“Crox Gear” and “V Labs” Steroid UGLs Both Busted in USA

By Admin – Steroidal.com

Recently released court documents have identified the recent Connecticut steroid bust as Crox Gear and V Labs underground labs (UGLs).

Identified as the ringleader, is corrupt cop Newton Police Sgt. Steven Santucci. Santucci is now accused of being the main operator behind a national and international anabolic steroid trafficking operation.

steroid bust uglAs we reported a couple of weeks ago, “Operation Juice Box” was the latest large-scale steroid bust out of the United States and conducted by the Connecticut Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF).

Santucci has now been charged with distributing a Schedule III controlled substance (anabolic steroids), along with a number of other co-conspirators, some of which also work for the government in various roles.

At the time we broke the story last week, the UGL in question wasn’t named. However, after our own research pointed the finger at Crox Gear, our suspicions were confirmed when the court affidavit was released yesterday.

The two steroid UGLs named in the bust are Crox Gear and V Labs. These are unregulated steroid labs put together in unsanitary environments and by amateurs, importing raw hormone powder from China and then manufactured into finished oral steroids and injectable steroids.

Santuccis end started when an anonymous letter was sent to police, detailing Santuccis involvement, as well as samples of Crox Gear and V Labs. It is unknown who the whistle-blower was/is.

Crox Gear and V Labs were not new to the Connecticut Police Department. A former competitive bodybuilder named as Chris Puzzio, and Jerry Mazzuccolo, a personal trainer at the Edge Fitness Club, were arrested in 2013 with a large quantity of the UGL grade steroids.

After looking at Santuccis financial accounts, questions were raised on how we had managed to deposit $300,000 in three years into his personal bank account in cash. Leading to suspicions he was money laundering.

Probably not the most intelligent of criminals to be honest.

Santucci intelligence was further questioned when he ordered an industrial size pill presser for manufacturing oral steroids such as, Dianabol, Anavar, Winstrol, Anadrol and Turinabol.

In the USA, by law, you must register the pill presser with the DEA, this wasn’t done by Santucci.

Santucci didn’t stop there. He also spent $310,600 on credit cards, visiting cities in Europe, Africa and South America. In total he spent $111,000 on luxury hotels, vacations and partying.

You would think a corrupt cop would of known the risks and that being extravagant and depositing hundreds of thousands of dollars into his account would raise attention from law enforcement and make “friends” jealous.

Either way, Santucci is looking at a substantial amount of prison time now and large fine.

If you have had any dealings with either of these UGLs, or provided them with your contact details, take adequate precautions.


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