Buy Testosterone Cypionate


Testosterone Cypionate at one point was very common within the United States, but with the mass hysteria and anti-anabolic steroid sentiment leading to the legislation of these substances in the last decade of the 21st century, it has become very difficult to buy Testosterone Cypionate of US origin. However, products still do exist, especially internationally. Although it is not as popular as Testosterone Enanthate (but comes very close), it can still be found in very large quantities internationally on the market. It only so happens to appear slightly less frequently on the market than its twin Testosterone Enanthate. Regardless, almost every anabolic steroid source and vendor should always contain Testosterone Cypionate products in stock amongst a list of many different anabolic steroids available for purchase.

Testosterone Cypionate is provided in standard concentrations of 200 – 250mg/ml for pharmaceutical grade product, which is the industry standard. However, underground laboratories can and do often create even higher concentrations, some of which are as high as 350mg/ml.


Pharmaceutical Grade Versus Underground Labs

Those looking to buy Testosterone Cypionate will encounter two different categories (or classifications or grades) of product: pharmaceutical grade and underground lab (UGL) grade.

The difference between the two is very easy to understand: pharmaceutical grade products are products manufactured by an FDA-approved (or any equivalent) pharmaceutical corporation, however, underground labs are illegally run (for the most part, depending on which country in which it is running) laboratories that almost exclusively manufacture anabolic steroids. Pharmaceutical grade products are also known as human-grade products (due to the fact that they are designed specifically for human use), and as such, provide guaranteed purity, dosing, concentration, and sterility due to quality control. With these guarantees are also higher prices in comparison to UGL products. UGL-manufactured products could be produced in a laboratory which ranges in quality anywhere from pharmaceutical level facilities to basement labs set up in a person’s home. Therefore, quality, dosing, purity, and sterility are often unconfirmed and there are no guarantees due to virtually completely lack of quality control. The decision by which a user will decide whether or not to buy Testosterone Cypionate as pharmaceutical grade or underground lab product rests ultimately upon the individual and where their priorities and preferences lie.

Pharmaceutical products will be the only products to be reviewed in this section, and only 3 – 5 of the most popular pharmaceutical grade Testosterone Cypionate products will be covered, as Testosterone Cypionate itself is such a popular and widely manufactured product that there is an extensive amount of pharmaceutical corporations that manufacture it. Generic human grade products are abundant, as are popular brand names. UGL products are even more vast and diverse. Hundreds, if not thousands, of underground labs exist across the world in every country in every region of the world. It is because of this that it is impossible to be able to list the different underground products on the market, especially considering the fact that underground labs tend to shut down and halt manufacturing processes, while other brand new UGLs open up very frequently.

Pharmaceutical Grade

In the United States, Depo-Testosterone is the primary Testosterone Cypionate product and it is manufactured by Pharmacia and Upjohn. Because of its immense popularity, the market is has become saturated with counterfeit Depo-Testosterone fakes. Any individuals looking to buy Testosterone Cypionate products of this type should pay very close attention to detail concerning its packaging. They should contain a “Jh” located on the inside of a top flap of the box, and should only show up under exposure to UV lighting. Other American Testosterone Cypionate products include those manufactured by Watson Labs, Sicor, and Sandoz, which all produce generic Testosterone Cypionate preparations. Once again, these products have all become the primary target for counterfeiting operations and just like Depo-Testosterone, the market has become overly saturated with fake products. The only possible manner by which an individual would be able to determine a fake American generic Testosterone Cypionate product is to track the origins of it if possible.

Internationally, anabolic steroid users can buy Testosterone Cypionate products with ease that origin from Thailand, where Body Research markets Cypionax which is actually manufactured by T.P. Drug Laboratories. However, this is one of the only pharmaceutical grade Testosterone Cypionate products that can be located in Thailand.

Brazil is the home of Deposteron, which is manufactured by Novaquimica. Various amounts of this Testosterone Cypionate product can indeed be located in the United States market. Deposteron is contained in dark amber colored glass ampoules, and although it is not a large victim to counterfeit operations, one should only buy Testosterone Cypionate products of this type when it is contained in its original box, not as loose ampoules.

Also located in South America, specifically in Chile, is a product known as Ciclo-6 manufactured by Drag Pharma. It is one of the only pharmaceutical grade Testosterone Cypionate products to contain a dose that is higher than the industry standard of 250mg/ml. Ciclo-6 contains 300mg/ml instead, and is contained in 2ml glass ampoules.

One particular Testosterone Cypionate product not currently known to be a victim of counterfeit operations is Testosterona C, manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals in Moldova, which is contained in 1ml glass ampoules.

Typical Pricing

Individuals looking to buy Testosterone Cypionate will usually find little variation in pricing due to the popular nature of the product and its ease of manufacture. Those looking to buy Testosterone Cypionate can locate vendors both in-person ‘gym sources’, as well as the more popular method these days: the internet. Prices do not differ too much between the two, but anyone attempting to buy Testosterone Cypionate on the internet will notice distinct pricing differences between websites that set minimum order limits compared to websites that do not do so. Websites that do not set minimum order limits allow individuals to buy Testosterone Cypionate in very small quantities (single bottle orders, for example), and because the vendor tends to make small sales as opposed to large quantity sales, prices are frequently inflated to make up for the logistical costs of small orders.

Prices for those who wish to buy Testosterone Cypionate from sources that do not set minimum order limits will typically run into pharmaceutical grade Testosterone Cypionate in the range of $17 – $20 per 1ml glass ampoule dosed at 200mg/ml, while underground lab Testosterone Cypionate can be located in the range of $130 – $160 for a single 10ml vial dosed at 200mg/ml. As one can see, these prices tend to quite high, especially in comparison to the sources that will now be covered. Internet sources that place minimum order limits (usually a minimum limit of $200 – $400 depending on the source) will typically be in the range of (for pharmaceutical grade) $15 – $18 for a single 1ml ampoule containing 250mg/ml, and, (for underground lab grade) $60 – $90 for a 10ml vial dosed at 250mg/ml. These same prices (internet sources with minimum order limits) are generally the exact same as ‘gym’ and ‘in-person’ sources, which may or may not impose minimum order limits on their potential buyers as well.

Legality Of Testosterone Cypionate

Finally, every individual must be aware of the laws concerning anabolic steroid use in their respective country. The three major Western countries where anabolic steroid use is most prevalent will be covered.

USA: In the United States, Testosterone Cypionate is classified as a Schedule III drug in the Controlled Substances Act whereby possession and use of Testosterone Cypionate would be considered a felony. Needless to say, trafficking, importation, and the purchase of Testosterone Cypionate or any anabolic steroid is a criminal act.

UK/England: In the United Kingdom, Testosterone Cypionate falls under Schedule IV, whereby possession and use of Testosterone Cypionate is legal for personal use. Importing Testosterone Cypionate for personal use is also not a felony.

Canada: In Canada, a similar law to that of the UK runs true where it is a Schedule IV drug, whereby possession and use of Testosterone Cypionate is not a felony and is legal. However, trafficking of the substance is a felony.

These are 3 examples of the current state of laws under which Testosterone Cypionate falls into within 3 major countries in the world. Whichever route one decides to buy Testosterone Cypionate, he or she must be aware of the legality and laws surrounding it in whichever country the person resides. It is important to research beforehand in order to make the appropriate decisions and what to expect.