Where Can I Get Anabolic Steroids?


If you surf the Web, visiting message boards where bodybuilders like to hang out, you’ll probably notice people asking, “How can I access anabolic steroids?” If you have the same question, you’ll find this detailed guide helpful. Some message boards don’t allow their members to talk about this topic, so people who do ask it may get banned right away. This article has lots of great facts and you won’t need to worry about bans when you read it.

We are here to tell you the hard facts. This is a question that many people are afraid to ask in the “real world”.

For example, sometimes, you may be tempted to ask the most ripped guys at your gym how to get the “juice” that you want, but you may hold back, because asking them would imply that you think that they are “juicing”. It’s just a difficult subject to broach with anyone. Also, people who actually do know where to get anabolic steroids may not be interested in sharing this information, as doing so may put them at legal risk and/or get them branded as steroid users.

If you’re frustrated because you can’t get an answer to this question, you should know that a lot of websites do sell steroids online. Searching via your preferred search engine, such as Google, may get you closer to your goal. However, there is a real risk factor with buying “steroids” from online suppliers. Suppliers vary widely in terms of the quality of their product!


Due to disparity in quality of product, it’s possible to waste a lot of money on steroids which aren’t the real thing…or are of poor quality. For this reason, we have to steer you away from this approach. In general, information gleaned from message boards and information accessed through people at your gym (if you’re brave enough to ask and they are brave enough to answer!) is the best way to find out how to access anabolic steroids.

To help you boost your odds of finding the information that you need, we’d like to talk about these channels for steroid information…

Try Message Boards Which Focus On Anabolic Steroids

There are steroid message boards out there and they are good places to access facts. However, as we touched on before, it’s sometimes impossible to ask about how to get steroids via public posts at these forums. For example, many boards of this type don’t permit direct posting which includes information about anabolic steroid suppliers. Your best bet is become a member of a message board (or a few of them) and then become friends with other people who post at the message board (or message boards).

Once you build trust and rapport, the other members may be willing to share information about how to get steroids. They will probably do so via the board’s private message system, which gives them a bit of protection from breaking the rules at the forum. It’s possible that you may get a direct answer via a private message. If you don’t, you may get a clue which helps you to find what you’re looking for.

Consider Open Source Message Boards

The next option is message boards which are “open source”. We like this option but you should be cautious when approaching people who post at open source message boards. At these boards, suppliers are able to advertise what they sell, after paying for the privilege. This means that their information is public. Sometimes, the suppliers will add contact details which are also simple for anyone to view. Suppliers that post contact details may want your references before they will discuss their products with you. Other suppliers may post links to their websites.

At a message board which is open source, you’ll find that building connections is vital. It’s important to get members of long standing to give you references. When they vouch for you, you may be able to do a deal for anabolic steroids. Obviously, suppliers are going to be careful about whom they sell to. If other members at an open source message board vouch for you, the suppliers may find that their references are enough to establish trust.

In general, we think that checking open source message boards, building relationships with people who post there and then trying to do deals with suppliers that pay to advertise there is probably the most effective, streamlined way to get the products that you need. However, you will definitely need to be patient, as doing a deal based on connections at these message boards will rarely be an overnight thing.

What About the Local Gym?

It’s safe to say that people do buy steroids at their gyms sometimes. However, they certainly aren’t available at the front desk, like gym t-shirts and bottles of water! In most cases, when people who work out at gyms or instruct at gyms are asked where to get steroids, they’ll end up shunning the people who asked them. It’s possible that someone will dislike you or even hate you if you dare to ask him or her about how to get steroids.

Some people believe that they’re being framed when they hear this type of question and this isn’t really a good foundation for friendship.

As with message boards, you’ll need to establish a great deal of trust before you’ll be able to ask this kind of question without suffering negative consequences. If you think you can build this type of trust at the gym, you may want to try, with a mind to finding out where steroids are available. However, you will always need to be careful. It may be smarter to reveal that you’d like to try anabolic steroids, rather than asking a friend where to get them. Plant the seed if you wish, but be aware that you are taking a risk.

If a friend knows where to get them and knows that you want them, he or she may volunteer the information that you need.

Suppliers at Local Gyms Are Possibilities

There are usually people who are known as “gym suppliers”. They are local sources for anabolic steroids. Naturally, if you’re not in the know, you may never find out who these people are. Even if you do know (word does get around now and then!), they may not do business with you if you aren’t trusted. Sometimes, gym suppliers get their steroids online. They buy from from bigger suppliers and then sell what they buy to locals, after marking it up in price.

In order to gain the trust of a gym supplier, bear in mind that he or she is motivated by the desire to make money selling steroids. This is good news. The person wants to do business, so finding this person and then taking the plunge, by asking to buy what’s on offer, may have a good outcome. You shouldn’t do this in front of other people! You have to build trust by being discreet. Keep the warnings about mentioning steroids in the gym in mind! Try to establish with certainty that the person in question really is a gym supplier before you move forward.

Some people do take the risk and find viable suppliers (gym suppliers). However, these suppliers don’t always have a big supply, which means that you may need to settle for whatever they have to sell. Also, you’ll have no clue as to the quality of what you’re buying. Expect to pay a pretty penny for steroids from a gym supplier.

Are Prescriptions a Smart Strategy?

It is possible to get some anabolic steroids via prescriptions from doctors. This is the safest way to get them, because you’ll know that you’re getting something pure, which is prescribed by a real physician. Once you get a prescription, you may take it right to the drugstore and get your anabolic steroids the safe and legal way.

You may realize that there is a downside here. It’s significant. In America, you’ll need a medical reason to get a prescription for steroids. Performance enhancement does not fall under the category of “medical need”.

The easiest way around this is to consider the issue of low testosterone. Lots of men (and some women, too) have low testosterone and it is considered to be a medical problem. To treat it, many doctors prescribe steroids which help with rejuvenation. While the doses prescribed won’t be performance level, they will still be helpful and they will be of superb quality. This is great, as you need to care deeply about the quality of what you put into your own body. Also, you won’t be breaking the law. The legal risk of using steroids “under the table” definitely triggers a lot of anxiety in some people. No one wants to go to prison for “juicing’.

Can I Order Steroids From Other Countries?

Prescriptions are a little difficult to get in the USA, although it’s far from impossible. In other nations, laws just aren’t as strict. Some countries actually sell anabolic steroids at drugstore, so they aren’t hard to come by. For example, Mexico is a place where steroids are legal. You can get them in tons of different places and no one will give you a hard time. Lots of Americans go to Mexico to get steroids. However, you can’t bring them into the USA legally, so this is risky.

Now, you have the hard facts. You will be able to make decisions based on these facts. We hope that this practical guide has been helpful.