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Drug Smuggler Busted at Indian Airport with $250,000 Worth of Steroids

  Plenty of drug smuggling operations around the world are getting more and more sophisticated, but there are a lot of low-level criminals that continue to get busted doing some pretty stupid things. According to reports from the India Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, a man was arrested at in Indian Airport on suspicion of running an illegal steroids smuggling operation – and was busted Read more [...]

Canadian Man Pleads Guilty To Criminal Steroid Conspiracy

  Kirk Goodkey has pled guilty to the charges of both manufacturing steroids and laundering money, four years after his underground laboratory responsible for producing not only anabolic steroids but other controlled performance-enhancing substances was busted by the feds. It was way back in September 2014, following an intensive and multi-month long investigation into the Goodkey operation, Read more [...]