Curcumin Increases Testosterone Levels

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Circumin’s use as a support supplement when using anabolic steroids or as a general health addition has grown in recent years. Cirumin is an extract of turmeric root and has a wide range of health benefits. These include; reduction in cancers, is a potent anti-oxidant, skin, liver and kidney health, improvement in cognitive function, cholesterol health, is an anti-inflammatory and improving testosterone synthesis. We wrote in more detail about support supplements that should be used when stacking anabolic steroids here. But today we’re going to go into more detail on using Circumin to boost testosterone levels.

A recent study in February 2014 in Nigeria at the Redeemer’s University looked at what effect Circumin had on rat’s testosterone levels. The Nigerian researchers looked at the effects of Gallic acid and Circumin on the testes. Gallic acid is a type of phenolic acid and found in blueberries, apples, flaxseeds

tealeaves, gallnuts and grapes. Gallic acid has been used to treat diabetes, inflammation, and prostate cancer and is an anti-fungal but this study mainly looked as its effects on testosterone production.

The researchers wanted to see if Gallic acid, which is also an oxidant, negatively affected testosterone output and its effects on the testes. Circumin, which is a powerful ant-oxidant, was also given to the rats to see if it exerted a protective effect when the testes were exposed to Gellic acid.

The rats were split into four groups. For four weeks the rats were given one of four mixtures. No active ingredients (control), 100mg Gallic acid per kg of bodyweight, 100mg of Circumin + 100mg Gallic acid per kg, or finally, 100mg Circumin per kg of bodyweight.



DSP = Daily Sperm Production.

In the four weeks the rats sperm quality had fallen in the Gallic acid group, increased slightly in the Circumin + Gallic group, but increased the most in the Circumin alone group.














Testosterone levels in the blood were 32% lower in the Gallic acid group than the control. In the combination group testosterone was 184% higher showing a significant improvement. In the Circumin alone group the testosterone concentrations were a massive 257% higher!

“Based on our results, Curcumin might be used as an alternative drug for the treatment of male infertility problems”, the Nigerians write. “However, the exact mechanism of action and dose analysis need to be further investigated, and whether adding dietary Curcumin will improve men’s chances of fathering children remains to be determined.”

These numbers are pretty promising, but these are animal studies. The human equivalent dosage of Circumin is around 1-1.5g per day, which is a realistic dose considering Circumin supplements are dosed around 500mg per tablet. We suggest taking Cirucmin per day not just for its effects on testosterone levels, but as a supplement for a variety of health benefits when using anabolic steroids or not.


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