(Nandrolone Phenylpropionate)

Durabolin History and Overview:

There are plenty of anabolic steroids available on the market, and in the late 1950’s, Durabolin was created by Organon and was called Nandrolone Phenylpropionate. The Anabolic steroid was near identical to another steroid produced by Organon, which was called Deca Durabolin. Deca Durabolin, which is also known as Nandrolone Deconate has a slight difference in the way the ester attached. While this may not sound like much of a difference, the proof is in the speed and efficiency as to which Durabolin takes to act when compared to Nandrolone.

What many people don’t realize is that Durabolin is actually launched a few years before Deca Durabolin and is one of the oldest known Nandrolone compounds. However, the market has been dominated mainly by Nandrolone Decanoate and Nandrolone mix that has dominated and leads the way in the history of Nandrolone. The original company to manufacture Durabolin, Organon, is still very much doing so, there are a plethora of underground pharmacies and laboratories that also manufacture NPP, however, it is not as available as many of the other anabolic steroids on the market.That said, there has been a slight increase in demand for NPP mainly because of its performance enhancing properties.

As it stands today, Durabolin is seen as being one of the most beneficial anabolic steroids available on the market and is regarded as one of the best ever to make it to market. There are several benefits which can be noted from using Durabolin and these are therapeutic and performance based. When looked at from a medical perspective, Durabolin combined with testosterone makes it one of, if not the most important anabolic steroid available to us. Unfortunately, due to the amount of extreme controversy surrounding anabolic steroids, the full potential and benefits have never been noted, especially in the United States.

In fact, The U.S trails far behind many of the world’s other developed nations when it comes to therapy using Nandrolone. While amazing for its medicinal uses, Durabolin is also a platinum level player when it comes to promoting the growth of lean body mass. There are just a handful of anabolic steroids, which offer huge gains in lean muscle mass alongside a high threshold of tolerance, and Durabolin is one of them. It is also well noted for its use in athletic enhancement relating to recovery and the added extra endurance that can be gained from its use.

Durabolin Properties and Actions:

Durabolin is a 19 nortestosterone anabolic androgenic steroid, as are all Nandrolone compounds and Trenbolone compounds, which are themselves derived from Nandrolone. Being a nortestosterone basically means that there is a structural shift in the testosterone hormone itself, specifically to the removal or non inclusion of a carbon atom in the 19th position. It is this which provides us with the Nandrolone hormone.

When we take a look at Durabolin, the very same Nandrolone hormone is attached to a small Phenylpropionate ester, and it is this ester that helps to regulate the release of Nandrolone’s Hormone. The use of Phenylpropionate helps with a much shaper releasing of Nandrolone in Durabolin, especially when placed in comparison with the Decanoate ester which is found in Deca Durabolin.

The user will be expected to administer Durabolin on a more frequent timescale than those using the larger ester based variant, but it would still be in an achievable time frame. Once it has been injected, Durabolin provides a rapid increase in Nandrolone which will typically peak at 24 – 48 hours, after which it will continue with a slow release of the hormone until the baseline levels have been achieved roughly around 7 days later.

Durabolin is known to be a potent anabolic steroid and is a little bit more anabolic than testosterone with an anabolic score of 125 to testosterone’s 100. It should be noted that the anabolic effects of Nandrolone are much less than testosterone, with a score of 37 when in comparison to testosterone’s 100. The decrease in androgenicity is largely due to Nandrolones ability to be able to reduce DHN, or Dihydronandrolone rather than DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone. The reduction of the anabolic nature makes Durabolin much easier to tolerate in supraphysiological doses for the majority of men when compared to higher doses of testosterone.

Durabolin 25mg/ml Organon

Durabolin 25mg/ml 3x Amps Organon

While both of the hormones are placed in the ‘tolerable’ category, the reduced androgenicity that Nandrolone possesses gives it a slight advantage. This becomes apparent to see when examining the estrogenic activity. As with all Nandrolone hormones, Durabolin aromatizes, however, this is at just 20% of the rate that testosterone undergoes the same aromatization. It is important to note that Durabolin also possesses a strong Progestin nature and becomes key in examining the side effects that it may carry. So, as you can now see, NPP is completely interchangeable with Deca, and the only difference is the timing which is based on the ester.

When looking at Durabolin, it is easy to see the many positive steroidal traits it possesses, such as its ability of protein synthesis enhancement, the increase of IGF 1 output and the blocking of glucocorticoid hormones. As with the majority of anabolic steroids, these traits can be seen across the spectrum. Another fantastic point to note is the ability of Durabolin when it comes to nitrogen retention within the muscle. However, the Nandrolone hormone has been proven to increase the levels of nitrogen much better than many other anabolic steroids. This helps to enhance the anabolic atmosphere within the body and helps prevent the user from a catabolic state. It has also been shown to increase red blood cell counts, thus promoting extra anabolic activity, endurance, and recovery related traits.

As with all types of Nandrolone hormones, Durabolin is famed for two of its traits which help set Nandrolone apart from most of the other anabolic steroids available on the market. These traits are also the reason as to why many make the choice to supplement with NPP, and especially those in athletic and sporting circles. Durabolin helps increase bone mineral content and also aids in the synthesis of collagen. In turn, this helps by providing relief to the joints while helping the body to recover with ease. While muscle growth and strength are what many are looking for, experienced athletes understand that to repair and prepare the body is key when it comes to performance success.

Durabolin provides plenty of medicinal purposes for which many will be no surprise, especially when considering the steroid’s primary functions. In fact, Durabolin & Nandrolone have shown effective for treating or helping the following issues:

  • Muscle Atrophy caused by certain Cancers, Aids, & other autoimmune conditions (HIV).
  • Improving age-related weakness and tiredness.
  • Anemic disorders.
  • Breast Cancer
  • Therapeutic treatment for burns victims.
  • Ulcers & Pituitary Dwarfism.
  • Slow Development in Children

Durabolin has been shown to be effective for the treatment of the above types of conditions, the normal prescribed course is of Deca Durabolin. Unfortunately, in the U.S access to Nandrolone is limited due to extreme anabolic regulations. In fact, it is fair to say that the legislation has held back or derailed many advancements and treatments available. It, therefore, comes as no surprise to learn that Organon has jumped ship and left the U.S market. Currently, plenty of physicians in the U.S are now realizing the benefits the hormone provides and in the future, the use of Nandrolone and its role in the market will become much more predominant.

Effects of Durabolin:

The ability to be able to understand the functions & traits of Durabolin allows the therapeutic benefits to speak for themselves. This leaves us with the role in performance enhancement, which is what the majority of men are seeking and is what most men use the steroid for. While it may be easy to assume steroids will increase body mass and strength rapidly and beyond the levels of organic growth. For those looking to add and build large quantities of muscle mass, then Durabolin is a fantastic choice. Now, it is important to note that gains will take longer to be seen than with most other steroids, however, the gains are high quality muscle. Gains will require adequate calorie consumption of roughly 300 – 400 calories above daily maintenance quotas.

The added extra calories required could lead to body fat gain for off season athletes, this is normal, but Durabolin should help minimize the impact due to its ability to fire up the metabolism. Next up is its noted recovery benefits, which comes in handy for periods of heavyweights and intense strength training. The main use of Durabolin is for bulking, therefore, most don’t consider it when it comes to cutting, but it could prove to be ideal for that purpose too. As you will already know, in order to lose body fat you need to use more calories than you take in, which can quickly lead to the loss of lean body mass. However, Durabolin can help minimize the risks of lean muscle mass loss and help increase endurance during times of low calorific intakes.

Side Effects Of Durabolin:

As with all anabolic steroids, Durabolin can cause several different types of side effect and at varying intensities, however, when it comes to the scale of steroidal side effects, Durabolin is one of the most easily tolerated ones. While the majority of users will be male, it can also prove to be beneficial for women too. However, women are recommended to use alternative options for performance enhancement, but it is often used in place of poor performing replacements. For the majority of men, side effects are a possibility but not guaranteed. When used as directed and not abused, the steroid offers up many beneficial properties minus any serious or problematic side effects. The specific side effects that may be experienced are sectioned off and listed below for ease of understanding.

Estrogenic Side Effects

The is a small amount of estrogenic activity involved due to the aromatization process involved, albeit in very slight amounts. When talking about aromatization, this refers to the process of converting testosterone to estrogen, and if in large enough quantities, it could lead to the development of male breast tissue (Gynecomastia), water retention and high blood pressure related to the excess water retained. As the rate of aromatization of Durabolin is 20% the rate of testosterone it makes for easier control of possible effects, however, these effects are still possible but can be minimized by supplementing with an anti-estrogen medication.

The anti-estrogen medication comes in 2 types. The first type is SERM meds, or Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators, such as Nolvadex. The next type is known as Aromatase inhibitors, such as Arimidex, and these prove to be the most beneficial choice for countering any negative effects on estrogen. However, these are also known to have a negative effect on cholesterol levels, which can be made worse when anabolic steroids are used. For this reasons, Serm’s will be the best choice as they actually help improve cholesterol levels, therefore, they should be the first choice before trying AI’s.

In the past, it was commonly thought that all 19-nor compounds were the cause of gynecomastia. However, it has now been shown that it largely depends on the hormonal balance of estrogen and progesterone and any imbalances could lead to the formation of breast tissue.

Androgenic Side Effects

When it comes to androgenic side effects, Durabolin has a particularly high threshold in males and therefore, associated side effects are rare, although not impossible. The most notable androgenic side effects include acne, an increase in the growth of body hair, and an increase in hair loss in men who are predisposed to MPB (male pattern baldness). Hair loss will not occur in those whose genetics do not include MPB. As with testosterone, the body metabolizes Nandrolone via the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, however, its main target reduction is of DNH and not DHT, therefore limiting the androgenic side effects.

In women, the virilization is caused by the androgenic qualities of Durabolin, which are mild in nature but potent enough to provide symptoms ranging from the growth of body hair, vocal deepening, and swelling and enlargement of the clitoris. If these symptoms occur then reduce the amount of Durabolin gradually until stopped. If Durabolin is continued for an extended period of time, the side effects can become permanent in nature and irreversible.

Cardiovascular Side Effects

When it comes to negative impacts on the cardiovascular health, Durabolin can prove to be detrimental to cholesterol levels, mainly relating to HDL suppression. The effect on cholesterol is a little stronger than testosterone. If used in conjunction with an AI, the severity of negative impacts can become enhanced further and HDL & LDL levels can become rather messed up.

For this reason, ensuring that you enjoy a healthy lifestyle and waiting habits will go a long way in helping control your cholesterol levels. However, the potentially damaging effects on the cardiovascular system mean that it is imperative to monitor your LDL & HDL levels consistently and switch from AI use to SERP use if possible.

Testosterone Inhibition

While all of the other side effects are possibilities, the only guaranteed one will be the suppression of the natural production of testosterone. Unfortunately, this is something that each and every anabolic steroid will cause. Of course, the rate of suppression will vary from steroid to steroid, but with Nandrolone it is at the strong end of the scale. No amount of diet, methods, or hopes that genetics will help you beat this will change this fact. The bottom line is that if you use Nandrolone then your production of natural testosterone will be significantly suppressed. In fact, some studies have shown that just 1 100ml injection is enough to completely stop production of testosterone. At lower dosages, production is halted by up to 2/3rds of the total serum levels. Regardless of which method is used, both are involved in low testosterone condition.

As soon as the use of all anabolic steroids is discontinued, the production of natural testosterone will once again commence. To ensure a speedy recovery of natural testosterone, a post cycle therapy is highly recommended. Most PCT plans will include the use of SERM medications such as Clomid and HCG. While the PCT plan will not actually be the cause of your natural testosterone being restored, it helps stimulate production and helps guarantee adequate production while your natural levels rise organically.


There are no known side effects relating to liver damage or stress on the liver from the use of Durabolin.

Durabolin Administration and Uses:

For medicinal usage, the standard dosage of Durabolin will range in the 50 – 100mg level per week in both male and female use. However, it would be out of the norm for a female to receive more than 50mg per week.

When it comes to enhancing performance, 100mg per week will offer great therapeutic qualities. 200 mg per week is seen as a low-end dosage and can help assist with recovery, alleviate pain associated with the joints and offer up a middle-level anabolic boost. 300 – 400mg is tolerated well by the majority of men and these doses prove best for building quality lean muscle mass. It is possible to exceed this amount safely, however, the risk of adverse side effects increases. The overall dosing is to be divided between 2 separate injections at a minimum, with 3 being the ideal amount, especially when supplementing with higher dosages. In total, Durabolin is used for 8 – 12 weeks before performing a PCT.

For females who are using Durabolin as a performance enhancer, 50mg per week in 1 injection is more than sufficient. Usage should be for 4 – 6 weeks if virilization effects are to be avoided.

Availability Of Durabolin:

This anabolic steroid is not available in the U.S and can really only be found via pharmacies located in other countries. It is quite easy to find on the black market if you know where to look, however, the risk of purchasing counterfeit or potentially risky mixes is high if you don’t know where to begin. Plenty of the underground pharmacies will stock Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, but this comes at a vastly increased cost than that of Nandrolone Decanoate. One of the better brands found on the market is that from Alpha Pharma called Nanorapid.

Buy Durabolin Online:

If you want to use Durabolin, then the quickest and easiest way to obtain it is by purchasing it online. There are plenty of online suppliers available on the internet, with most having fairly economical prices. However, you should remember that there are risks involved with purchasing substances online ranging from low-quality medications to the purity of it. Next, you are also risking criminal conviction should you purchase Durabolin without a U.S prescription (if you are located in the U.S). Durabolin is Classed as a Schedule III controlled substance and possession or purchase of it can lead to severe penalties and punishment if caught. For this reason, if you are a U.S resident, then due care should be taken when purchasing Durabolin.


As you have probably gathered from this article, Durabolin is one of the most beneficial anabolic steroids which is also well tolerated amongst the majority of men. While its use is limited regarding its medicinal capabilities, this has zero to do with inferiority and everything to do with the fact that Deconate is the preferred choice and there is no need for the 2 compounds to compete with each other. Those who are looking for performance enhancement, Durabolin will be one of the best choices they could make regarding anabolics. Also, side effects of Nandrolone tend to be easy to regulate and as Durabolin is faster acting it is easier to control. This will ring true especially for women, but also for men as well.