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Sustanon 250 is a very popular product, being that it is a Testosterone product. There seems to be a certain amount of anabolic steroid using bodybuilders and athletes that seem to prefer Sustanon 250 as their Testosterone product of choice over the other single esterified Testosterone variants. Therefore, Sustanon 250 seems to maintain a fairly high level of popularity among Testosterone products on the market, even though all Testosterone products as a whole tend to be very popular and very widespread among use anyhow. Those looking to buy Sustanon 250 will undoubtedly be pleased to see plenty of Sustanon 250 products on the market, and due to its fairly high rate of popularity and high rate of use, this is often accompanied with reasonable low prices compared to most other anabolic steroids on the market. The benefit for those who wish to buy Sustanon 250 lies in the fact that there exists a vast amount of pharmaceutical grade products on the market, as Sustanon 250 is still continually widely used internationally for medical purposes

Pharmaceutical Grade Versus Underground Lab Sustanon

All potential buyers of any anabolic steroid will always be confronted with the choice of which grade of anabolic steroid product to purchase: pharmaceutical grade, or underground lab (UGL) grade. Pharmaceutical grade anabolic steroid products are products manufactured and marketed by FDA (or any equivalent organization) approved pharmaceutical companies. The products resulting from these companies are of very high quality, accurately dosed, guaranteed sterility, and purity. This is due to the vast amount of oversight by the FDA and tight quality control. The downside to such high quality products, is, of course higher prices due to the manufacturing costs and the costs often required to cover R&D. Undergound labs are non-FDA approved laboratories that are set up (often illegally depending on which country) to produce anabolic steroids. The conditions under which these labs are run can range from pharmaceutical grade facilities to labs set up in a house basement, which of course translates to widely varying ranges of quality in the products (due to no FDA or similar oversight and quality control). The benefit to such products is, of course, lower cost compared to pharmaceutical grade anabolic steroids. The decision by the individual as to whether to buy Sustanon 250 as pharmaceutical grade or UGL grade rests ultimately upon them, their priorities, and goals.


Only the most common pharmaceutical products will be covered here for those who wish to buy Sustanon 250, due to the fact that literally thousands of underground labs exist in every country on earth, and often times these labs set up and shut down within the time frame of months. Therefore, it would be a never-ending effort to list every single underground lab product here.

Pharmaceutical Grade Sustanon

Within Australia lays Laurabolin, produced by Intervet. Those looking to buy Sustanon 250 of this particular origin will find it packaged in 5ml multi dose vials. The problem with this product is that it is very rare on the anabolic steroid market due in large part to Australia’s very tight substance control laws, procedures, and practices.

Within India can be located Sustaretard 250, manufactured by BM Pharmaceuticals. This Sustanon product is contained in 1ml ampoules which carry 250mg of the Testosterone blend per ampoule.

The Eastern European region is home to an abundant amount of different Sustanon 250 products, and those looking to buy Sustanon 250 originating from this part of the world will have no problems at all. Russia is the first country to be examined here, where Infar (a company actually based in India that produces products for export to Eastern European countries) manufactures a generic Sustanon product. The product is packaged in strips of 5 ampoules per strip, which is sealed with a white label. Each ampoule is encased in its own plastic compartment separate from the other ampoules, and each ampoule is scored for ease of breaking them open. One important detail to look out for is that legitimate product will hold labels and packaging that contains a large green print of the numbers 250 under printed lettering. Also located in Russia is Sustanon manufactured by Organon, bearing typical clear glass ampoules with bands that are colored, and each package carrying paper labels. Russian Sustanon by Organon will have Russian characters in Cryllic on it which is displayed as CYCTAHOH.

Poland is another Eastern European country where the product Omnadren 250 can be found for those who are looking to buy Sustanon 250 here. This particular product is very easily exported and finds its way onto the anabolic steroid market with extreme ease, but fakes and counterfeiting operations are a significant problem. These come in boxes containing 5 ampoules per box, and it is advised that anyone looking to buy Sustanon 250 of this type should ensure not to purchase loose ampoules but have the full box instead. Counterfeits will often produce ampoules that are actually too large or too small in comparison to the real product (the real product’s ampoule dimensions are 5cm tall.

Moldova is the third Eastern European nation where a good amount of Sustanon 250 products can be obtained, manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals and is considered a generic Sustanon product. They are contained in 1ml glass ampoules and fake counterfeit products are not known to be a big issue with these.

Mexico is the only North American country where there is relative ease of access to Sustanon 250 products. This is where Sostenon 250 redi-jects can be found, produced by Organon. This was at one time a major popular product but has recently dropped in popularity due to competing Sustanon products that are cheaper. Sostenon can be found freely in Mexican pharmacies for around $8 per ampoule, but can be as high as $10 in pharmacies that are located in areas where many foreigners and Americans are known to congregate. Sostenon redi-jects that are imported/smuggled into the United States often undergo a large inflation of price where they have been commonly seen for $25 per ampoule. There are anti-counterfeit markings on this product, located on the box surface where there should be a water mark of the Organon company logo. These Mexican Sostenon 250 redi-ject products are known to be almost completely void of counterfeiting.

Several Western European countries (Italy, Portugal, Belgium, England) produce generic Sustanon products that can be readily found on the anabolic steroid market. The ampoules here are scored (just like the Infar product in Eastern Europe) for ease of breaking them open and have red and yellow rings around the tip of the ampoules. These products should contain white paper labels as well.

Brazil in South America is where Organon produces Durateston, which is a common item found on the anabolic steroid market.

In the Middle East, Egypt is the home of Nile Co which manufactures Testonon and a second generic Sustanon product. Counterfeits of these are known to be a problem, so it is strongly advised that the Nile logo is inspected thoroughly. The generic Sustanon that Nile Co produces is also an issue where counterfeiting is concerned. A great deal of counterfeit products of these will contain printing errors in the “250mg/ml” labeling, where the / should be touching (or come as close as possible) to the Organon logo in legitimate product. One other essential detail to be examined is the letter x where it says ‘Exp’, where legitimate product will contain an x figure that does not look like a real x but slightly different. Close examining of this will be a strong determination as to whether or not the product is legitimate.

Pakistan is where Karachi Pakistan produces a Sustanon product. Each ampoule should be clear and accompanied by yellow print.

Typical Pricing of Sustanon

Sustanon 250 is a very popular Testosterone product, and being as popular as Testosterone is, there exists very few price differences between source types. Those looking to buy Sustanon 250 can locate vendors both in-person ‘gym sources’, as well as the internet. Prices do not differ greatly between them, but anyone attempting to buy Sustanon 250 on the internet will notice distinct pricing differences between websites that set minimum order limits compared to websites that do not do so. Internet sources that do not limit buyers to minimum order limits allows individuals to buy Sustanon 250 in very small quantities (single bottle orders, etc.), and because the vendor tends to make small sales as opposed to large quantity sales, prices are frequently inflated to make up for the logistical costs of small orders. Prices for those who wish to buy Sustanon 250 from sources that do not set minimum order limits will typically run into pharmaceutical grade Sustanon product in the range of about $20 per single 1ml ampoule containing 250mg. The same source types will usually sell underground lab grade Sustanon product for approximately $140 – $160 for a 10ml vial containing 250mg/ml of product. Sources with minimum order limits will have prices almost identical to gym floor (or ‘in-person’) sources, where individuals will find pharmaceutical grade Sustanon 250 priced in the range of $6 – $15 per 1ml ampoule containing 250mg of product, and the range varies depending on the pharmaceutical brand purchased. Underground lab prices from the same source will sell in the range of $50 – $100 for a 10ml vial containing 250mg/ml of product, once again depending on the lab product in question.