Dianabol For Sale


Dianabol is one of the most widely used anabolic steroids ever produced or used.  Its probably the most famous of all anabolic steroids in history which is also used very frequently by those just starting out in the anabolic steroid scene, and by very experienced bodybuilders.

Originally developed in the 1950’s by Dr. John Ziegler who was the USA Olympic Team doctor, to counteract the unfair Soviet Union Olympic Team who were using injectable Testosterone thus giving them a significant advantage over their competitors. Dianabol was originally developed to increase performance and that’s exactly what it did. Shortly after this, Ciba then manufactured Methandrostenolone for the North American and western markets for medical uses, such as, treating muscle or bodyweight wasting diseases. Fast forward to now and Dianabol is not available for medical use in North Amercia, nor the vast majority of western markets due to it being inefficient compared to better alternatives, such as, Anavar. However, users can often find Dianabol for sale in these countries and easily accessible due to its popularity, although pharmaceutical grade Dianabol for sale is extremely rare.


Pharmaceutical Grade Dianabol For Sale

Due to most pharmaceutical companies stopping the manufacturing of Dianabol in the 1990’s due to deeming it to have little medical value, finding pharmaceutical grade Dianabol for sale is problematic. Some Asian countries and Middle Eastern countries still produce Methandrostenolone under various brands, such as, Anabol, Methanabol, Methandienone and Naposim although counterfeits of these brands also exist so be careful you trust your steroid source or use trusted advertisers and sponsors.

An FDA approved pharmaceutical company will have to abide by extremely strict rules and regulations on sterility, raw material concentrations and quality and manufacturing processes that is located in a western country, such as the United States, compared to a company located in Thailand. Both these companies produce anabolic steroids for human consumption, but they’re not identical. So it should be noted that not all pharmaceutical grade Dbol for sale is the same or equal. This same rule can apply to all anabolic steroids in fact, not just Dianabol in this instance.

Although pharmaceutical grade Dianabol for sale is the best quality of Dbol available on the black market, counterfeits exist for almost all brands. Pharmaceutical grade anabolic steroids are more expensive then other preparations, so fakes exist whilst scammers will almost always offer some sort of human grade anabolic steroid on their list.

Underground Lab Dianabol For Sale

There are literally tens of thousands of Underground Labs (UGL’s) all over the world. These operations can range from an individual acting alone with purchased raw powder from China or Easter Europe and manufacturing the products in a kitchen with basic chemistry equipment. To far larger operations with fairly high quality control standards and strict precautions to remain sterile. There is probably at least one UGL in a country where anabolic steroids are used due to supply and demand and some can yield a final product of good quality. Much like eating an excellent dish in your favourite restaurant, the quality of the ingredients is imperative. Raw steroid power can be obtained from China in most instances and this quality can range from supplier. A UGL may have used the same raw powder source for years only for the raw powder supplier to reduce their quality, this is then passed onto the end user – you. But this is the risk when using any UGL anabolic steroids and the benefit of paying a lesser price than human grade anabolic steroids.

Where to find Dianabol For Sale?

Almost all anabolic steroids suppliers or sources will have some sort of Dianabol product on their list somewhere. Its literally that popular. Dianabol has numerous abbreviations, one of which is – Arnolds. This is because it is speculated that the great man himself – Arnold Schwarzenegger was a fan of D-Bol and used it during offseason phases and leading to up to competition days. It’s still used widely today in the same circumstances, some 40 years on. 40 years is a long time and now we understand Methandrostenolone far more and its use is favoured by those wanting more muscle mass, during the offseason or during bulking cycles.

You can find Dianabol for sale by real life sources at your local gym in most cases, but it should be noted that this is often an illegal and not recommended way of obtaining Dianabol. Gym sources often carry counterfeits, mislead customers and have higher prices than finding Dianabol for sale other ways. This real life buying of anabolic steroids could also lead to punishment(s) if you are breaking the law. The DEA have been known to operate undercover to sting anabolic steroid buyers, but this is usually higher up the chain of purchase than the end user wanting a simple steroid cycle.

You can also find Dianabol for sale online. This is arguably the easier route and preferred route. Online steroid sources carry more stock that gym sources and offer lower prices. There is also the added benefit of buying anabolic steroids anonymously or using your credit card or a pre-paid credit card. This adds some level of protection as the buyer.

Dianabol For Sale Prices

You will be pleased to hear that Dianabol is one of the cheapest and most effective anabolic steroids available on the black market. Although counterfeiting is evident all over the world, it’s actually not that common due to it having a low raw material price and being an oral anabolic steroid, is fairly easy to manufacturer into tablet or pill form. Dianabol comes in varied milligram (mg) per tablet/pill or capsule. Starting doses of Dbol range from anywhere from 10mg every day for females to 50mg+ every day for advanced users and bodybuilders. Tablets and capsules can come in 5mg examples, right up to 50mg per tablet or capsule. The most common mg per tablet is 20mg as this gives the steroid user and easy and manageable number to work with, adjusting their dose comparing gains and side effects.

If you find Dianabol for sale, prices do not vary dramatically, but will be higher for pharmaceutical grade preparations or well known brands with better reputations. 1,000 5mg tablets of Anabol by British Dispensary (not BD) will range from $200-350 depending on the source. UGL Dianabol for sale is cheaper at $60 for 200 capsules at between 10-20mg per capsule or pill.

Dianabol is one of the safest anabolic steroids available, but caution needs to be taken when using it for the first time, using a larger Dianabol dosage or for extended periods of 6 weeks or more. Dianabol an oral anabolic steroid, so liver toxicity is evident, whilst it will also convert to estrogen and can cause gynecomastia or increase the risk of its onset and occurrence. If these side effects arise, lower the dosage immediately, or stop its use.