Dianabol Cycle


The flexibility of Dianabol cycles tend to be quite limiting in terms of their application due to the fact that it is an aromatizable oral anabolic steroid. It has been mentioned many times now that Dianabol’s primary applications lie in the areas of bulking up, strength gains, and mass gaining. This is where it is usually most favorable among users, where the goal is to gain considerably high amounts of size and strength and there is no concern for peripheral water retention and bloating. It is Dianabol’s moderate activity with the aromatase enzyme which results in moderate Estrogenic activity that is the primary cause for the water retention issues. Limitations to this cycles includes its nature as a hepatotoxic oral anabolic steroid, where it is recommended that any user should not run this compound for periods greater than 6 weeks at any given time in a cycle. It is for this reason that the cycle examples presented here are primarily more of a bulking, strength, and mass addition nature and this does not typically change where the three tiers of users are concerned (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Although its limitations of a bulking compound have been explained, one must remember that it is in fact possible for any anabolic steroid to be utilized as a fat loss or cutting agent in cycles. However, it is not an ideal practice to utilize an anabolic steroid such as Dbol for a purpose such as this, especially when there exists plenty of other anabolic steroids that are better suited for this role.


Outside of its general limitations, it is actually a compound that tends to stack quite well with many other compounds, and exceptionally well with a select few. These exceptional compounds are those of a similar nature, where the goal of the user favors strength gains, mass building, and bulking. There are even compounds in existence that still tend to stack quite well with D-bol that are not considered to be exceptional mass building compounds. With Dianabol favoring strength and size as the primary applications, it tends to have a complimentary nature with other compounds that favor strength and size as primary applications as well. In light of Dianabol’s limitations mentioned earlier, it seems as though this is the positive face of the compound. Cycles usually have Dianabol commonly stacked with Testosterone (such as Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Propionate), which is an anabolic steroid that possesses a similar nature and properties. Nandorolone Decanoate (AKA Deca Durabolin) is the second most popular anabolic steroid to be stacked with due to its highly complementary nature. Nandrolone is most commonly used with Testosterone when stacked with Ddbol, however, and is most usually seen as the popular and very common Testosterone/Nandrolone/Dianabol stack. This stack is well known as one of the oldest stacks originally pioneered by bodybuilders of the golden era in the 1970s, and has been one of the most commonly used stacks ever since.

Beginner Dianabol Cycle

Beginner Dianabol Cycle Example (12 weeks total cycle time)
Weeks 1-12:
– Testosterone Enanthate at 300-500mg/week
Weeks 1-6:
– Dianabol at 25mg/day

This beginner cycle is more of an introductory cycle, only presenting the basics required to understand and use the compound. Testosterone Enanthate is commonly used by many beginners, and as such is usually the compound of choice for many delving into steroid use for the first time. Testosterone Enanthate here is run at a dose of 300-500mg weekly and it is up to the user on what specific dose to run within this range. The reasoning behind this decision is because it is understood that any beginner should have utilized Testosterone-only cycles at least up until this point, and as such the user should understand at what level, dose, and responsiveness their body has to Testosterone doses. The androgen itself tends to present its positive anabolic effects usually quite early in a cycle, within the first few weeks (hence the ‘kickstart’ discussed earlier). The Testosterone Enanthate serves as a slow build-up to its effects several weeks into the cycle while it exhibits its effects during the beginning. Once the administration nears its conclusion (4-6 weeks), Testosterone Enanthate’s full effects should be noticeable and fully experienced by the user. It is at this point where the compound is essentially not necessary, and its discontinuation can be done at week 6 also for the reasons of hepatotoxicity (due to the C17-Alpha Alkylation of the compound).

Intermediate Dianabol Cycles

Intermediate Dianabol Cycle Example (12 weeks total cycle time)
Weeks 1-12:
Testosterone Enanthate at 100mg/week
– Deca-Durabolin at 400mg/week
Weeks 1-6:
– Dbol at 25-50mg/day

This intermediate cycle example includes Nandrolone, and as mentioned prior, Nandrolone is one such other compound that tends to stack very well with this potent oral steroid. Testosterone itself has been reduced to a TRT range dose in order to simply maintain normal physiological levels of the hormone, and Testosterone is therefore utilized in this cycle as a supportive compound as opposed to a primary anabolic. Dianabol itself has been increased to the upper range of 50mg daily, and the idea here is that Dbol (alongside Nandrolone) are used at the primary anabolic compounds. It is important to understand, however, that for most users a Anabol dose increase is not necessary when we understand that its a very strong compound to begin with (and the addition of Nandrolone only potentiates the whole stack’s strength). This is why a general range of 25-50mg daily is given for the D-bol dose, and it is up to the user to use their discretion as to whether their body requires an increase in dose or if gains will be made just fine with a dose at the lower end of the range.

Advanced Dianabol Cycles

Advanced Dianabol Cycle Example (8 weeks total cycle time)
Weeks 1-8:
– Testosterone Propionate at 25mg every other day (100mg/week)
Trenbolone Acetate at 100mg every other day (400mg/week)
Weeks 1-6:
– Dianabol at 50mg/day

This Dianabol cycle example contains some advanced compounds in the stack, and this is why it falls under the advanced tier. Trenbolone itself is considered an intermediate-advanced compound, and the nature of the use of short-estered compounds in this cycle (Testosterone Propionate and Trenbolone Acetate) is also considered intermediate-advanced tier compounds. The short-esters allow for a shorter total cycle length where the user can experience the ‘kick-in’ of the compounds far sooner in the cycle. It is because of this that it must be made clear that Dianabol’s purpose in this particular Anabol cycle is not only to be used as a kickstarting compound, but it is now an integral part of the cycle alongside Trenbolone. This combination, should the user’s diet be adjusted properly, should provide dramatic strength and size increases. Finally, Testosterone as we can see is once again relegated to a support role of simply maintaining normal physiological levels of Testosterone while the other two compounds act as the primary compounds.