Winstrol For Sale

Winstrol – chemical name Stanozolol, is one of the most common anabolic steroids used today by all levels of experience in both males and females. Winstrol is known mainly for its positive effects when used as part of a cutting cycle or when calories are reduced below baseline. Winstrol can also be used as part of lean bulking cycles, during the offseason and regularly used by athletes due to its effects on increasing speed and power.

To first understand why Winstrol is in the top three to four anabolic steroids used ever and understand its popularity, we must discuss where it originated. Winstrol’s documentation was first published and released in 1959 and was then manufactured by Winthrop Laboratories in 1961. This was then followed by Sterling in the United States purchasing the patent and bringing it to the USA market. Stanozolol was approved for the treatment of appetite stimulation for individuals suffering from tissue wasting diseases and disorders, weight maintenance and gain, strengthening of bone mass and density in Osteoporosis patients. Winstrol is in fact, still prescribed today for these various conditions.


Stanozolol gained a lot of popularity and hit the headlines for the first time due to Ben Johnson testing positive for Stanozolol in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. After winning the 100m final and setting a new world record, he failed the necessary drug and was stripped and banned from competing again. Athletes due to its performance enhancing effects have long used Winstrol and this occurs illegally even today. Because Winny can add power, strength and speed to a user, with little added muscle gain and no water retention, one can see why it’s favoured by those in competitive sports.

Pharmaceutical Grade Winstrol For Sale

Winstrol survived the cessation of anabolic steroid production in the early 1990’s so is still produced as a pharmaceutical grade preparation for use in humans exclusively. Along with other oral steroids Winstrol can be found when searching for Winstrol for sale in pharmaceutical form. Stanozolol is still produced multiple countries all over the world in oral format and injectable forms at various dosages per tablet or millilitre (ml). The main Winstrol products on the market, both legally given to patients and illegally on the black market are as follows:

  • Azolol – Brit. Despensary, Thailand
  • Stanol (injectable) – . P. Drug Laboratories CO. LTD, Thailand
  • Stanozodon – Acdhon, Thailand
  • Anazol – Xelox, Philippines
  • Winstrol or Zambon, – Desma, Spain
  • Nabolic Strong (injectable) – Chinfield, Argentina
  • Strombafort – Landerlan, Argentina

These are just a handful but the most widely used pharmaceutical grade Stanozolol products on the market today. It is not that difficult to find Winstrol for sale in pharmaceutical quality, but most steroid sources will offer some human grade product(s) if they carry other human graded anabolic steroids.

Much like Anavar, a number of security checking systems are employed by Winstrol manufactures to help prevent and stop counterfeiting. These systems can be fairly complex and difficult to replicate, preventing copied cheaper quality products entering the market. These include; the use of UV light codes and designs, batch numbers, anti-peal and tamper proof holographic stickers. An example of this is on Winstan 50 by Anabolic Pharma as seen in the attached picture.

Underground Lab Stanozolol For Sale

The price of raw Stanozolol powder is not the cheapest of other oral steroids, such as, Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) and Anadrol (Oxymetholone) but it’s also not as expensive as Anavar for example. Many Chinese steroid powder suppliers offer Winstrol powder and it can even be offered with esters attached to maintain its slow release. It should be noted that these are neither popular nor common however. The base Stanozolol hormone sis effective enough in oral form or injectable given its of high purity.

Winstrol is offered by many UGL’s due to its popularity. These products can range from tablets or capsules or injectable Winstrol products. One thing to be sure of is that Stanozolol is a hard steroid hormone to produce into a liquid suspension, whether that be oil or more commonly water based. This is a very difficult process and will take a more than basic degree of chemistry understanding to perform and yield a high quality product that will not crash and crystalize. The second important note is the pain associated with injectable Winstrol products, specifically by UGL’s. Because it’s hard to suspend in water or oil, larger dosage of solvents are often used at the expensive of sever pain following the Winstrol injection. This pain can be so bad and cause such irritation, that some anabolic steroids users have confused this with an abscess or put the causative factor down to not being sterile during the injection process or unclean product – which is not the case. If this soreness, redness and pain does occur, its always best to seek a physicians guidance as it may well be an abscess and build up of bacteria and not due to the excessive solvents used in the UGL Winstrol suspension. Although oral Winstrol will cause more toxicity due to it being a 17-alpha-alkylated anabolic steroid and having the ability to survive the first pass of liver metabolism, its use is preferred over UGL Winstrol we think.

Where To Find Winstrol For Sale?

We have already stated how popular Winstrol is and that it’s widely used by man, women and athletes but where can you find it? Well, that not generally a hard question to answer if you have a steroid supplier or source. If your anabolic steroid supplier does not offer Winstrol for sale at all, I’d question their quality or contacts. Although Winny is hard to manufacturer into suspension for either oral administration or intra-muscular injections, it is not hard to product tablets or capsules with a $15 machine bought online. Almost all UGL’s will offer oral Winstrol tablets and the ones that offer high quality and painless injectable products will have a good understanding of chemistry which should bring confidence to you as the consumer.

Gym dealers will offer both human grade and UGL grade Winstrol if they can obtain both. Though these are often higher priced than online steroid suppliers. Gym steroid sources often-wont offer a wide range of products due to them not being anonymous and dealing with their customers at face value which would be illegal in most instances. Higher prices and a restricted choice is why many steroid users search for Winstrol for sale online. This can mean cheaper prices, a wider ranged of brands, anonymity and a level of security when using a credit card or pre-paid card against scammers and completely losing your cash and not getting anything after the cash has been sent.