Study: Cinnamon Extract Has Significant Muscle Building Properties

A team of researchers in France have recently published a new clinical study showing the tremendous muscle building potential that cinnamon has, even when individuals haven’t been doing any exercise whatsoever.

Yes, you are reading that correctly. New research certainly suggests that regular supplementation with a cinnamon extract can help you to build more than a kilogram of muscle mass inside of 120 days – even if you haven’t been doing any exercise whatsoever.

A team of nutritionists at a French research organization Inserm have published their report in PLOS One, a research report that is certainly making waves throughout the fitness and nutrition industries for what it might mean going forward.

In the study, a group of 52 individuals (all of which were classified as clinically obese and well on their way to developing type II diabetes) were provided with a supplement that included 460 mg of a cinnamon extract.

This was done initially to see if it could trigger a weight loss improvement for these individuals, individuals that understood they need to get their fat and glucose levels down to lower levels as quickly as possible.

Each of the participants in this study admitted that they needed to do major lifestyle changes to get their health and wellness under control, but all of them also admitted that for one reason or another they weren’t able to do so – and many just couldn’t bring themselves to work out at all.

The participants were willing to take a couple of supplement capsules every day, however, and this gave the French nutritionist researchers a lot of latitude to experiment with attentional new supplements that could trigger a cascade of incredible weight loss.

Half of each test group were provided supplements that were nothing more than a placebo, and the other half were given the supplement containing the 460 mg of cinnamon extract highlighted above. That supplements also included 200 mg of carnosine and 20 mcg of chrome chloride. The supplements were taken daily over a four month stretch of time, with regular check ins to see what kind of progress that these individuals were making along the way.

The French researchers discovered almost immediately that individuals taking the cinnamon supplements at much lower glucose levels in their blood, particularly in the morning. The lower levels of glucose early in the day helps the rest of the cells throughout the body “listen” to insulin, protecting adults from type II diabetes.

Interestingly enough, however – and something that researchers didn’t anticipate – was that each and every one of the test participants that were using the cinnamon based supplements also added (on average) just over a kilogram of lean muscle mass throughout the clinical trial.

Researchers were initially quite puzzled at how this could be possible, particularly since each participant stated that they had done absolutely nothing to change their daily exercise routines whatsoever – daily exercise routines that consisted of getting no exercise to begin with.

The French researchers are now suggesting that higher doses of this cinnamon extract may be useful in the world of health, fitness, and particularly athletics. It will be interesting to see how well this extract works to build more lean muscle mass when combined with a focused exercise program.