steroid.

Side Effects Of Finaject:

As with each and every anabolic steroid, side effects are a very real thing. However, side the side effects that are experienced are dependant on the individual using it, their overall health and fitness levels, and their genetic makeup. With that being said, many men can mitigate and reduce the negative side effects by following standard dosing guidelines and not using it in larger than recommended amounts.

Trenbolone Acetate (Finaject) for the novice user should always be the first choice for the hormone. However, should the individual experience any of the negative side effects listed below, it is recommended to discontinue its use. Any side effects experienced should alleviate and disappear a few days after stopping. Larger ester based hormones may have lingering Trenbolone side effects which will take a couple of weeks to disappear after stopping use. Below you will find the following side effects, which have been broken down into easy to understand categories.

Estrogenic Side Effects Of Finaject: The possibility of experiencing estrogen side effects is unlikely when using Trenbolone Acetate, mainly down to the fact that it does not aromatize in the body. This means that common effects with other steroids such as water retention and high blood pressure associated with water retention impossible. However, since Trenbolone Acetate is a progestin, the development of male breasts is possible in those who have a sensitivity to it. If required, the individual could opt to use an Aromatase Inhibitor to help prevent the effects of progestin.

Androgenic Side Effects Of Trenbolone Acetate: Many of the typical androgenic side effects such as the onset of hair loss, acne, and an increase in the growth and amount of body hair is possible. When it comes to hair loss, this will only occur if the individual was genetically predisposed to Male Pattern Baldness or MPB. If the individual does not have the MPB trait in their genetics, then there is no way at all that hair loss will be caused by the use of Trenbolone Acetate. Many men take advantage of the drug Finasteride to help prevent hair loss associated with MPB, however, it will prove to be ineffective when used to mitigate hair loss caused by Finaject.

It is important to note that women should never use Trenbolone Acetate or Finaject. The reason for this is because Virilization will occur and can include an enlargement of the labia and clitoris, a deepening of the voice, and an increase in body hair. As Trenbolone Acetate is five times more anabolic than testosterone, the effects of virilization will be increased drastically. If women use Trenbolone Acetate and continue its use after the effects of virilization take hold, the changes could become permanent.

Finajet Trenbolone Acetate 30mg 50ml Vial

Cardiovascular Side Effects Of Trenbolone Acetate: As noted above, Trenbolone Acetate can have an impact on the cardiovascular system and can lead to a reduction of good cholesterol while enhancing bad cholesterol (HDL & LDL). While leading a healthy way of eating and exercising goes a long way in helping reduce these effects, for some men nothing can be done. For those who suffer from high cholesterol or high blood pressure, Trenbolone Acetate should be avoided as it can enhance these conditions quite drastically.

Hepatoxic Side Effects Of Finaject: When used at the recommended doses, Trenbolone Acetate does not prove to hold hepatoxic values. In larger doses above the recommended values, it may lead to an increase of liver enzyme values.

Testosterone Suppression: As with all anabolic steroids, Trenbolone Acetate or Finaject will lead to a suppression of the naturally produced testosterone in the body. For those individuals who use Trenbolone Acetate without the addition of exogenous testosterone, the occurrence of low testosterone condition may appear. If you do not use exogenous testosterone with Trenbolone Acetate then there will be zero testosterone running through your body.

As soon as Trenbolone Acetate leaves the system and the body is clear of it, the individual will once again begin to produce their own naturally occurring testosterone. It will take a good few months for the body to be back to optimal levels, so making use of a post cycle therapy (PCT) plan is a good choice to make. For those men who were suffering from low testosterone condition before starting Finaject, there will be no improvements in the amounts of testosterone that the body naturally produces.

How To Administer Finaject:

Trenbolone Acetate is an intramuscular delivered anabolic steroid. It is typically dosed at 50mg – 100mg to be injected each day, although alternating days is the most common method. When performing dosing every other day, 100-150mg of Trenbolone Acetate will be sufficient. On average, a weekly dose of around 300-600mg is the norm and anything higher than this multiplies the risks of developing steroids side effects. Usage of Trenbolone Acetate is run for a cycle of roughly 10 weeks before discontinuing.

Finaject Availability:

While Finaject was discontinued many decades ago you will still find many outlets selling products labeled as Finaject. Avoid these products if you can as you will be paying a premium price for a generic product in deceptive packaging.

Warning About Buying Trenbolone Acetate (Finaject) Online:

For starters, it is impossible to find Finaject for sale on the anabolic steroid market due to the fact that it ceased production almost 40 years ago. If an outlet is stating that they sell Finaject it would be best to avoid them altogether. After all, if they lie about the brand of their drugs, what’s to say that they don’t lie about what is in it?

If you are resident in the U.S and you buy Trenbolone Acetate online, then be warned that you will be breaking U.S laws which govern the sale and possession of schedule III controlled substances. To be able to legally purchase Trenbolone Acetate you will need a valid doctor’.s prescription for it. Trenbolone Acetate is not an FDA approved substance, mainly down to the fact that it is designed for animal use only


Trenbolone Acetate and the brand name Finaject specifically was the very first Trenbolone drug that became available to the market and garnered much attention from those in the world of athletics. It is also one of the strongest and most effective anabolic steroids that has ever been produced. The power of Trenbolone Acetate is so strong that even by combining two or three different steroids together still doesn’t come close to its strength. While Finaject is no longer commercially available, there are plenty of other versions of Trenbolone Acetate which will do the trick in an identical way.