Supplemental & Dietary Changes To Detoxify Your Liver

Out With The Bad, In With The Good: Ways To Detoxify Your Liver

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By Anthoney J. Andersen –

The liver is the largest organ in the human body and plays many vital roles to keep the body pure of toxins and harmful substances.

This large, meaty organ is responsible for flushing the body of harmful chemicals, helping with digestion and producing important proteins.

Let’s take a closer look at the various supplements that can help protect your liver and keep your body operating at peak performance.


Highly recommended by doctors and nutritionists, milk thistle is one of the best-known herbal supplements for liver treatments.

Dr. Andrew Weil, an integrative medical expert, states that milk thistle is a vital supplement that can help defend the liver against toxins, while increasing its capacity to regenerate healthy cells.

The University of Maryland Medical Center indicates that milk thistle works best for people with less advanced forms of liver problems, and warns that it may cause mild stomach upset when first taking it.


Your diet factors in heavily on how your liver and other organs will function.

Since many foods are polluted with pesticides, growth hormones and chemical additives, what you send down into your digestive tract could be harming the way your liver functions.

According to WebMD, if you purchase more foods that are organic, then you are opting for the purest foods possible – which will rescue your liver from a slew of harmful toxins.

By definition, organic foods must be free of synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and other drugs.

Organic foods are known to be a little pricier due to the way they’re grown, but a little extra money could be the difference between years added or subtracted from your life.


Rather than taking supplements to support liver health, you can naturally detoxify your body by consuming more fresh vegetables in your daily diet.

Choosing the best vegetables may be a bit overwhelming, so while you’re at the supermarket, focus on the items that are known to be rich in sulfur – onions, garlic, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and collard greens.

These foods are known to rid your liver of environmental toxins, which includes prescription drugs and pesticides.

Vegetables are also an excellent source of fiber, which helps toxins move through your digestive tract, reducing stress on your liver, according to MayoClinic.


When it comes to this rule of thumb it’s very simple: smoking cigarettes will not only harm you liver’s ability to flush out toxins, but it can also create further complications in individuals with alcohol-induced liver disease.


Most people are unaware of the body’s natural regimen for internal detoxification.

According to Dr. Oz, there are three critical organs that play a role in helping your body properly rid itself of destructive toxins:

  • The Liver: The first line of defense against toxins, which acts like a filtration system in preventing toxic substances contained in foods from entering your blood stream.
  • The Colon: Contains bacteria that produce both healthy and unhealthy chemicals.  You want to make sure you keep your colon flowing smoothly, since its main role is to flush out toxins before they have a chance to do your body harm.
  • The Kidneys: Are constantly working around the clock to filter your blood ¾ ridding toxins in the form of urine.

For this detox plan to truly take effect, you need to keep these vital organs running smoothly by nourishing your body with the right nutrients, which may include rice milk/almond milk, prunes, pineapples, flax seed oil, apples, bananas and quinoa.


When it comes to living a long and fruitful life, one can never be too careful about what they put into their body.

More times than not, we find ourselves overindulging in processed foods which are high in calories and saturated fats, and leave our body feeling sluggish and inactive.

If this is the case, just know there are ways to jump-start your system, while revitalizing your organs – so they can function at the highest level.

Live long and prosper.