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Study: Decline Bench The Best For Chest Muscle Growth

Looking to Build a Monster Chest? Stick with the Decline Bench. Anyone searching for tips and tricks to build a bigger chest is going to be overwhelmed with the flood of information out there. Everyone – and we mean EVERYONE – that’s ever lifted a weight as an idea about how to build a monster chest, how to blast your pectorals, and how to build this “beach muscle” group as quickly Read more [...]

The Importance of Estrogen in Bodybuilding – Dr. George Touliatos

The hormonal status of a steroid user is very important and the correct balance between androgens and estrogens plays a  significant role. Aromatization is a biochemical process which takes place in a variety of tissues, such as mammary gland, adipose tissue, liver and brain;induced  by  aromatase enzyme, testosterone is converted to estradiol(E2). The more estrogenic Read more [...]

Study: Grape Seed Extract Works to Protect Muscle Protein During Training

Serious athletes and bodybuilders that are looking to go through prolonged and intense training sessions are always cognizant of the fact that they might actually damage their muscles when they really start pushing things to the breaking point – but also recognize that they have to get as close to this line as possible if they’re going to break down and then rebuild their bodies to become bigger, Read more [...]

Study: Cinnamon Extract Has Significant Muscle Building Properties

A team of researchers in France have recently published a new clinical study showing the tremendous muscle building potential that cinnamon has, even when individuals haven’t been doing any exercise whatsoever. Yes, you are reading that correctly. New research certainly suggests that regular supplementation with a cinnamon extract can help you to build more than a kilogram of muscle mass inside Read more [...]