Ashwagandha Root Increases Testosterone By 40%

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We get asked frequently, which over the counter herbal products raise testosterone and which are worthless. The market to sell testosterone boosters is big business. Many are scared of the dangers and side effects associated with anabolic steroids, needles, cant obtain them, or are simply too young to use anabolic steroids, so turn to the more natural legal alternatives.

It’s not easy to raise total testosterone in a healthy eugondal male with a normal testosterone level. When testosterone is raised, it is often not noticeable for muscle gain, cutting body fat or adding strength to lifts. In fact, we don’t think there is a herb out here that will make a significant difference that is comparable to anabolic steroids, pro-hormones or any designer steroid. What there is though, are herbs that you can add to a post cycle therapy (PCT) program that may aid in restoring natural testosterone function after using androgens that may inhibit it. Herbal products containing Tongkat Ali, Fadogia Agrestis and possible even extracts of Tribulus Terrestris will raise levels of total testosterone marginally or help spermatogenesis in those with already low endogenous testosterone levels due to illness, disease, age, lifestyle or infertility. So what products are out there with solid research indicating they will raise total testosterone levels?

One such herb is Withania Somnifera, otherwise known as – Ashwagandha.  In Ayurvedic, Indian, and Unani medicine, Ashwagandha is described as “Indian ginseng.” Ashwagandha is also used in traditional African medicine for a variety of ailments including; arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, tumors, tuberculosis, asthma, a skin condition marked by white patchiness (leukoderma), bronchitis, backache, fibromyalgia, menstrual problems, hiccups, chronic liver disease and to enhance sexual desire.

Researchers at the Indian Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University discovered when they did trials on 75 infertile men they found Ashwagandha root extract showed promising results. The men were given five grams of the dried roots of Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha), ground and mixed with milk. The men were split into four groups; Control, normozoospermic (normal sperm), oligozoospermic (low sperm count) and asthenozoospermic (slow moving sperm).

In the infertile men with normal sperm, the herb increased testosterone output by 15 percent. In the men with a low sperm count there was an increase of 40 percent, and in men with slow moving sperm an increase of 21 percent. That’s more of an increase than any herb we’ve ever seen. It seems Ashwagandha root extract would be a valuable addition to a post cycle therapy protocol after the use of anabolic steroids.






Other tested parameters showing positive results were an increase in sperm quantity and mobility, although not statistically significant across the four groups. Prolactin was also recorded and declined slightly. Prolactin is important in males for sexual production, desire and lactation. Other findings include the groups given Ashwagandha roots had more anti-oxidant vitamins in their blood neutralising free radicals. The Indian researchers speculate that this is how it raises testosterone levels and enhances fertility.

Other earlier studies confirm its anabolic effects. This study was done in 1994, which showed a gain in body weight, as well as the levator ani muscle growing in the rats tested.

All in all, we suggest using Ashwagandha root extract as part of a post cycle therapy program. Of course not substituting Tamoxifen, Clomid or Toremifene, but used as an addition at 3-5g per day.

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