CEO of Wellness Fitness Nutrition ready to expose his famous customers


The main owner of Wellness Fitness and Nutrition, Mr. Richard Rodriguez looks to be ready to expose his most famous celebrity clients for their steroid using habits. Rodriguez is also the co-owner of a gym known as Miami iron addicts. John Bravo, a self-proclaimed filmmaker dropped hints that Rodriguez has plans to expose his clients. He released a few teasers during a podcast on Hannibal TV, known as the Great North wrestling in February 2018.

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To date, Rodriguez has already exposed leading Hollywood actors Josh Duhamel and Mark Wahlberg as being clients of his. He has also outed professional WWE wrestler Roman Reigns. During the exposé, he made there steroid stacks and anabolic steroid use public knowledge. Bravo has developed an intimate working relationship with Richard Rodriguez, which has provided him with Insider information on the identities of many actors, athletes, and wrestlers who have purchased anabolic steroids from wellness fitness nutrition.

It is currently thought that Rodriguez has only let Bravo in on this information while leaving mainstream media Outlets out of the loop. Bravo revealed that he is in possession of a World Fitness Nutrition laptop that possesses all of the customer databases, shipping records, order history, and written communication between Rodriguez and his customers. There are a lot of actors, sporting Superstars, and bodybuilders who will now be on edge as they wait to see whether they are outed or not.

Bravo also let slip that he has information of an incriminating nature on many of these clients, which could lead to extensive problems with that careers. This will prove to be especially true for those involved in sporting and Athletics where strict anti-doping rules and regulations are in place to keep the field fair and on an equal playing field. So far, Bravo hasn’t released any of the names involved but has hinted that Rodriguez provided steroids to more than 14,000 clients. A lot of these clients are involved in the WWE, the NBA, and the UFC, all of which have strict anti-doping rules in place.

Both Rodriguez and Bravo lashed out at the World Wrestling Entertainment and its policy of talent Wellness. However, Bravo has also revealed that the anabolic steroid records which link Wellness Fitness Nutrition to Reigns may not exactly be as tantalizing as it was made out to be. Reigns has made it clear that his purchases from wellness fitness nutrition took place before he received his 30-day suspension for violation of the drug policy enforced by WWE in June of 2016. To put it simply, he was most likely punished for violations of steroid use before that time.

Bravo stated that when he looked further into the case of Roman Reigns, the orders that he had placed we’re before the suspension by a couple of months. He went on to state that the WWE could see his suspension as being time served and allow Roman Reigns to continue as normal. Regardless of this, Rodriguez and Bravo do not appear to be discouraged.

It has been suggested that there are plenty of stories of other well-known clients of Rodriguez’s, and their privacy and discretion does not appear to be at the top of his priority list. Bravo also looks ready to sensationalize and document every single word that drops out of the prison snitches mouth. Either way that you look at this, neither Rodriguez or Bravo seem particularly concerned about the devastating effects that this may have on the careers of many loyal and long-lasting clients. Only time will tell if the names of Rodriguez’s high-profile clients becomes public knowledge, and until that happens there are sure to be many concerned celebrities and sporting stars watching closely.