Bodybuilder From Italy Busted for Steroids and Other Banned Substances

Giuseppe Ippolito has tested positive for an array of banned substances and steroids. In fact, he tested positive for a whopping fourteen illegal steroids/substances! Usually, people don’t test positive for that many things at once, so this bust was definitely newsworthy.

The details of the bust were released in early July of this year (2017), via the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders). Included on the list of substances/steroids that he tested positive for:


*anabolic steroid metabolites

*ancillary drugs for bodybuilding

These included:

1) Canrenone – a diuretic similar to Spirolactone
2) Masteron – Drostanolone and its metabolite (2α-methyl-5α-androstan-3α-ol-17-one); 
3) Dianabol metabolites: Epimethenediol, 6b-hydroxymethandienone, 17-epimethandienone; 
4) Methyltestosterone metabolites: 17α-methyl-5α-androstane-3α, 17β-diol, 17α-methyl-5b-androstane-3α, 17β-diol; 
5) Equipoise – Boldenoneand its metabolite: 5b-androst-1-en-17b-ol-3-one; 
6) Trenbolone metabolites: 17α-trenbolone; 
7) Winstrol – Stanozolol metabolites: 3′-hydroxystanosolol, 16b-hydroxystanosolol; 
8) Oral Turinabol – Dehydrochloromethyltestosterone metabolite: 6b-hydroxy-4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone; 
9) Methamphetamine; 
10) Amphetamine; 
11) Deprenyl – Selegiline and its metabolite (±) -N-desmethyl-selegiline; 
12) Deca Durabolin metabolites – 19-norethiocholanolone; 
13) Deca Durabolin metabolites – 19-norandrosterone;
14) Non-endogenous testosterone and testosterone metabolites

Clearly, this weightlifter wasn’t making a very comprehensive attempt to avoid detection. This isn’t as uncommon as you would think! Steroid use and banned substance usage in bodybuilding is really prevalent. It’s safe to say that a lot of bodybuilders consider it to be normal and ok, although it’s technically illegal.

The truth is that the USA doesn’t test for these substances too often, via its governing bodies, which are IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) and NPC (National Physique Committee. In Europe and Asia, bodybuilders do get tested more often, generally, during competitions.

NADO Italia is an agency that is funded by Italy’s federal government and it’s one agency which tests athletes, during or out of competitions. It partners with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and works from WADA’s list of banned substances.

According to NADO Italia, the Italian bodybuilder had a potent cocktail of banned substances on board when he was tested. Examples include, but are not limited to, Winstrol, Trenbolone, Dianabol and Canrenone.

He’s not the only offender. Italy has busted a couple of sportsmen for taking a range of banned substances.

During March of 2016, this governing body in Italy published the rest results of a rugby player named Davide Vasta, which had eleven banned substances on board. For example, Masteron, Proviron, Superdrol and Anatrolin were in his urine/blood when he was tested, along with a whole lot more.

Bodybuilders Often Use Banned Substances

In the world of elite sports, it’s safe to say that bodybuilders dope regularly in order to gain competitive advantage or in order to stay in competition with others who are using banned substances. It’s a real problem. Bodybuilders rationalize it because they don’t really have much of a chance to win if they are competing against other people who have these substances on board…and, so often, they are competing against people who dope.

So, it’s not hard to find compassion for bodybuilders who make the decision to use these substances. On the flip side, they know the rules, so they are fully aware of the possible consequences.

In Italy, during the Italian Bodybuilding Norditalia Championship, which was held in Bussolengo, during late May of 2016, NADO Italia busted eleven bodybuilders. All of them were taking four or more banned substances.

What Is the Solution Here?

It’s so hard to say what the solution is. The problem is rampant and it’s not likely to go away because of a few new positive test results. People have been testing positive for decades. Steroids and banned substances are out there and they are like the “devil’s candy” to those who want to win at athletic competitions.

In particular, bodybuilders who need to be as big and as strong as possible tend to take the plunge and use illegal substances in order to boost their chances of victory. Are these athletes villains? Probably not. Athletes need to work hard whether they are doping or not.

Obviously, a solution to this problem is not in the offing. The rounds of testing and busting will go on. What’s amazing is how little care some bodybuilders are taking to hide what they do.